Wednesday, July 14, 2010

America's unemployment crisis

Seems like I read about the growing unemployment rates in the news every time I go online. Today, I read this piece.

I'm not denying that this really is a serious problem. Our entire economy has been intentionally tampered with by politicians and bankers for decades now to bring this situation about, as it will only increase government control and taxation/extortion.

But I do think that the solution to this problem is not what the news or politicians would have us to believe it is. For example, extending benefits for as long as 99 weeks in some areas (up from the standard 26 weeks, which is already 26 weeks too long) will do nothing to reduce unemployment rates. In fact, it will only further increase them. You see, someone has to pay for giving money out to those not working (willingly or not). Businesses and those currently holding a job will carry this added burden, which is destructive to private enterprises and family finances. More jobs will be lost, and more families will become financially dependent on the government. Of course, this decline will only pick up speed as the economy is going into a complete tail-spin.

The biggest problem, of course, is that people look to the government for help rather than to God. Innately, human beings want to feel like there is a higher being watching out for them if all else fails. Sadly, in our ungodly time, for many this is the government. Without God's help and blessing in life, nobody can ever have a happy and successful life. Those who are not Christians will never know God's wonderful provision and protection.

Another big problem is the fact that we live in a world of broken families, or no families at all. In the past, if a family was going through hardship, they had a large extended family, and usually a church family, to fall back on for temporary help. In the above referenced article, one of those interviewed said his only family was his dog. That is not normal, or what God intended. If you actually know the people that you are helping (or being helped out by), there is an accountability to make sure that there really is a legitimate need, as well as an incentive to get back on one's feet. There is also the feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping someone down on their luck through no fault of their own.

Instead, the government extorts our money at the barrel of a gun and gives is to many who are undeserving of our help, or who got themselves in a bad situation as a result of the sin they were indulging in. Instead of feeling good about a deed well done, we grow to resent both the government, and those unknown millions taking our money without any gratitude for it.

One major factor that has led to the current employment situation is that the market for workers has been flooded with the cheap labor that women have traditionally been exploited to do ever since entering the work force, which they never should have done. It is only logical that if the number of available workers doubles, wages will go down and jobs will become more scarce.

Add to that the fact that now families everywhere depend on the government to babysit their kids from morning until night in their public schools, which eats up astronomical amounts of our tax money. As family ties are traded for friends at school and affairs between men and women now working together, the moral fibers of our society have been all but dissolved, and sadly Christians are no exception to this rule. As a result, we all get policed and babysat by an increasingly abusive government, and yet live in the midst of violence and death.

Families with both parents working also do not eat nearly as healthy as those who have mom stay home and prepare nutritious, made-from-scratch meals, so now we also need an outrageously oppressive and expensive health care plan to take care of all the unnecessary ills that such a lifestyle brings. Somehow, I just don't think that it is any coincidence that in the last two years, only one of our kids has been sick once (a bad cold), which is about average for us ever since we stopped putting our kids in church nurseries. Our kids are out in public and interacting with others daily, yet there is something very unnatural and unhealthy about sharing close quarters and public restrooms all day with people outside the immediate family, such as in a public school or a daycare setting.

"Women's liberation", "feminism" (which is all about women becoming more masculine), birth control, women entering the work force, skyrocketing divorce rates, birth rates that are below replacement rate and will only lead to more economic problems in the near future, government oppression in every area of our private lives, small disjointed families, and children not being raised by their parents are all interconnected factors contributing to the collapse of the American way of life, which includes our economy.

Instead of men obeying God, wives obeying their husbands, and children obeying their parents (God's line of authority, all tempered by mutual love and respect), we can all be oppressed by a hateful government and live in the midst of chaos and violence. I'm glad that our family has God to watch over and protect us, because things are only bound to become worse as our government gets more and more involved.


  1. Zsuzsanna, I've been unemployed on and off for a year and a half now. My father has been unemployed longer. That being said I agree with everything you've said. The problem is with the women in the workforce (and illegals) most companies are just looking for poeple they can treat like farm animals, in fact many of them go through temp agencies now and will work the employees to the point of insanity.

    It's a fact that women (and illegals) are much easier to exploit than men. The last job I worked, I was working all with mostly women (and illegals). It was through a temp agency and was as close to hell as one could get.

  2. I have not worked a full-time job since last September, and haven't gotten a paycheck since December 31st. I was denied unemployment because I quit my job for reasons I won't go into here. I say all of that to say that GOD has been my provision throughout this time and I have not lacked ANYTHING. I agree that we must rely on God and not the government. He will never leave us or forsake us.

