Monday, June 13, 2016

Sodomites = Pedophiles

This post is not intended for my regular readers. It is very graphic, even violent. It is certainly NOT for children. Do not read on.

Rather, this post is for all those who have their heads in the sand as to how dangerous and wicked sodomites (homosexuals) are. 

If the news had been that a ring of pedophiles was shot and killed, no sane person would be mourning. Those who believe the Bible ought to know that sodomites are reprobate, and thus capable of any perversion, having the mind of animals. This includes pedophilia. Of course, the average brainwashed American will protest this notion, but facts are stubborn things. My post is intended to illustrate this, using these filthy animals' very own words. The most offensive words have been edited out.

Exhibit 1: An email sent directly to me from a sodomite named Dave Vergara. Not sure how he got my email address, but then, stalking is the least of this freak's problems. You can click on the image to see it enlarged, but be forewarned - it's beyond vile and disgusting.

Exhibit 2: To which I responded that his desire for our children to be raped proved exactly the point that he was so mad about - that all sodomites are pedophiles.

Exhibit 3: Too stupid to understand that he is proving the very point he is trying to attack and discredit, Dave continues to graphically fantasize about raping our young children.

Exhibit 4: Dave forwarded his filthy ramblings to the local police, authorities, and media. I guess he wants the world to know what a disgusting piece of trash he is? I am sure the police, who bust pedophiles every week, are well aware of the connection to sodomy, but to admit so is not politically correct. I think the police should investigate Dave's computers - they are sure to find child porn on there.

This is not an isolated email. We receive thousands of similar messages every year, we just never post them because they are so vile. Those who accuse us of hatred are themselves the most hateful, disgusting predators.

If you think sodomites are just like the rest of us, you are sadly mistaken. They are violent, and capable of any perversion. According to both the Old and New Testament, sodomy should be punishable by the death penalty. As always, God knows best, and Dave proves this point well.

My husband's original statement after the shootings has been banned by YouTube, but he has since posted this:

And here is a great sermon on the topic by another pastor:

What the media and society wants us to learn from this gay bar shooting is that homosexuals are nice people, and guns should be banned. Reality tells us homosexuals are violent predators that will stop at nothing, and that everyone ought to keep a gun within easy reach to protect themselves and their families from the attacks of these perverts.