Thursday, September 8, 2016

Field Trip Fun

We are currently on week 5 of the school year. Our family goes on field trips and special outings every week, and once a month, I also organize a field trip for all the home educating families in our church. On average, these church-wide field trips bring a total of 100-120 people, so we are getting to be quite a large group.

The first of those church field trips was to the Legoland Discovery Center that recently opened up in Arizona. The kids and parents all had a blast. 

Solomon is quite a bit taller than me now...

That's some excellent cell phone quality photography with kids looking straight into the sun... Keeping it real! All the nice-looking photos in this post were not taken by me. I like this one though because it shows how the older ones help out by pairing up with a younger sibling (they pick which one, so it's always changing). 

Stephen was wailing because he couldn't take the coins out of the fountain in the back. He is always wanting to make a buck by raiding fountains, which of course we don't allow. This is the same child who when I was reading Revelation 21 to the kids, got excited about the fountain of the water of life, asking if in Heaven he would finally be allowed to take money out of the fountain.

That little Boaz is stinkin' cute, and he knows it, too. I will admit to having a special soft spot for him because I am reminded of his twinnie in heaven every time I look at him. It's not that I love him more than the other kids, it's just that for the time being, I have to lavish all my love for his brother on him. We all agree that he is an extra special blessing, one we can't imagine life without. 

On Labor Day, we put on a (Don't Go) Back to School party for all the school-aged kids in our church (as well as their younger siblings and parents), where we had a water balloon fight and ice cream at a park near church. Thanks to these balloons, one volunteer helper was able to fill 2,100 water balloons in about 50 minutes using just one hose. I definitely recommend these!

First round: ages 5 and down. We wanted them to have fun without getting hurt by the older kids.

Second round: ages 6-10, boys against girls. The girls clearly seemed to have the upper hand, as they were constantly taking the battle to the boys side, and invading "enemy territory."

Final round: older kids vs. parents. This one was especially fun!

 Look at little Bo trailing behind me. :)
 Boom! I love this picture of my husband and John, though I can't take credit for taking it.

Once the remnants of the broken balloons had been picked up, ther was ice cream for all. Such a fun night!

Making great memories with friends and family is one of the many blessings of homeschooling.


  1. This is one of my favorite bogs!!!! I cant believe solomon is already taller than you!! You guys always have so much fun.

  2. "This is the same child who when I was reading Revelation 21 to the kids, got excited about the fountain of the water of life, asking if in Heaven he would finally be allowed to take money out of the fountain."

    LOL! Kids are wonderful.

    I read this yesterday. I am feeling badly today. I came back to read it again so I could laugh. It worked.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. ha-ha Boaz's happy face when he was trailing you. All the kids seems really happy too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed a lot reading it. Really made my day.

  4. The paragraph about Stephen is so funny! I have read it several times and it just gets funnier. Just imagining him looking at all that glistening change and he can't get his little fingers on it. Torture! lol

  5. Hi zsuzsanna great pics, love the story about Stephen. I used to send u an odd message here and there when I used to be on fb. I was actually wondering if your church is still doing the baby wall or if that was just a special thing for the anniversary?

  6. To God be all the glory!! 1 Thes. 5:17, praying without ceasing for your family every day. And knowing that the Lord Jesus Christ will never leave us as in Joshua 24:14-15 "as for me and my house we will serve the Lord". I have no words to say for the Lord His Words say it all. He is the Way, Truth, life, John 14:6. I did not know where to write to you of this since you have not posted on your blog for awhile now knowing that your husband Pastor Anderson is in all he is doing giving God all the glory. I pray that what I write to you and your family that you understand, knowing when the Word of God , Holy Spirit is within all will be understandable. In every thing we give God all the glory/and all you do is for the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ said in His Word of John 17 , ' Jesus Christ is hated, so we also will be hated." Romans 8:39, nothing is going to separate us from the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.... Yes, we will be persecuted, hated, so much more when we truly serve the Lord Jesus. 1 John 4:4. Philippians 4:13. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ praying for you and your family for all you do for the glory of the Lord. I know that Jesus Christ by His Word is everything. This encourages me that there are truly true believers whom truly serve, fear, obey the Lord God Almighty. Matthew 5:16. All is explained in the Word of God, and only the Holy Spirit can give to each of us understanding in Christ Jesus. Just a note to say even though I do not write this to you every day, praying every day for you Mrs. Anderson and Pastor Anderson and your family. Psalm 121:8.

    In Christ Jesus,

    Rosita a sinner saved by grace, by His mercy I am saved by Lord our Savior

  7. I don't post my real name on the internet because I have a concern for safety in general, concern for identity theft, etc...
    I'm sure you must understand that. So with that being said, I see many more children than must be yours in these pictures, following logic. I certainly hope you have gotten permission from their parents for posting their pictures. I don't even post pictures of my nieces who are of "internet age" without asking their parents first. Because they are not mine.


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