Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Maui Trip, Day 10 (Saturday, January 16)

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Saturday was our 10th and final day on Maui. After making breakfast at the guest house, we spent the morning packing up, and cleaning the areas of the house we had used (our bedroom and bathroom, and the kitchen). In between waiting for the last loads of laundry to finish, we relaxed some more on the balcony.

Around 11 a.m., we left for good and set out to explore the closer parts of the Road to Hana. We had intentionally skipped over these on our first drive to Hana, knowing that we could come back to these later on if we had time.

First, we stopped in Paia (at the beginning of the Road to Hana) for lunch at the Paia Fish Market. My husband had the fish and chips, while I ordered the sauteed mahi - oh, it was so good!

We stopped at several of the popular waterfalls along the way. There was virtually no traffic on the road that late in the day, which made for a nicer drive than the first time around. I took my much needed daily afternoon nap at a rest area, before we turned around at mile 17.

These leaves were massive!

The rain water from higher up in the mountains was running down here.

 This cow was walking by the side of the road.

On the way back, we stopped at Kaenae Point, which is a beautiful bay with lush rainforest vegetation. When I first pulled off the road there onto the little trail winding down to the water, a young guy by the side of the road waved me down and offered me some marijuana. This was a first for me, as I had never been offered drugs before in my entire life! He apologized profusely when I politely declined. My husband was cracking up about me asking him if pot was legal on the island, like I was some school marm (I really was just being curious.) The guy also told us that "everyone needs to smoke pot, except people who are already stupid, they don't need it any more." Oh-kay! :)

There was a big party going on down by the bay, with lots of local young people. No wonder that by pulling over here, we were assumed to be there to party! It was a little awkward with everyone looking at us like "What are these tourists doing down here on a Saturday night?" There was one spot in the bay that I found particularly fascinating, where a freshwater stream running off the mountains flowed into the ocean. However, the direction of the flow of water kept reversing every minute or so, as tides built up more and more water in the pool at the bottom, eventually forcing water to flow inland, rather than out to the ocean. The water in the pool was salty, but not nearly as salty as the ocean. It was fascinating to watch the cycle of water going inland for a while, and then out to sea again. 

The sun was going down by the time we were back near mile marker 2, where the famous Twin Falls are. We spend close to an hour exploring this private property (they allow public access) with its beautiful waterfalls and plant life.

I loved seeing all the banana palms up close

 Can you spot him all the way out on that limb?

 Look, it's Jack from "Lost" (We've never seen the show, it's just a comment he often gets.)

Once it was dark, we headed back into Paia for dinner at the Flatbread Company, which was basically the best pizza I have ever had. They also had fresh lemonade and ginger ale, which my husband really liked.


From there, we headed for the airport. It took a while to return the car, take a shuttle to the terminal, and then there was a long line to check the luggage. As we stood there waiting, I was starting to doze off standing up, wondering why the gentleman in the party right behind us in line looked so familiar. Suddenly, I "woke up" with a start when I realized this was the man who had given me money a couple of days earlier to buy a cinnamon roll when I didn't have cash on me. I said "Are you the one who..." and he laughed and said "Yes!" So that was a pretty funny coincidence! I guess when you're on an island, you are bound to run into the same people. 

Our flight left just before midnight. With losing 3 hours on the way home, we arrived in Phoenix around 7 a.m. on Sunday. My mother in law picked us up with the younger kids, and it was great to see them! Boaz just kept looking at me, smiling, but suspicious, like I may or may not be real. Once we got home, he didn't want me to set him down again. We had just enough time to give the kids the souvenirs we had brought back for them, before it was time to get ready and go to church. Naturally, we all took a long nap that afternoon! My mother-in-law, who is a retired flight attendant and flies stand-by, had to head out that day in order to make it onto a flight to meet her daughter, who was moving across the country and needing help just as she was done helping us. With almost 21 grandkids, she is one busy grandma!!!

Check back soon for just one more installment in this series - the epilogue.


  1. Hi there. This is unrelated to your vacation post but I am interested to know where you purchase your beef. I am a reader in Mesa. Thank you.

  2. You look beautiful! I love how you stand for modesty and natural beauty. Bet you wanted to get some raw milk from that cow :)

  3. I have enjoyed reading about your holiday and have looked forward to every post. Did you enjoy your earlier holiday with your children at the cabin? May I ask about your views on marijuana because you mentioned it in your post. I hope that you are totally opposed to such dangerous drugs, as I am.

  4. How beautiful! Enjoy your trip! A quick question if you have time. I'm baking the Azure Standard bread and my starter is MUCH thicker than yours in your (very helpful) video. Do you keep yours refrigerated? (I'm in Chicago and it's still pretty cold here so your kitchen is likely warmer than mine).


  5. Hi Zsuzsanna
    I thought you might be interested in lipase. It's a digestive enzyme. Just like lip-osuction gets rid of fat, lip-ase NATURALLY digests fat. Google it! Just thought I'd mention it since I'm aware of your THM plan.

    Happy that you got a well deserved break with your husband!


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