Monday, July 21, 2008

New photos

Solomon loves bats, and he loves orange. The shirt he is wearing is one of his favorites, but I think it will be time soon to stop wearing it because to others is may seem like he is wearing it for Halloween (which we obviously don't celebrate because of how satanic of a holiday it is). His brothers dressed up in matching outfits for fun. I have actually already seen Halloween decorations at the store this year! In early July!

The kids have a new favorite snack. Dannon just came out with these kid's yogurts that are called "Dannonino" and while I usually never buy that kind of stuff this in an exception. These have been around in Europe for many years, and are a favorite of kids there. It won't become a new staple in our house, but I am glad that they finally sell them here in America.

Last week, I did a lot of sewing. The first picture shows a ring sling I made for someone else, but Miriam thought it was for her and was devastated when I took her out again. The second picture is a Mei Tai I made for myself - I like it a lot and can't wait to try it with the new baby. The third picture shows the curtains I sewed for the school room. I want to sew some more curtains for the kids' bedroom this week because we saw this really cute fabric that has all the planets on it.

Another funny picture of Miriam eating messy:

Not much else is going on. We are busy as usual. I switched midwives because I decided I really wanted to have the same one that attended Miriam's birth, Marinah. She is currently living in Mexico where she is training the local midwives, but is flying up for the two weeks surrounding my due date. The midwife she worked with here is doing my prenatals in the meantime, and since all our babies were born within a couple of days of my due date I am really confident that Marinah will be here for the birth. Today, I had to get some (VERY expensive!!) blood work done because I broke out in a strange and itchy rash a couple of days ago. It could be an allergy, a spider bite (we have lots of brown recluse spiders), a problem with my liver, just a fluke, or any number of things. Hopefully I will know more by the end of the week, and would really appreciate your prayers. I told the lady who drew my blood that I would rather give birth at home with no drugs than for her to poke me, and I think she thought I was seriously insane. Thankfully, a good friend from church came along with me for moral support and told me funny stories to take my mind off the horrible pain of having a needle stuck into my arm.... well, I lived to tell the story!


  1. That is interesting that you would like to be a midwife someday when your children are grown. How old is your midwife in Mexico? I have heard of some midwives only delivering babies in the hospital. One of my friends had three of her children delivered by a midwife, but it was at the hospital. I personally can see how it would be more comfortable to have your baby at home. The hospital can be depressing because it's mainly for sick people.

    I agree with you about Halloween. I stopped celebrating Halloween in 1997 after my pastor preached on the issue of Halloween. I had no idea how evil it was really. I had no idea about the evils behind tricking & treating and bobbling apples. I think most Christians have never thought about this before. I think it's a cultural blind spot. When did you quit celebrating Halloween? Did your husband and you ever celebrate Halloween with your children before you found out the truth?

    I love the pictures of your children you put up.

  2. Misty,

    Thanks for your comment. There are a lot of midwives working at the hospital, these are usually CNMs (certified nurse midwifes) and a bit more medically minded than home birth midwives. Still, it's usually a better option than doctors who are more happy to "treat" than to "prevent" complications.

    I'm not sure how old my midwife is - probably around 40. She is married and has two teenage daughters that will be staying in Mexico with Dad while she is up here. When they lived here his job was flexible enough that he could take care of the girls on short notice whenever Marinah was headed to a birth during the day.

    In Germany, nobody used to celebrate Halloween (although it has started to become popular in recent years). So I had never celebrated it before we got married and I moved here. Then we had Solomon right away, and we knew that all the ghoulish decorations and costumes would totally scare him, so we didn't want to take him out or have people coming to the door looking weird. By not participating we soon realized how satanic and ungodly of a "holiday" this is. To this day, the kids hate having to go shopping with me once the stores put out the Halloween decorations because they think it looks scary and evil. None of them has ever watched TV in their life so they are not used to all the blood, darkness, zombies, etc. They don't think that scary = funny. My husband has preached a sermon on Halloween each year right before the holiday, and our church puts on an old-fashioned fall festival and chili cook-off instead.

    I was wondering - how are you able to listen to your pastor preaching? I hope you don't mind me asking.

  3. I love the first few pictures of Miriams "beard" and the slings are awesome. I made my last 2 slings as well just using instructions from the web.


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