Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Homophile Playbook, 101

Our church, my husband, and myself receive hate mail every day, to the tune of thousands of messages every year (sometimes every month). Homosexuals make up the largest percentage of these bullies, in spite of their grandstanding for tolerance, "Love Wins," and wanting to normalize everything and anything except for normalcy itself.

Yet in spite of how many messages we get, there is precious little variation in what they contain. In fact, they can be boiled down to just the same, lame arguments we hear over and over again, while the people writing to us actually think they are being original, intelligent, and thinking for themselves. It's like they are all following the same homophilic playbook, without realizing that they have just all been subject to the same brainwashing.

Here are the handful of tired old arguments we hear again and again, and my responses to them:

Everyone who hates homosexuals is a closet homosexual himself

This line of thinking basically boils down to saying that everyone either loves the homos, or is a homo (secretly or openly). By that same argument, I could say that everyone either loves our church, or goes to our church. Those who write to us saying they hate us and our church secretly love our church,and wish they could attend.

Of course, such logic (or lack thereof) is just not true in any area of life.

Also, why do these people who think being a homo is perfectly normal an acceptable always resort to calling someone a homosexual as their favorite insult?

You are so judgmental/intolerant/bigoted

Right back at you. It is impossible to call someone judgmental/intolerant/bigoted without being guilty of those attributes oneself.

You preach hate, but God/the Bible only teaches love

Not so. The Bible says there is "a time to love and a time to hate." Hundreds of passages talk about hatred that God has for certain things and people, and we are admonished to hate them that hate the Lord: "Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?" (Psalm 139:21)

It is impossible to love one thing, without hating another thing that would harm it. Hate is a natural, normal, healthy human emotion as much as love is. Every person in this world hates something or someone. These same people who condemn us for hating perverted predators sure have hatred for us. Which makes them not only hateful (that's okay), but also hypocritical (that's not okay).  

You are putting us back in the Dark Ages

Hardly. The video "Boys Beware" was released by the Inglewood Police Department and their public schools (in the Los Angeles, CA area) in 1961 as a public service. It was then remade in color in 1973 with different actors, but the identical script, called "Boys Aware." If that is what one of the most liberal municipal governments not only believed, but actively taught only 43 years ago, it stands to reason that public opinion persisted in that same vein for much, much longer. Just think of how today, the government takes a stance on issues like men in women's restrooms far, far left of the general population. Back in the 1970s, the Inglewood PD was still far left of public opinion, and yet they came down on the right side of the homo agenda because it's so far out in the left field that even the government was teaching right on it.

Today, a Bible-believing preacher is condemned for preaching what everyone believed and taught until just a couple of decades ago. I will go one step further and say that most people still believe the same way as we do on these issues, but are afraid to say so publicly. Just watch this video for proof:

Chances are one of your kids will "turn out gay"

This is ridiculous, and not based in science. It assumes that sodomites are "born that way," which they are not according to the Bible OR science. Not a shred of scientific evidence exists to show that there is such a thing as a "gay gene." Even so, let's say for the sake of argument that homosexuality is randomly caught like the flu. Since the percentage of homos is about 2-3% of the population, it would mean that if we had 50 kids, chances are one of them would be gay. So statistically, no, chances are NOT that one of our kids will "turn out gay" since we will never have anywhere close to that many children.

Being a homosexual is a choice, one borne out of a wicked heart and a filthy mind. To say people are born homosexuals is just as ridiculous as saying people are born murderers, rapists, and child molesters. Sadly, we are already seeing claims that the latter is a mental defect, and that people are born with a sick attraction to children that they just cannot help. Which, by the way, is the same way homosexuality was first peddled to the masses - as a sickness, not a sin (see "Boys Beware" above).

For our kids to turn out as homosexuals it would mean that we as parents completely failed to raise them in the ways of the Lord. It would mean that they set out on a path of wickedness, and continued thereon unchecked until at long last they reached the very bottom of that road, which is the cursed sin of sodomy. It would also mean that we failed to reach them with the gospel, as people become sodomites AFTER they hate God and don't want to retain Him in their knowledge, and He then turns them over to a reprobate mind to do those vile things that are in their hearts.

So while it is theoretically possible for anyone to become a sodomite, it is extremely unlikely to be the case with any of our kids.


  1. Sorry If you have previously mentioned it, but how do you feel about those who might have same sex attractions, but choose to not act on those attractions?

