Saturday, November 3, 2018

If you give a mom a paint brush...

... she'll want to paint the girls room.

If she paints the girls room, the girls will get ideas about redecorating it completely.

To redecorate, they will need to rearrange all the furniture in the boys and girls bedrooms.

When her friend comes to help paint murals onto the freshly repainted walls, she will tell the mom about cabinet paint kits to remodel the kitchen cabinets.

When the mom goes to buy the cabinet paint, she will stumble across the backsplashes at Home Depot. Seeing the backsplashes will make the mom want to replace the old tile in her kitchen.

After the mom finishes the backsplash and is almost done repainting the kitchen cabinets, she will decide to chisel off some of the old tile left behind the fridge.

If she chisels off the tile, she will discover mold under it. She will call a friend to investigate further, who will find out that the wall has mold inside on both sides of the drywall.

When the mom calls a mold remediation company, they will tell her they have to do air quality testing first.

The air quality testing will come back with astronomically high spore counts, and they will all need to move out of the house.

While they are all moved out of the house, it will be discovered that there is a roof leak, and extensive water damage in the ceilings.

To fix the water damage, they will have to tear most of the house apart and rebuilt it.

When they are done rebuilding the walls and ceilings, they will need to repaint all the rooms.

So mom will go get her paint supplies ready. And if you give a mom a paint brush...


  1. Cute summary of what has happened to your family regarding your home! I like your sense of humor. Your summary is exactly how things happen many times! I'm sorry you are going through all this, I guess if you ever desired to have a new house without planning for it, finding mold will accomplish that for you. Thank the Lord for His hand in all this. Hang in there, I know the upheaval is probably pretty overwhelming, but it will all be worked out in the end!

  2. I'm so sorry. Praying for you and your family.

    in His Peace,

  3. Still praying you will move back in your home soon. As a side note that I hope will make you laugh; I was at the grocery store with my family (husband & our two children) waiting with the kids as my husband got a cart. Whilst waiting, a woman asked me "Are they all yours?". There were no other kids around but my two. I was quite perplexed as I nodded yes and thought of you with your ten wonderful blessings.

  4. When does it seem like you guys will be back? I missed P.A.'s preaching this weekend.
    Btw, glad you're going through all this with Jesus in your life!

  5. Mold in Arizona?? I had no idea. I thought the climate was too dry for a house to develop mold.

  6. That's hilarious......I love the mouse cookie books! I am so excited you will have a beautiful like new home in a few weeks =).


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