Monday, August 9, 2010

And some people think home births are scary?

Reading the news online tonight, I came across a very sad article. It again underscored my conviction to stay away from hospitals as much as possible. Hospitals are certainly no place for healthy women to check themselves into to do what women have done for thousands of years - give birth.

You can read about it here.

I cannot understand why anyone would NOT want to give birth at home.


  1. if you actually read anything about sandy's story you'd know that she actually DID GIVE BIRTH AT HOME! she probably would have gotten the infection no matter where she was, but she most certainly did NOT GIVE BIRTH IN A HOSPITAL.

    do some research before you give out your opinions. here's her blog if you'd like to read more about this horrific story.

  2. i apologize lol! i'm a huge hypocrite. i didn't even read the link you gave. i feel really bad about yelling at you. the stories sounded so similar that I just assumed they were the same one (huge mistake). the woman you liked to did in fact give birth in a hospital. The woman i liked to did not give birth in a hospital, but had a horrible horrible outcome as well.

    she lost her uterus, large and small intestine, and part of her stomach, along with both her of her feet and hands.

    both are very sad stories.

    I totally agree with you about home birth and hospitals, so don't get me wrong. just be aware, terrible things can happened whether or not you're in a hospital.

  3. And this infection occurred after a home birth.

  4. Ah, we gotta all love the sensationalized stories. I agree with you on alot of things but must chime in here...

    Yes, women have been giving birth for 1000s of years. And how often have women died WHILE giving birth? 100 years ago it was a common occurence.

    I would never give birth at home. My first birth was a little girl with severe birth defects. If she had been born at home she would not have survived.

    I think that the c-section rate is absolutely bonkers, and I think there are alot of things wrong with the way the medical establishment treats pregnancy/birth - as medical conditions.

    On the same token, the hospital is the reason that both my daughter and myself are ALIVE.

    I am all for people having the freedom to do what they want, and I respect your choice to birth at home.

    For me, it is a decision I would never make. I think the same thing as you..."Why would anyone NOT want to give birth in a hospital?"


  5. I agree that infections can occur anywhere, including at home. The uterus of any woman who just delivered a large placenta that was attached to the inside of it has a potential of becoming infected.

    My point is that such infections are much more common at hospitals than at home, and after major surgery such as a C-section.

  6. Perhaps these infections are much more common in a hospital than at home because giving birth is much more common in a hospital than at home. I believe women gave birth at home for centuries probably because hospitals were not readily accessible to most women. My maternal grandmother successfully birthed 9 healthy babies at home with the assistance of a neighbor woman, but I truly believe she would have gone to a hospital had one been available at that time and place.

    I never knew my paternal grandmother because she died shortly after the home birth of her 6th child. The cause of death was listed as Childbed Fever. She left 6 children, ranging in age from 10 days to 9 years old. My dad was only 4 years old when he lost his mother. He always wondered if appropriate hospital care would have saved his mother's life.

    I do agree with you that the C-section rate is alarming these days, and many of them are totally unnecessary. My daughter's friend had her first baby last week. After 13 hours of labor, they decided to do a C-section because they thought she was getting too tired. I thought, "What??? Too tired???? That's why it's called labor!!!" Mother and baby are doing well now, though.

    Anyway, whatever you choose, home or hospital, I wish you the best and I pray that you have a successful delivery and a healthy baby.

  7. Well, hospitals are full of germs and sick people, so it's no surprise! Very sad and disturbing for that poor woman though :( Another issue that is not talked about enough is the fact that doctors do not always wash their hands properly. I'm certain that the average home, or midwifery birth center is much cleaner than a hospital. My grandma got LICE from a hospital once! Gross!

  8. This was so scary! This poor woman. So sad her marraige had to end after all she went through. It's for better and for WORSE.

  9. On a different note, make sure to take your lovelies to the country this evening to see Perseids! It ought to be simply amazing with the moon in a new phase! Who needs television with God's amazing gifts to us!

    The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.


  10. This is off topic, but I hope you see it! Tonight is a great night to take your lovelies to see the Perseids, especially with the moon in a new phase--you just have to escape the city and look to the northeast! Who needs television with God's creation surrounding us?

