Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer "break"

I apologize for the long blogging absence. Summer 'break' has gotten the best of me. So much to do, so little time! 

As I do every year, I have logged off all social media (buh-bye Facebook) for the time being. Once the new school year is well under way sometime in September, I will get back on. For now, my full attention is on the kids that keep me busy from sun-up until long after sun-down.

 Stephen and Boaz fresh out of bed, reading a book together.

Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time. This time of year, that means the sun is up around 5 a.m. I love it! I have been getting up around that time each day without ever needing an alarm. Unfortunately - or fortunately - the kids are also early risers and get up not long after me, giving me only a little time alone each day. They know to be silent until the last of them is up, which is good. The big kids read their Bibles and then go about their day. The little kids have picked up on this habit and grab a book the minute they get up. Stephen is sitting next to me right now looking at a book. He is 4 and just starting to learn to read.

Having older kids with (summer) jobs is a whole new animal! Solomon is the oldest at 15; a senior this coming school year with only a half load to finish out his diploma with tons of extra credit hours. He goes to work 4 days a week for Paul Wittenberger, the documentary maker in our church. Isaac and John put in a few hours each week for a plumber in our church, putting fliers on doors in local neighborhoods. They have loved the independence and experience. With summer temps being unbearable, they typically start very early on the days they are working so they can get a couple of hours in before mid-morning. All three boys have bus passes and often take themselves out to eat in the evenings. It's an interesting experience having older kids. Different, but not easier. It's like I have taken on three additional husbands, all of which are more demanding of my time than my actual husband. "Did you send my schedule? I can't find my clothes. I'm running late - can you take me? I need xyz for my lunches. Did you deposit my paycheck?" and on and on.

We call these two, "the turkeys." I don't know where that came from, but it stuck. It's hard to imagine they will be teens in just ten more years. I'm enjoying the hugs, kisses, and marriage proposals while they last.

My husband and I have been sharing 'my' laptop after Stephen accidentally belly-flopped onto his Mac Book on the guest bed in the office and destroyed its screen. It can be repaired, but it's a hefty price tag, so we are holding off. I would have had a heart attack had I been the one witnessing it, but my husband never even raised his voice. "It's just stuff." Yes, expensive stuff - but he's right. Anyhow, not having a laptop means I can only use the desktop computer which is in the office while my husband is at work. Which means my back is to the whole rest of the house while I'm on there. With nine kids, that's just a recipe for disaster. Who knows what else they might belly-flop onto (or set on fire or accidentally saw in half). I'm hoping to finish off two dozen partial blog posts in quick succession once we are no longer sharing one device.

Aren't they the cutest?

Well, it's time to get breakfast underway. I am making baked apples in puff pastry. Rough life! :)


  1. My summer has been crazier than my school year, hard to believe. One of the reasons is that my oldest two also have jobs. They are detassling corn, and mom is chauffeur. :) I had plans to do some summer school review, but that hasn't happened yet, haha. Oh well, we are all having fun and getting tan being in the sun. :) ~Cassandra

  2. Happy Summer!! Sounds like you all are having a lovely time! :)

    And wow, I just can't believe how quickly your kiddos are growing up. THREE with JOBS?? Wow!!

  3. I know how busy the summer can be! Would you mind sharing the recipe for your baked apples in puff pastry sometime? I would love to make them, as they sound delicious and I love anything with apple in it. :)


  4. Ah ha yeah to what you said about having older children . I'm in that boat myself :)


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