  2. "It is impossible to call someone judgmental/intolerant/bigoted without being guilty of those attributes oneself."

    Ah, bless your heart. The old "you must tolerate my intolerance!" canard aka the rhetorical Fool's Mate of bigotry. https://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/essay/tolerance.html

    1. I don't care what pseudo-intellectual garbage you link, at the end of the day, Mrs. Anderson has the right to stand up for her beliefs just as much as anyone of these somodites. She presented her case, her arguments, and her evidence to support what she believes in (and obviously, they are based on the bible).

      These homosexuals/transgenders get to do the same, but look at how poorly they do it and what it's based on. "We're born that way! Oh you're hating! You're intolerant! Shut them up! Don't let these haters speak anymore, but let US run down the middle of the street in a 'pride' parade with our rear ends showing!" - Pure. Class.

      Does our court system tolerate child molesters or murderers? I'm not even saying all homosexuals are child molesters, I'm just simply asking a question as to what our court system would tolerate.

      If a federal judge said that someone who committed murder or molested a child was guilty of committing a crime, would that judge be called "intolerant"? If people call these judges bigots, then are you going to link them that page you linked Mrs. Anderson in your previous post? You're gonna say "well it's not right to tolerate that federal Judge's INTOLERANCE".

      Should victims of a crime then be comforted because you have a "Fool's Mate of bigotry" link ready to go?

      What are you going to say?

      "Well the judge and public is saying to tolerate their intolerance of murder. That's a cop out. Murderers are "born that way" so you can't criticize them. They don't choose to be the way that they are. Just because a judge HATES murder, doesn't make it acceptable or right and they can't spin it back on the guilty party".

      Well you know what, I was born a male. That doesn't mean that, like a dog, I want to mate with every thing I see. As human-beings created by God, we have reason, wisdom and a conscience. I'm responsible for my own actions. I may have been born a male with the desire to reproduce, by those urges don't rule me or excuse me from poor choices/behavior.

      People like you and this website you link invent BS like "no true Scotsman" "arguments" and "Fool's Mate of bigotry" BS to defend sin. Plain and simple. All you have to do is drop homosexuality practices in with sins like murder, rape, child molestation and the like and your whole "argument" dissolves. Your argument is based on homosexuality being something that SHOULD be tolerated because you're claiming that people that practice homosexual behavior "have no choice" and are "slaves" to their desires/tendencies.

      The reality is that they are slaves to sin, as the bible says.

      Romans 6:20

      For when ye were the servants of sin, ye were free from righteousness.

      People aren't born homosexual. Period. There IS no scientific fact to support that. It's sinful behavior that's being endorsed and PUSHED by a sick , brainwashed, and morally bankrupt society. And if you don't agree with the majority of this SICK society, then YOU are labeled as the "outcast". The "freak". That is, what I believe, Mrs. Anderson's point was. We object to immoral disgusting behavior and now we're judgemental bigots. BY WHO'S STANDARDS??? The one's spreading HIV 8500% faster than heterosexuals? Woo, you go logic.

      Homosexuals keep saying they're this unaccepted and rejected "outcast" species that didn't choose to be the way they were - the reality is that they DID choose. It's an insult to men/women/races to say that they're "born that way". Black people don't choose to black and men and women don't get to choose their genders. But homosexuals damn well choose and are ACCOUNTABLE for all of their behavior just as everyone is.

      Stop defending immoral behavior.

  3. I agree 100% with the video, sodomites are disgusting and I will never let my son or daughters interact with them, I don't trust anyone to watch our kids they are by me 24/7. Thank you for posting this, I love your blog and watch your husbands videos

  4. Thank you for posting this. It's true the sodomites want everyone to be tolerant of their perversions. Well I say "be tolerant of my intolerance." I think many people do feel as we do but are too weak and scared of the sodomites opinions. The media and television is turning everyone's mind into mush. May God continue to bless you and your family and give you the boldness and courage to stand up against the evil in this World. Have a blessed day.

    1. The difficulty with being "tolerant of your intolerance" is that you seek to use that intolerance to deny rights, segregate, hurt, shame, or even promote the death of those you are intolerant of.