    "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."


  11. "I cannot understand why anyone would NOT want to give birth at home".

    You don't need to understand it, since it's not your place to make the choice for anyone else.

    And not that this should need explaining, but the entire reason that medically assisted births began to happen was so prevent so many unnecessary fatalities and injuries that women had to endure in the days before hospital intervention.

    Check out the statistics for childbirth in countries like Afghanistan, Uganda and countless other developing countries. Every day women in those countries die needlessly because there is no or little medical intervention during the birthing process.

    You may choose to birth at home. Fine.

    But to assume that others should make that choice is not only naive, it is dangerous.

    You should be incredibly grateful that you are even afforded the right to choose where to birth. Globally, you are in a small, small minority and there are millions of women who would gladly trade places with you to have the chance to give birth in the comparative safety of a hospital.

  12. Such a very sad story. Scary to think that I had a c-section...praise the Lord that I stayed healthy and no complications arose.

    By the way, did I tell you that I DID VBAC our newest blessing 9 weeks ago? My labor nurse was a real pain in the neck, but we made it! My doctor told me recently at my 6 week checkup that because I was staying at 8CM for so long (8 hours), I was a very good candidate for a c-section but that she just stayed out of the way, kept herself busy, and let things happen. What a blessing, huh? I am glad that there are a few good doctors left out there!!! Thanks for the prayers...God is SO good!

  13. Hi,

    I just found your site and I love it. You have strong ideas - I do too, but it just so happens I agree with what I have read n your site so...I like you (HA!). My husband is als a pastor although right now we are in the States and attend a home-fellwship where all f the men take turns sharing which we like.
    I have 8 children. 4 by birth and 4by adoption.

    My first three were born at home. One assisted by an Amish midwife the nest by a friend who helped and the thrid just my husband and I alone in the Philippine jungle.
    I have long been opininated about how much better a healthy home birth is over a hospital.
    With our last baby born just 6 weeks ago I labored at home but had to be transported to a hospital.
    The story is now on our site. I still love home births, but learned that a hospital can be a great place if needed. I had an excellent experience. We sis have to stand our ground to avoid the eye drops, vaccines etc... we left soon after baby was born too.
    Now, I have a healthy baby boy in my arms and there was a hospital near by when I needed it.
    Just my two cents.

  14. Zsuzsanna,

    I have a congenital heart defect. I can give birth safely in the future (no plans to have kids at the moment), all things being equal, but there is no way I would give birth at home. Better an emergency c-section if needed than my death, or my future child's.

    THAT is why some women choose to give birth in a hospital.

  15. I know this thread is old, but I like to go through your posts every so often and just read this one :o). I agree with the majority here that it is wonderful that you have the option to home birth, and have had positive experiences with it. I have one child, and I ADORED my hospital birth. I liked my nurses, I liked my doctor, and I had friends and family stopping by to visit with me and pass the time until I delivered. I also feel it is worth mentioning that I really loved my epidural! I was aware, I "felt" the birth, but it reminded me of going to the dentist and receiving Novocain; I felt the pressure and I felt him crown, but it didn't hurt. My son was born healthy and active, and we both got through it with zero trauma. My best friend was there with me, and had delivered two babies with a midwife in her caravan in Israel, and though she continues to prefer home birth (and has two more children now) she had to admit that my hospital experience was not what she had been expecting.
    I personally would never have a child at home if I had a choice about it, I would be too afraid of the pain, or of something going wrong. In any case, it is unlikely that I will ever have more (multiple miscarriages and RH- blood. Without rhogam treatments I can't hold a pregnancy), and I truly think it is wonderful that you have had such great experiences, but home birth is truly not for everybody. I can imagine why women choose home birth, and why they choose hospital birth as well. To each their own. Oh, and I also agree that the ceasarion rate in America is unnecessary and inexcusable, and was relieved when I was able to avoid that outcome. If doctors became more accustomed to normal birth (they should shadow midwives!) I don't think the rate would be nearly as high.
    -Rivkah H.


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