Monday, March 28, 2016

Maui Trip, Epilogue

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First of all, we would like to say a huge "THANK YOU!" to all those who made this trip possible by giving to the 10-year anniversary fund set up and promoted by one of our church members. The trip was perfect in every way imaginable! It was such a wonderful surprise, and we made countless memories for years to come. 

We were given a list of everyone's mailing address who had donated $20 or more to the fund, so we could send them each a personal note of thanks. We sent out almost 100 postcards to them from Maui, but there is a chance that some of the addresses were incorrect, incomplete, or outdated. If you were one of the people who donated, but you did not receive a postcard, please leave your email address and mailing address in a comment below, which will not be published, and we will get a card out to you. 

After we returned from our trip, my husband painted one wall in his office with an outline of Maui, complete with the major towns and roads. Then he hung over 90 photos from our trip at their respective locations. I thought this was a very sweet surprise when he first showed it to me. Of course, it makes me miss the trip every time I go into this office! :)


Speaking of painting rooms, my mother-in-law not only took great care of the kids while we were gone, she also painted and remodeled my bedroom during that time! Late last year, I had majorly overhauled the boys' and girls' bedrooms, and moved myself into the smallest of the bedrooms in our house. She figured that even though I put so much work into the kids' rooms, I was unlikely to take the time to do the same for mine, and she was right. So, before she even came out, she planned to work on that as a surprise while we were gone. She got busy on it the day we left, so any fumes from the paint would be gone by the time we returned. She even printed, framed, and hung photos of her baby my husband and I! I really enjoy my room so much more now, and am very thankful for her thoughtfulness and all the work and money she put into this project. I really did luck out majorly in the mother-in-law department!!!

She hadn't even been gone a day yet when the kids started saying that they were missing grandma. Hopefully, she should be back for the birth of the next baby, which will make 21 grandkids for her. She is one awesome and busy grandma! I literally never one time worried about the kids while we were gone, because I knew if anyone besides myself could handle them, it would be her. THAT makes a big difference!

The adjustment back to reality after the trip was not nearly as rough as I had anticipated. There were still enough frozen meals left over to last for the first week, and since I got every possible project off my to-do list before leaving, it really was a pretty relaxed re-entry into my large family reality. 

Right before this Maui trip, all 10 of us also took a 1-week family vacation over New Year to a cabin in the woods outside Prescott. It, too, was made possible by the anniversary fund. I will blog about that trip in a separate post.

We currently have 8 weeks of school work left for the year, and I am due in less than 9, so there will be no more breaks before baby comes, but the pace at the end of the school year tends to slow down as kids finish some of their subjects sooner than others. Most projects and obligations will be finished by late April, giving us some extra free time to enjoy those three weeks at the beginning of May before baby is due to arrive. I am always pretty well on target with my due dates, and hope this time will be no different.


  1. The painting with photos is awesome :)

    How do you target your due date accurately? Thanks!

  2. You mentioned that you moved yourself into the smallest bedroom, does that mean that you and Pastor Anderson do not share a bedroom. I'm sorry if this is personal but that was how I read your sentence.


  3. I saw your Easter pics on Facebook and your children have grown so much!! The boys look like men now! Can you do an update on them please? Like grade, age, what chores they do, if they have jobs?

  4. If it wasn't for finding the revelation series over 2 years ago - we wouldn't be saved. It was really lovely receiving our post card in the mail from you both, it was totally unexpected - so glad you had some much deserved time together. My son, who is turning 15 this year was especially thrilled to get a post card, he really looks up to Pastor Anderson as a roll model and is eager to learn the word of God. Can't thank you both enough. Pray for you and your families safety. Much love "The Bailey's"

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your holidays. I'm so glad that the two of you and your family had a well-deserved break!

    God bless!

  6. Hi,

    'I consider to be the greatest church in the world, Faithful Word Baptist Church'

    Just Curious But Why "The Greatest" ? :-)

  7. Hi Zsuzsanna! I was wondering if you guys need a brand new original Hawaiian photo album for your vacation pictures? If you do, I can give it to your husband when we see him in Vancouver, WA?


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