      I'm not saying you must automatically love gays - you don't like the idea, and that's fine. Personally I tend to dislike being around people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, while I dislike the practice, all I do is avoid those I know to be intoxicated, and not imbibe myself. My intolerance is perfectly harmless to others, while keeping myself safe and comfortable within my beliefs.

      Simply, I cannot support intolerance or dislike when it is used to hurt a person; physically, emotionally/mentally or financially, as the majority of anti-gay propaganda intends to.

  5. Where were the boy's parents-especially their fathers in the Boys Beware video? It's far worse today. Parents need to supervise their children's activities and provide a safe ride home.

    1. All the gay men i know were from 2 sibling families. And most of them were molested!

      All these theories are lies. There is no gay gene or gay hormone. Twin studies have proven it's something that happens later.

      It's definately a perversion of some kind and nothing to be celebrated!

  6. While I agree with you wholeheartedly I must say that some sodomites are born this way, it is a mental disease and it has lots to do with what the mother ate during pregnancy, how many toxic medicines she took, how many chemicals she's been exposed to, etc.
    Not long ago, 15 years to be precise, homosexuality was taught as a mental disease in med school in Europe.
    Then homosexuality can be acquired because of the environment they grew up in, if a child is growing up in an unstable home with abusive/violent parents where his needs are not met he can become one or a combination of: sex addict, drug addict, gambling addict, homosexual, murderer, adrenaline addict, etc, it all depends on how weak the constitution of the child is and how severe the abuse.
    I found myself fascinated with the childhood stories of some of the serial killers, most of them were coming from broken homes where they were subjected to abuse, the same for some homosexuals.
    Of course nowadays homosexuality can be also a trend but the fact that they can be born this way should not be neglected.
    These people need to be helped if they are in search of help, unfortunately most are not.
    There is no wonder why we are being poisoned with food and drugs, because it is affecting the next generation.
    And the entertainment industry is making sure parents are to busy to nurture their children so their needs are not met.
    Satan is a master at destroying humanity.
    And lastly, homosexuality does not need a gene, it all goes down to nature vs nurture where the environment can be just as much responsible as the gene and why should we be amazed that that can happen given that mothers are literary bombarded with chemicals.
    Remember what Aldous Huxley wrote in Brave New World, how administering alcohol in the artificial wombs where babies were developing would make them dumb, now the wombs of women are under attack so no wonder kids can be born gay.

  7. Great post!

    God bless

  8. Zsuzsana, that's not how statistics work. You don't need to pop out 49 kids for the 50th to be gay. It means that for every child born, there is a 3% chance of him or her being gay. Think of it as a lottery, if the odds are 1/50, buying 50 lottery tickets won't guarantee a win. You could buy 200 tickets and still be unlucky. However buying 10 tickets does mean you have a higher chance of winning than the guy who only got 1 ticket.

    Homosexuality is caused by the hormone levels a fetus is exposed to during pregnancy. Those hormone levels are impacted by the mother's previous pregnancies. This has evolutionary reasons - in a small band of hunters gatherers, you don't need several siblings of the same gender close in age to mate, especially when the number of opposite sex partners would have been limited, a few are enough to carry the genetic material forward to the next generation. Additional siblings are far more useful contributing to the survival of the wider tribe rather than mating themselves.

    So, with your large family of children close in age, you have a higher likelihood than most to have gay children. Your husband too is more likely than most to be gay as he has several same sex siblings. That's fine. It is nature. You did nothing wrong as a parent and neither do you children. The only obstacle to their future happiness is your attitude.

    1. I don´t buy into that theory of the hunter-gatherer siblings becoming gay, it seems stupid considering what I know about the period in question and human history in general, and from what I´ve seen around me in my lifetime it does not make sense.

      I know of a few gay people, they have no siblings or at most 1-2, and in all those cases the other sibling/s is not of the same gender. Their parents and their siblings had no gay people in their genetic line or related family lines until this single gay person popped up. I believe it most often is caused by hormones in the womb, but it does not happen because of some well put forth reason to protect nature and resources - that´s just bollocks. Think about it for a moment, look at the people you know that are gay and you´ll see that I´m right about this.

      I also know of one family where there are 2-4 siblings in each generation, mixed gender-wise, and that family has a big percentage of gays. There´s about one in every generation almost throughout the whole clan (some line are completely free of it). In families where there are horrible genetic diseases being passed down, those families don´t get many gays if any in them, but from natures perspective, it would really be wise to whip up some gay genes there, don´t you think? But it is mostly random and doesn´t exactly hit where it would help to strengthen the gene-pool.

