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Maui Trip, Day 8 (Thursday, January 14)

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This was the first day on the vacation we truly, legitimately slept in. We must have been tired from snorkeling for hours the previous day, staying out late for church, and then going to dinner after that.

For breakfast, I went by myself to a little place I had noticed while driving through Kihei called the "Cinnamon Roll Place". Like so many other times on this trip, Google reviews proved both invaluable, and accurate in its 4.7 star review. There was a line out the door! As I stood there waiting, I noticed a little sign that said "Cash only," at which point I remembered my husband having used my cash the night before to cover the tip at the restaurant. I checked my wallet to be sure, and indeed, it was empty of all but change. I said "Oh no!" and left the line to go find an ATM. Another customer near the door asked me what the problem was, and I told him nothing, just that I forgot I had no cash on me, and that I needed to get some. He was like, "Here, just take this!" and gave me $5. Wow, how nice was that! I was able to get my roll, with extra frosting and macadamia nuts, without first having to try and find a bank. The roll was so huge, it was plenty ever after my husband and I split it when I got back to the house. 

We didn't have any set plans for that day, except we knew we wanted to hit up another one of the many great snorkeling spots. Having gone on a guided snorkel the day before, we felt we knew more about what to look for, and where. 

First, though, I wanted to drive to the only Wal-Mart on Maui and pick out a little cross-stitch project to work on in my spare time during the rest of the vacation. That seemed to be the only place on the island that carried any sort of embroidery supplies, I kid you not! I have enjoyed cross-stitching since I was a child, but very rarely have time to indulge in that hobby at this stage of motherhood. We needed to gas up, too, so another trip to Costco in town was in order anyway, and we combined the two. On this vacation, we probably ended up going to Costco on more days than we did not. Not only was their gas about $1.30/gallon less than it was anywhere else on the island, they also had great deals on attractions, food, and local goods. If you have ever wondered why Costco is able to sell stuff so cheaply - did you know that most of their items are not marked up at all, and that the maximum markup for anything they sell is 15%? That means that their earnings come almost entirely from the membership fees. Gas is one of their "loss leaders," meaning they take a loss on it to get you to buy the membership, and then shop there. So yes, Costco in Maui is a must, even though it is the busiest branch I have ever seen. 

At Wal-Mart, my husband was surprised that I was only picking out a small cross-stitch kit that cost less than $5. I tried to tell him it would provide plenty of hours of stitching (in fact, it's still not finished...), but he really wanted me to splurge, so he was suggesting I buy some extra floss in case the kit was missing a color, and saying I should buy a second kit in case the first one had some issue like a broken needle or something. I was looking at him like he had no clue what he was talking about, being a guy that has never stitched anything before, whereas I had been doing this all of my life, and never had any such problem. We checked out with just my one little thing. I opened it in the car to start working on it, and - get this - the needle in it was BENT! And I mean really bent, totally unusable. Talk about poetic justice! My husband was a bit gleeful for having been proven right, and went back in the store to buy a pack of needles. Well, he bought two, just to be safe - and I wasn't going to argue that point again! :)

With all these little errands done, we went to Ulea Beach for some snorkeling. The water was perfect that day, and we had a wonderful time exploring the expansive coral reefs together. Another diver showed us an octopus, which was camouflaged so well it looked like coral. We could only spot it when it was trying to battle this fish that kept swimming close to it. Very fascinating! We were also very fortunate to spot another sea turtle that day. It was smaller than the one we saw the day before, but none of the other divers at the beach had spotted one yet that day, so we pointed it out to them. 

After a couple of hours at the beach, we had lunch at "Maui Fish and Chips", another great place. I had the fried Mahi, my husband had the fried shrimp, and we split an order of onion rings. 

In the afternoon, we took a drive down the only road we had not yet explored on the island, along South Shore until the road ends at the lava fields near La Perouse Bay. It was a unique sight in its own rights, but definitely not a place that was inviting me to go hiking, seeing as I didn't want to break an ankle.

My husband set out on his own to get in some running/walking/hiking, while I stayed in the parking lot and did some cross stitching, and also took a little nap. I guess that spot is a popular area to see dolphins, so there were many people coming and going, but there were no dolphins that day. 

He was gone about 2 hours, during which time he ran into another guy at the far end of the trail who was out hiking with his wife, and had brought snorkeling gear along for both of them, but because the water was very choppy and the lava rocks so jagged, the wife did not want to go snorkeling. The guy didn't think it would be safe to go by himself, so my husband volunteered, and they went snorkeling together. Thankfully, both lived to tell the story! The terrain on the trail was so rough, my husband's special Luna running sandal broke on the way back to the car. 

After he got back to the car, on the way back toward the house, we stopped off at Wailea Beach for another snorkeling session, but the waters were rougher by now, and visibility was poor, so we didn't stay long. Back at the house, I relaxed on the balcony with my cross-stitching, while my husband went on another run. We have very different ideas of fun! 

View of the sunset

For dinner, we ate some leftover pizza at the house, and then went to bed fairly early.

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