Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another fag using IVF to have a baby

It must have come as a real shock to everyone to hear that Clay Aiken has come out of the closet as being gay. Personally, I don't remember seeing a picture of him before because we do not have TV, and even if we did have one, "American Idol" is about the last show I would corrupt my mind with. But how anyone ever doubted that he was gay is beyond me after seeing his photo in the article. The guy looks as queer as a $3 bill. Based on his make-up and hairstyle, I am guessing he is the "female" in the relationship. Maybe he is also undergoing "gender reassignment"?

Of course, fags like to prey on little kids, which is why they like to have babies via IVF. Tell that to all the supposed Christians who run to the fertility clinic because after popping the pill their whole life they are shocked if they can't get pregnant suddenly on their own timetable. Thank you for supporting and financing the medical science that goes into giving gays access to innocent victims.

But wait, Clay himself supposedly claims to be a Christian. Well, he can say that all he wants, but he is a reprobate. Wouldn't be the first one I met who tries to say they are saved, either.

No comments on this post. I don't care what all you fag-loving liberals think, I wish you would stop reading my blog anyway.


  1. People like you give cristianity a bad name. Ever heard about love and tolerance? You make me sick and I pray to God that he will forgive you for your ignorance

  2. you are going to hell. God loves everybody. God does not preach hate, he preaches tolerance and love.

  3. Wow, you sound like a lovely woman. I think you're insane for popping out ANY kids at all and I fear you're going to warp their minds with such hatred.

  4. You are an odious, abhorrent human being whose soul is rotten to the core. See how far you go in the 'afterlife' with that sick, twisted mind of yours.

  5. CrazyladysaysWhat?March 8, 2013 at 1:52 AM

    OMG! At first I thought you were kidding with this post. I really did. I found your blog from another Mommy blogger-she had dubbed you "crazy of the year". I had to see what the fuss was all about. You are certifiable. I fear for your kids growing up with all the brainwashing. WOW. Just. WOW.

    A mom to evil. IVF created triplets who supports gays, blacks, and is....yikes! A democrat!

  6. God does preach love but not tolerance, I disagree with being mean about gay people because their sin is just that...SIN. Just as mine was and is. I don't know where we got the idea to make any sin greater than the other in the sense that if one breaks one of the ten commandments he breaks them all. No-one passes that test!!!
    I disagree that churches have compromised the TRUTH of Gods Word and teach that it's a lifestyle and not bring the Word into play which should convict a true believer. If I came to knowledge of Christ and was born-again and immediately a clean up process went on in my life because of the Holy Spirit and the Word speaking truth to me about my sins (which were named alongside homosexuality in the Bible) then why not the same for a homosexual. That is tolerance and goes against God's grace (which yes is unmerited favour) AND the power not to sin!

  7. P.S. I got onto this because a friend put me onto After the tribulation.... video on youtube!.. Finally, sound teaching a THAT subject. Pre Trib never sat well with me and now I have notes to go with that belief! Stoked :-)

  8. I do agree that the practice of homosexuality is a sin, but where in the Bible dis Jesus speak with such hate? He told the woman at the well to "go and sin no more". Why not pray that Clay Aiken comes to know Christ?

    Homosexuality is no different than lying, stealing, or straight sex outside of marriage etc. If a homosexual accepts Christ and repents and changes his/her ways, they can be forgiven.

    Posts like this are exactly why people reject Christians as "haters". You can speak the truth in love.

  9. I've seen and heard a lot of earnest people talking about the dangers of homosexuality as well as discussing in very honest terms what the Bible says about it. What you say honestly shocks and horrifies me. You have little to no education about homosexual individuals and worse, you don't see them as people.

  10. You should read 1 Corinthians 13.


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