      My grandparents generation had people with 6-12 siblings and no-one was gay, most got married and had lots of children and just got on with life. Then my generation comes along, and there are these few and far between often only children coming out as gay and being embraced by their families and societies, so it´s not like there are other like them that are hiding from coming out. I don´t think there was that much "gayness" in earlier generations to be honest, ofcourse some of the people who didn´t get married and never had sex might have been gay but I don´t think it had anything to do with them having many siblings of the same sex. I know many families with 3-4 daughters or 4+ sons where none of those kids has been gay... If I was to base my theory on my personal experience and observations, it seems less likely to happen the more same-sex siblings there are, no matter how close in age they get.

    2. Thank you for being a voice of reason here.


  9. 'But I say to you who are hearing, Love your enemies, do good to those hating you,

    Luke 6:27

    For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them.

    Luke 6:32

    I try to love also sodomites, but I hate sodomy, sodomy is a sin.

  10. I am surprised that "boys beware" video hasn't been taken down for hate speech.....lol. America is definitely starting to look like the days of Lot....I don't know if it's just me but I am seeing more and more of the sodomites out ...or maybe it's just all the guys are wearing stretch jeans now....whichever one it's gross...lol

    1. I just had this very conversation with my husband last night. It's scary living in the US and seeing how far our country has turned. Even in the last 5 years.
      Pastor Jimenez made a valid point; God sent Jonah to spread the gospel to the sinful Ninevah... God sent the angels to get Lot out of the country... Although Ninevah was not following God, He still had grace for them and offered them the gospel freely. Sodom was completely rejected and burned to the ground after the only righteous believer was removed. There was no more grace for Sodom and with the way our country is rapidly spiraling in the same path, our country will be burned up too! Hopefully Jesus comes before that! Soon Jesus, soon!!!

  11. Dear Mrs Anderson.
    Blessed morning to you and your children. My short message on your blog today is to expess my deep appreciation to your good husband Pastor Anderson for his many wonderful soul filling sermons I listen to most days. This may come to you and your husband as a surprise. I live on the other side of your physical world. I reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am of Northern Indian descent. I am a Punjabi who believes in Chris Jesus as my overall saviour. I have never been to Tempe Or the USA for that matter, but my soul and feelings assures me I am one of Pst Anderson's congregations sitting in his church whlist hearing and listening to his sermons. If you do read this message of mine, I would consider an honour if you could hug MY Psator(Anderson) on my behalf and tell him that a 60years old man life in Malaysia is made WHOLE. AND how Steve in his sermons is absolutely right that KJV is the word of a living loving forgiving Almighty. You have a good and productive blessful day, week month and year.
    I remain
    Haftar Singh

    1. What a wonderful message. May God bless you.

    2. Mr singh

      I spent many years in Singapore. It's a wonderful place, many wonderful people.

      I don't live near Arizona either but i feel i am part of a worldwide family when i watch his sermons too.

  12. 'It is impossible to call someone judgmental/intolerant/bigoted without being guilty of those attributes oneself.' So you can't point out that a white man who shoots and kills a black man just because of his skin color might be a bigot without yourself being a bigot? Riiiiiight.

    1. Classic straw man argument right there.

    2. It's a perversion you can either seek help for or just give in to.

      Most compulsions feel like they are not a choice but they aren't fine or healthy.

  13. Stand Strong!!! God Strong!!!! We are praying for y'all!!!!

  14. "Being a homosexual is a choice, one borne out of a wicked heart and a filthy mind"
    I am a man, attracted to women (I am even married to one), and try as I might, I just can't get attracted to other men. What's the secret here, can you explain? Perhaps my heart is not wicked, and my mind not filthy enough?
    Why would somebody choose a sexual orientation that, a few years ago, was illegal? Still is, in some countries? And would make this person a social outcast? Strange choice indeed.
    As an other commenter says, there doesn't need to be a gene. Homosexuality may come from exposure to external factors in the womb, and perhaps after birth.
    Personally, I don't care if it's a choice or not. If somebody chooses this, why not? As long as they don't hurt others. I just cannot imagine for what reason anybody would make the decision to be gay from now on.

