Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Three month recap, part 1 - October

Hello world, I'm back - at least for this post, and hopefully two more to bring you up to speed on our family adventures. There are SO many things I want to blog about, but time is short, so I thought I'd share a few (haha!) pictures for now about what we have been up to. Blogging is my last hobby, so you know when you don't see me on here for a while that I have been insanely busy. The months between starting the new school year and New Year's is always a very busy time for us, and this year is no different. By prioritizing, I am able to keep my head above the water so to speak, but unfortunately that means that my time to go online and just "play" has gone to virtually zero. 

This is week 17 of the school year for us, which means we are making great time and are almost to the halfway mark. I cannot believe how time has flown! All the kids are doing well in their school work. We have been able to go on at least one field trip or special activity each week this school year so far, so many of the pictures are from these field trips.


The girls decided to put Chloe in a tiny Cute and Covered sample swim dress, and have her join them in the kiddie pool in the front yard. 

Scottsdale's Museum of the West, followed by a downtown trolley ride and ice cream for lunch.



Rebecca turned 8! She's still not keen on having her picture taken, so I didn't take a lot.

Chloe started eating real food.

Vertuccio Farms

Anna, who got saved several months ago, got baptized. We always like to wait to make sure they really understand at that age (she was 5 at the time). Don't let the crown throw you off, it wasn't really her birthday. I guess she was celebrating being "born again"! ;-)

Chloe with her doll, "Miss Pearl". She loves her so!!

I keep getting these two guys mixed up. I wonder why?!? Solomon has grown a couple more inches since this picture was taken, putting them at equal height. It also means I need to take him shopping for pants AGAIN. The ones he is wearing in this picture are almost too short on him now. Where did my baby go??

Boaz performing some music. This guy is a riot!

Miriam loves to pose Chloe with doll-sized versions of real-life objects. She is such a precious little dolly and always plays along nicely.

We've had several weddings these last few months. It's always great fun for the kids (only a couple of these are mine). 

A little fun with fake mustaches.

The Arizona State Fair. It was triple digits, in October. Pretty awful!

Chloe had her posterior tongue tie revised (more on that in another post). This is her just before the procedure. It went well and seems to have helped some.

That's all for today. I got up extra early to bring you these super low-quality, but high-fun pictures. By now the natives are up and banging their dishes for food. I hope to share more pictures later this week. 


  1. Very sweet pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share. My daughter Summer was born a couple days after Chloe so it's fun to see them match up on milestones. All I've given her is a little banana. I was wondering do you give Chloe various foods through out each day Or do you space it out and give just one thing for awhile?

  2. I am glad you don't mind sharing your family's doings online. I really enjoy seeing what you all have been up to. As much as the media would have people believe, you guys (and gals) are definitely NOT crazy weirdos. :)

  3. Hi Mrs. Anderson I wrote you on your Facebook. I need your advice bad.

  4. These look like very fun times!!!! I loved Chloe's little Cute & Covered! She really is a little doll! :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! Our family did the AZ State Fair this year too - first time. The kids loved it. We haven't been to the Museum of the West yet - looks fun. We'll have to try it.

    Love it whenever you have time to check in on the blog! :)

  6. "..the natives are up and banging their dishes for food." Hilarious! Merry Christmas to the Anderson's!!


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