Monday, November 27, 2017

Some great Cyber Monday deals

Two great deals I wanted to share with my readers that are good TODAY ONLY:

25% off all purchases from Jovial Foods

Coupon code: CYBERMONDAY17

This is where I order the einkorn flour our family now uses exclusively. With today's deal, if you order 2 or more of the 10 lb bags, the flour comes out to only $2.25/lb (it typically runs around $3/lb). 

Jovial Foods sells a lot of other great products, such as the sourdough crackers, different types of white pasta (we no longer do whole wheat, read why here and here), einkorn cookies that are fairly low sugar, and their canned tomatoes in glass jars. 

Click here to see my einkorn sourdough bread tutorial. 


Coupon code: CYBER17

I have blogged about freezer cooking and what a wonderful tool Once a Month Meals is before. Today is the lowest price of the year for membership all year long! If you have been thinking about signing up, this is a great deal! It also makes a nice gift for someone else that will make their life easier, rather than add more useless clutter to their house. 

Click here to find out more and sign up. 

(Disclosure: OAMM links are affiliate links, which means that at no additional expense to you, I get a small stipend for every person that signs up through my unique link.)

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