  3. The care of the "window and orphan" has been commanded by Christ. It is the duty of the church as a whole to care for the needy. Many churches find it difficult to find the funds to help people. If the pastor is not paid a salary more funds would be available to help those who truley need it. The church is the first place people should go to for help not the government

  4. You definitely make some valid points but I completely disagree with the 2 parents working eating less healthy. We both work, I cook everything from scratch, we eat organic, I have a huge vegetable garden and buy the rest of my fruits and vegetables from our local farm. My kids rarely eat junk or candy.
    Also, I absolutely hate when all people unemployed are made out to be lazy.
    My brother looked for a job for almost a year, he was always over qualified. Yes we are blessed with extended family that was able to help, but had not for benefits, they would have lost their house. We all helped out in other ways, but not everyone has tons of disposable income to help everyone they know.
    OUr best friends also both lost their jobs, they dont have extended family, theyhave friends. Both of them are only children whose parents have died. There are absolutely no living relatives, well there is a 92 yr old great aunt, whom they support.
    What do you say to those people. I watch them pound the pavement daily for jobs. Even what would be considered menial jobs they cannot be hired for given their experience and education. Its sad and frustrating to watch this. I do not know what the perfect answer is, but to me, those who are unemployed are not lazy, have you seen the weekly forms and paperwork they have to fill out, have signed by those turning them down for jobs, it is alot of work just to look for a job here in our state. It is not a hand out at all.
    You make good points, but yet always manage to be so judgemental it becomes hard to take you seriously sometimes. It saddens me as a christian at how harsh and angry you can be.

  5. Anonymous,

    I'm glad your family has healthy eating habits. However, I am sure you would agree that your way of eating is not typical of most families in which both parents work.

    Nowhere in my post did I say or insinuate that everyone receiving unemployment benefits is lazy. I am saying that any such moneys contribute to the problem, rather than relieve it. Many people have been forced to accept government assistance because they are a victim of the wicked system put in place by our government.

    You are right, few people have enough disposable income to exclusively support those in their immediate family and friends that need help. However, they would be able to do so if the government didn't already take much of their paycheck to pay for social security, unemployment insurance, and taxes upon taxes. It used to be that the elderly were supported by their children. When SS was introduced, birth rates dropped drastically. For giving over 15% of your income for all your working years, you now get a piddly retirement starting later and later. If I privately invested that same amount of money, I could retire sooner and with much more money. Or I could choose to spend that money in any other way I see fit, and if I have nobody or no money to support me in my old years it will have been my fault for not gathering in harvest and laying in storage.

    In our case, close to half of my husband's income goes to the government in taxes, indirect taxes, fees, licenses, etc. etc. We can't put money aside for retirement if we wanted to. I'd hate to think that me having any money when I am old depends on the US government, because that is a scary thought. If I were as fiscally irresponsible as the government, I would not even qualify for the crummiest credit card.

    And speaking of being harsh and angry, I thought my post was neither. I will give you that it was judgmental, but so was your comment, so how can you write to me telling me how wrong you think such an attitude is? Isn't that hypocrisy?

  6. Anon #2, Never did she encapsulate all people in each area she covered. Of course there are exceptions. Not every single double working family eats bad. Sheesh. That is ignorance and extreme pettyness talking. Of course not every single person collecting unemployment because they'd rather not work. We all know someone who doesn't meet the criteria, to point it out is just not necessary.

    If more women would stay home and raise the children they've created there would be more jobs available for the men to support their families. It also creates havoc on our resources and environment to have so many people out driving cars every morning and evening. (no I don't belive in that Global Warming garbage) If there were half the amount of people out (because the women would stay home) cost of living would have to go down. Yes, most families could afford it if they sacrificed for it. During my feminista days (3 years ago) I was making over $120k a year, I had my husband home with the kids and life was awful. God changed this, I am now able to stay home and properly serve and submint to my husband, PRAISE GOD! He started his own business on top of working another full time job and somehow we are making it on less than half of what I was making, we are actually at poverty level, I'm sure. We don't use any goverment assistance. We are a family of 7. It doesn't work out of paper, but God has been so very good to us. He provides amazingly.

    I don't see this post as judgemental at all. Someone needs to stand up for what is right. It's amazing that because one is a Christian, they are expected to shut up and not judge anyone or anything, ever. That is just silly. Try reading the post again, with a sweet voice, or a voice of desperate fear, and see how it changes.

    Praise the Lord for people who stand up for what is right. It scares me to think where this world and country is going. What will be left for my children when they are adults? They will have to live with a bunch of "Lord of the Flies" adults, because they were raised by other children in their daycares. Sad.

    Americans need to get back to some old fashioned fundamental family values, and take responsiblity for their own lives, families and children.

    God have mercy on this country!

  7. Hey Zsuzsanna, I'm very glad you brought up this topic! Not so much the unemployment, but the part about women's "liberation." My mother and I were talking today about how the women's liberation movement is a major reason for the lack of healthy dietary habits today. They said that women should go out and work and instead of cooking healthy meals from scratch, jut pop a TV dinner in the oven or open a can of something.

    Also, the fact that public schools and colleges cut funding for their home economics classes and courses is a contributing reason. More proof that public schools are sub-par.

    You could really say that the women's liberation movement has actually done more harm then good to women, because of how they discourage femininity (and say that it's weak) and promote masculinity.

    So, in conclusion, feminists are the REAL anti-feminists.

    Does that make sense at all? I'm sorry, English is not my first language.

