Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Three month recap, part 2 - November

Rebels and Redcoats reenactments at Pioneer Arizona Living History Village - Some time ago, I found these prairie dresses at a teacher support store for $1 each. I bought a whole bunch of them, but had never taken the time to alter them to fit the girls. For this field trip, I made them each matching bonnets from a couple of the extra dresses, and a tiny bonnet for Chloe (pattern here). I love how it looks on her so much I want to make her a couple more in a more neutral print.

These guys fired real muskets and even a cannon, which was shockingly loud!

This was actually one of our monthly church-wide field trips. These are some of the people in our group. 

This sweet young lady is one of 12 children in her family. As you can see, she has a way with babies! 

General George Washington. Check out Stephen's face - lol!

Random cute pictures I took.

Chloe reminds me of my maternal grandma in this photo.

Chewing on her one and only, favorite doll.

"Mommy, mile for the camar!"

Anna loves cooking and helping me in the kitchen. Here, we made cream puffs together. As evidenced by the Nutella on her nose, they were very good!

Cute things I made (besides babies). I am finding that due to time restrictions, I often have to channel my creative energies into things that serve a real purpose, such as taking food to a baby shower.

I took Solomon, Miriam, Becca, and Chloe hiking at West Fork Trail near Sedona on a quiet Monday. It is probably the best known and most scenic hike in our state. We had to cross the creek again and again, hence the bare feet (their choice, not mine). Chloe was a sweetie and stayed asleep in the sling for several hours as we hiked. Bringing all the kids at once takes too much planning these days, which takes all the fun out of it, so my husband and I take turns going hiking with just a few of them at a time.

Chandler Chuckwagon Cook-off - This is one of our favorite events every year. This year did not disappoint! We brought along Pastor Oscar Bougardt, who came on a two-week visit from Capetown, South Africa to show support for our church and my husband (who is banned from entering South Africa). We had a wonderful time fellowshipping with our new friend and brother in the Lord. Funny: he thought root beer was alcoholic, and was taken aback by me offering him some, let alone giving it to the kids. He has a young son that is Stephen's age, so those two hit it off together really well.

Thanksgiving - We invited a family from church that we are very close with over for the big lunch. By "very close with" I mean I knew she wouldn't think any less of me for having a loud and crazy household and 14 people eating a  meal in close quarters. Added bonus - she knew how to professionally carve a turkey! And she took pictures!

My fruit turkey, which turned out more the size of a peacock.

John in the post-turkey coma.

We usually do nothing but desserts in lieu of dinner on major holidays. I suggested to our friends that we would cover lunch, and then more or less invited myself to their house for dinner/dessert. Whoa, did I ever underestimate how much they would go out of their way to host us!! 

Ignore the fact that Becky's eyes are closed. The food behind her was THE BOMB, not to mention the presentation was stunning. The cheesecake shooters (lemon with a macadamia nut crust, and a PB & chocolate variety) was out of this world delicious. I'm still wanting more of that right now. There were also antipasto and cheese platters, and a candyland and snack tent set up outside for the kids. I have seen weddings that were less elaborate. Heck, I've THROWN weddings that were less elaborate! We all went home happy, spoiled, and five pounds heavier.

Lots of fun stuff going on around here this time of year, and that's not even all of it! Please check back again soon for the third and final installment of pictures.


  1. Lovely pictures!! Wow, you guys have been busy! I'll have to note down that West Fork Trail to try when we're up north. :)

  2. Chloe smiling away in her bonnet is too cute for words!

  3. Who is that young lady pictured with Solomon in a few of the photos?

  4. Is Solomon courting that pretty brunette girl? It's cute the way he's leaning in toward her in that one photo. Hey, you could be a Grammy soon!!

  5. I know this particular post is not a labor post, but am about to have baby #5, and not one other mama to ask. I have used cramp bark in the past for those crazy after birth pains, it did not work. Woo! Labor is no big deal for me, but the after pains are tough business. Do you have after birth pains, Zsuzsanna? If so, do you find relief from them? Thank you. :)

  6. Is that an amber necklace Chloe is wearing for teething? If so does it work? Having a hard time with my 5 month old teeth!


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