Thursday, May 4, 2017

Easter 2017

Easter typically marks the beginning of swimming season for our family. Our tradition for years has been that the boys get new swim clothes and the girls get new dresses on this occasion.

This year however, with the holiday falling later than usual in the year, the kids had already started swimming a month ago. They big boys still had tons of swim gear from last year so I decided to get them a bean bag floatie for the pool instead. It is filled with styrofoam pellets rather than inflated, which is great because traditional pool toys don't last long around the cactus by our pool!

The girls got new dresses as usual. We buy almost all of our clothes used, but I do make an exception for their Christmas and Easter dresses. I have really fallen in love with the store Gymboree, the only one that seems to have clothes in a wide enough size range to match all four of my girls. The girls opted for matching theme rather than identical dresses. I thought they looked adorable!

You would be reasonable to assume the sun must have been in the kids' eyes. You would also be incorrect. They were facing due west, with the sun completely behind their back. Anna and Chloe were apparently the only kids who did not got the memo that they were all supposed to keep their eyes shut for this photo shoot.

For the Easter meal, I got off the hook big time this year! Friends from church invited us to come over after the morning service and eat with them, and I didn't bring anything! Not even the flowers I had bought for the hostess... ahem. 

They also organized an egg hunt, died eggs with the little kids without getting any paint on their clothes (how is that even possible??!), and took more pictures of my squinting kids.

We all went home for a food-induced nap before church in the evening.


  1. Your boys are getting so big! They'll be towering over you before long. The girls look lovely in their matching dresses.

    Loving all of these blog posts!


  2. Your girls are suddenly so grown up!! Beautiful photos. Glad your family had a blessed Easter.

  3. Wow beautiful Easter clothes this year.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a great Easter!!

  5. Help! Can I name my homeschool Proverbs 22:6?

  6. idk where you get your energy mama!!!


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