Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New countertops!

I recently had the privilege to speak on the topic of homeschooling at the Foundations Conference hosted by Old Path Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX. I will share the video of the seminar on homeschooling once it's been edited and published.

My husband and I like to take turns bringing just one of the kids along when we travel. He obviously does a lot more traveling than I do since it's part of his job. :) It was Becca's turn to go with me, since I had taken Miriam with me two years ago on a trip to upstate NY. 

I loved getting to meet the wonderful people at Old Path, as well as some of the other preachers and their families which I had not yet met that were guests at the conference. Pastor Perry and his family are always a blessing and encouragement to be around. 

I was surprised and quite a bit embarrassed by the surprise the church had in store for me: as a thank you for coming out to the conference, they collected money for the express purpose of replacing my 25+ year old kitchen countertops! What a sweet, thoughtful, and incredibly generous surprise!

The 'before' picture

The tile had been breaking in various places, not to mention it was near impossible to keep the grout clean.

Becca and I got back to town from Texas on a Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, I had priced various materials and suppliers, found one that was both highly recommended as well as offered the best prices, and had made an appointment for the work to begin on Wednesday.

Isaac spent Tuesday getting off the old tile counter, which saved us $300 in additional labor. Not to mention, he had fun doing it, and I paid him $20 to do it. 

On Wednesday, the workers removed the old plywood, repaired the sink cabinet which had old water damage and was too weak to support new counters as it was, and finally installed the new granite counter tops I had chosen. Enough money had been donated to also replace the sink, faucet, and garbage disposal.

 These pictures show some of the water damage to the sink cabinet.

On Thursday, once the counter had had a chance to set and dry for 24 hours, my husband hooked the plumbing in the kitchen back up, and I grouted the area between the counter and the tile backsplash. Having been three days without a kitchen was a logistical challenge, but I was able to draw meals from my perennial freezer stash so it was not a biggie. Not to mention the end result was SO WORTH IT!!


My mother-in-law repainted my kitchen and the hallway last week, so that the final colors are all nicely matching, and also bought three new of the shorter bar stools which had taken a lot of use from the kids.

Before and After 

Isn't it beautiful??!? I love my new counters! They have given new life to my kitchen, and are such a pleasure to work on, not to mention so easy to keep clean. I can now roll dough straight on the counter, rather than having to use a pastry board. The new sink is also much easier to work with, since it is a lot deeper, and is mounted under the counter.

The final cost of the project, even after the unexpected expense for repairing the broken sink cabinet and fixing some of the plumbing, came within $20 of the amount that had been donated. THANK YOU to the precious people who gave toward this fund! May God bless you richly in return! Please know that you have brought much joy to my life by making my kitchen, a room I spend many hours in each day, much more beautiful and functional.


  1. Those countertops are absolutely lovely! Congratulations!!!! :)

  2. They are beautiful! I love them! ~Cassandra

  3. It gives it such an update! Lovely.

  4. I see you have an Instant Pot. We now have two. It is the best kitchen purchase I ever made. The second one is because we have some property in AL we are building a campground on & my husband needs to take one to cook while he is there. That way I don't have to be without mine while he is gone. And I have two if I want to cook two different things at the same time, when he is home.
    We have tile counter tops too. Ours are much worse then yours. Some day it will be moved up the priority list & my husband will replace ours. Until then I guess I just have to try to keep them clean. As you said, "Nearly impossible."

  5. wow, that's so awesome!!! Congrats!! :)


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