Saturday, July 30, 2016

A doll for my dolly

A huge big THANK YOU to the Holliday family, who sent Chloe a beautiful handmade doll all the way from Kuwait!

Even though Chloe is still very young, it is clear that she loves looking at the doll. And I can understand why - look at that sweet gentle face! We have not named the doll, and will wait for Chloe to get old enough to pick her name herself. This is her only doll, and will no doubt have a special place in her heart for many, many years.

 She grabbed the doll like that on her own.

Aren't these tiny knickers just the cutest??! The tag says "handmade". The doll's dress is knit, and her hair is also made of yarn. She is just ADORABLE!


Also in the package was a beautiful handsewn doll dress, as well as a knit sweater and little shoes, for a bigger doll. These outfits fit perfectly on the older girls' dolls, and they have excitedly claimed them for themselves. Unfortunately, I have not yet had a chance to get pictures of the girls with their dolls, but will share them when I get to.

On a side note, this post reminds me of a favorite punny pastime of my husband: coming up with puns on the word "doll" when describing our daughters.

As in:

If she were a currency, she'd be the DOLLar.

If she were a First Lady, she'd be DOLLy Madison.

If she were a religious leader, she would be the DOLLy Lama.

He's come up with scores of these, this is just all I can remember right now. It's really sweet anytime he comes up with a new one. :)

Thank you for these beautiful gifts, and for brightening our day with such a sweet surprise!


  1. If she was whipped cream, she would be a DOLLop of sweetness. (I tried!)

  2. Oops my computer wigged I am not sure if my first message went through. I was saying it was so wonderful that your baby evoked someone from across the world to send a handmade item is something to cherish. Your children are adorable and I know that it isn't always easy with a large family, but you are doing a lovely job. Thank you for sharing your newest model as I love visiting and seeing your family as it takes me back to when mine were wee ones.


  3. So sweet. The doll even looks like baby Chloe :)

  4. SOOOOOOO CUTE! The doll is just as big as Chloe😍


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