  8. Stellar,

    you are 100% right on. I am absolutely certain that feminism has done much more harm than good for women, and families and society in general. Dressing, working, and acting like a man is great for men, but it's not the right thing for women. It's like taking a fish out of water. You might be able to make it work for a little while, but it won't be easy or nice, and doomed to fail in the long run.

    I was raised very much pro-feminism, without any biblical values. I was taught that a woman who was a "housewife" was lazy, worthless, and too stupid to get a real life. It was like an offensive curse word to be called one.

    It's funny how those feminists who think it's insane to obey their husband expect that same husband to obey them, or else. They might be coy enough to disguise it as "manipulation", but feminists by and large are either single and/or repeatedly divorced, or they have a neutered little puppy for a husband. I mean, can't they at least have the guy say 50% of the time if they are all about equality? It is so disgusting. It's like kids I see at the store sometimes who yell at their parents and boss them around.

    The truth has a way of winning out in the end. I have never been happier than as a married, stay at home wife who tries to obey and submit to my husband.

  9. Zetsubou on a Cell PhoneJuly 15, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    I get the whole welfare thing, but expecting people to support their family is naive. Growing up, my mother's family never gave a flying foot about us, and my father was the only one left in his family.

    My mother's family saw her as a disgrace after she died, and wanted nothing to do with her husband and child, who they believed drove her to suicide. If you need money, don't depend on family since 9 of 10 times they don't want anything to do with you. If you need money, get another job or take a loan.

  10. If half of your husband's income goes to the government, you need a new accountant. You have 7 exemptions and I don't believe that you pay anything in federal or state taxes in the long run. You, more than likely, are getting all of that money back when you file a return.

  11. i have to agree with stefanie. i just don't understand how you could possibly pay that much in taxes when you have so many children.

  12. okay so i did a little research and this is what i came up with...

    you could get a federal child tax credit up to $1000 per child when you make up to $110,000, so i assume that you'd get the whole credit per child. But this tax is only a credit, you cannot get a refund (even if the credit exceeds the tax you owe), unless you file for the Additional Child Tax Credit, in which case (if you qualify, which i think you probably would), you'd get some kind of refund. you may also qualify for an Earned income tax credit which might get you a refund of up to $5,657.

    according to this ( website, if you and your husband make $45,000 a year you'd owe $5,913 or 13% of your income. and this is before any of the tax credits i mentioned above.

    i just don't understand how you could possibly be paying 50% of your income in taxes.

  13. really???? wow. women working, children in public school, and divorce rate and birth control for women and EVERY OTHER reason you mentioned is NOT why we are currently in the crisis that we are in.

    Take a class, and you will see what TRULY happened. Mainly rich republican bankers decided to take risky investments and then bet that they would fail because they were too big and they would be bailed out. THAT is how this whole issue started. The war did not help matters either.

    Also- if you took american history, you would see that there was a previous stock market crash that happened because of the same type of risky investing. Not because of divorce rate, women working, birth control etc.

    several actions need to take place
    the market needs to be regulated and corrupt politicians/bankers should face consequences.
    Taxes need to be raised. Mainly for the rich
    Global warming needs to be taken seriously.

  14. I cannot read this blog anymore.
    Women's rights is NOT about turning women into men. It's saying that women can do what they choose what they want to do with their lives, can wear what they want, and that they aren't subject to social abuse (being called sluts, etc.).
    I will use myself as an example. I am a young woman making my way into the world. I am currently paying my way through university while taking 18 units towards a degree in biochemistry. I enjoy being able to spend time with both male and female friends openly and I like being able to choose what I wear. However, without the feminist movement I would not be able to do this. I would be told that ALL I can do is marry and be a mother.
    I'm absolutely not saying that's a bad thing. I'm saying that it's bad if there is no choice. Biochemistry and the sciences are my love, not a man. Feminism has freed half of humanity's brainpower to work towards the future.
    Again, I am NOT saying it's a bad thing to be a stay-at-home mother. Good for you! I mean it. If that is what makes you happy, then excellent. But gender is not a one-size-fits-all mold. That should not be the only choice for women.
    It also isn't saying that femininity is bad and promoting masculinity; it's saying that they should be equally valuable. It is perfectly reasonable to be in a marriage where both are equals. I'm not entirely sure who you're observing when you say that women just boss the men around, but that certainly isn't what I'm seeing. My parents, for example, are very loving. They are partners in life. They both work out of the home, but my mom still cooks very healthy meals and my dad does the dishes. They spent plenty of time with my brother and I (I say spent because we're both out of the house now) and made sure we learned what we needed to learn in school. It is possible to achieve a happy medium.
    In conclusion, it's frankly insulting to say the feminist movement has only degraded women. I hope to become a medical researcher and develop cures and vaccines. Is that devaluing me? I don't think so. When I get married I want to be a partner, not a submissive. If being submissive is the only option, then I'd rather not be married. But that is MY preference, and MY choice. I refuse to be told what my worth is. That's what feminism is all about.

  15. "The biggest problem, of course, is that people look to the government for help rather than to God".
    Couldn't agree more.
    Since God has created us, he created stars, galaxy the entire everything.
    If we ask from him, definitely he oft loving and most merciful.


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