    1. You answered your own question, being gay isn't a choice. If it was, why couldn't you allow yourself to be attracted to other men? You are physically incapable of it. I don't think anyone would actively "choose" to be condemned by a large amount of the population and world religions, and especially those who are actively involved in a religion. Have you asked yourself, why do you CHOOSE to be attracted to women? Of course not. You just are.

    2. Why do some people choose to cut themselves? Why do some people choose to end their own life that seems perfectly happy from the outside? Why do some people choose to molest children? Try as I might I can't imagine choosing to do any of those things. Therefore they must not be choices. Now that I think of it, I don't remember ever choosing not to be a cutter, molester, or suicidal. Of course not. I just am.

  15. Of course. My question was rhetorical. According to Zsuzsanna it's a choice, though, and I just don't understand how an intelligent person can say this.

    1. I think you just answered your own question there.

  16. Many parents with homosexual offspring report having known from an early age that their child was gay. How is a 7 year old making that sort of choice? When puberty and sexual maturity are still many years away?

    I don't believe that gays choose that for themselves any more than I chose to be straight. Now, one can choose how loud, obnoxious, and in-your-face to be regarding sexual orientation, but I can hardly wrap my head around it magically being a decision that certain people can make, while others can't. I couldn't choose to be a lesbian no matter what I did and how sinful/filthy minded I was.

    There will always be some ppl who give others a bad name. Unless you believe all pre-teens are making a conscious decision to be straight (and I know I certainly never did... it just happened), I don't see how certain other can make a different choice. God doesn't make mistakes, right?

    1. Well when a mother is buying her son barbies or daughter trucks and action figures, a child would obviously be confused. They think they want to be a boy if they're a girl or girl if they're a boy. It all comes down to how you're being raised. Being gay is against nature so naturally we won't like the same sex unless its instilled into our minds

    2. Hi Amanda: In the animal world, among pretty much all species, same sex behavior is observed. Further there are hundreds of young people who grew up in super religious, two-parent, traditional homes, who realized they were gay, and tried with constant prayer, church and bible reading to become straight, to no avail. Desperate to be straight and completely believing it is a sin. I challenge you to seek out some of those folks and hear their pain and see what they have to say. And almost no parent wants to instill being gay into our kids' minds - there is too much prejudice and bullying for that. It makes no sense. Kids can't be turned gay by playing with a toy society considers gendered.

  17. Amanda Martinez, I played with dolls, barbies as well as dressed up in dresses when I was younger. I am not confused at all and am straight. So where is your evidence to back up what you said?

  18. Zsuzsana...I have opposed you in the past when it comes to this topic. I thought as a Christian I should be loving and tolerant. I was mistaken in this area. The more I see the things people post on your husbands page, the more I see how depraved people can really become. i was actually against you and your husband with his for a while, but i have had my eyes open to the depravity. Forgive me for not looking into it all carefully before judging. God bless you

  19. This isn't correct at all. Being gay isn't a choice, it's just nature. If it were a choice, why would so many people fight against it and suffer mental health problems as a result. Homosexuality exists in the animal world as well. The correct figure is actually 1 in 10. So approx 10% of the population will be gay. People have previously assumed this to be less, largely because so many people 'played it straight'. Your husband's views are outdated and offensive. If you quietly want to get on with your prejudice, that's your business. But I believe one of the main messages of Jesus was not to judge but to help regardless. Religion has absolutely no place in law making. If you want to be a bigot, then that's your choice. But stop trying to influence laws that relate to other people's rights. Live and let live. I couldn't care less if I had kids who turned out to be gay, as long as they were healthy and happy. Stop spreading your hate.

    1. Thank you so much for your great comment! I totally agree...

  20. I disagree that those who have lived the homosexual lifestyle are reprobate and beyond the redemption of salvation through Christ. They are not born that way, but they can be saved by the Blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy Spirit. For over 10 years I was a sinful bisexual woman, who was trying to find healing after childhood sex abuse and a brutal rape at age 16. Men were to be feared, women were a source of comfort. I was seeking validation and healing going down the wrong path. I did things that today as a born again Christian, I cannot say even to myself. I was a wicked filthy sinner, but in 2013 I came to Christ and He washed me clean. I no longer have a desire to live that lifestyle or even look at women in that sinful manner. I am attracted to men, as God designed me to be. Homosexuality is a sin, but it is not a sin that cannot be forgiven through repentance and the Blood of Christ.


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