Monday, January 25, 2016

Maui Trip, Day 4 (Sunday, Jan. 10)

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We had researched churches in Maui before leaving on our trip. There is only one independent Baptist church there, Grace Baptist Church in Lahaina, but that's all we needed :) Friends of ours had been there on multiple occasions when vacationing, and had also recommended it to us. 

When we arrived to Sunday school, one of the ladies in the church had brought bunches of bananas from her garden. She gave us some, which I thought was very cool because I had only ever had bananas from a store. 

Having woken up early every morning on the trip thus far, I was really tired after Sunday School. I told my husband I needed a sugar jolt, and wouldn't you know it, the church happened to be serving some sweets that were left from the baby shower the previous day. I had a piece of cheesecake (yum!), which gave me the boost I needed to stay alert. We enjoyed both the Sunday School service, as well as the morning service. The pastor and the people at that church were all very nice. There were also lots of other visitors there that day who were going to church while on vacation. We met a nice couple from Canada, as well as several others. 

Selfie we sent home for the little kids, who were calmed by looking at pictures of us in our absence.

We had a certain budget for food and activities for the vacation, and were joking that if we kept up the dining out, we would end up with nothing but PB&Js by the end of the trip. Naturally, I was happy to be invited to the potluck lunch that the church was hosting after the morning service, in honor of sending one of their men out. The food was really good, and one of the ladies packed me a bag of fried bananas to take when she heard me mention how much I liked them.  

 After church, we went to downtown Lahaina, where we had booked a tour on the Atlantis Submarine. This trip also involved a boat ride out to the sub and back. When I first stepped into the submarine, I felt a little claustrophobic, but thankfully that subsided quickly. 

The windows on the sub were 3 1/4 inches thick!

We got to view some cool things on the ocean floor, including an old anchor, though the water was too rough that day for us to be able to make it to the sunken ship they like to tour (although we were below the surface, where it was calm, the water was too choppy for the guide boat up on top). 

My husband under the famous giant Banyan Tree in Lahaina.

Back on shore, we still had some time before the evening church service, so we strolled down Front Street along the beach in Lahaina. My husband thought it was a bit too touristy, but I really enjoyed looking at the little local stores. As we were walking along, a lady outside a cosmetics store stopped us and claimed she had something "to help our relationship" Not like we needed help, and definitely not from a stranger. She interpreted our brief hesitation as consent, and proceeded to smear a blob of salt scrub onto each of our hands, telling us to rub it around. We sheepishly obeyed. Just as soon as our hands were covered in this goop, she said, "Would you like to step inside the store to wash your hands?" Nice trick, huh?? I asked her if there was any other option, to which she responded, "You could wash in the ocean." So in we went to wash up, and didn't fall for any other sales pitches. 

We also stopped for some local fudge, gelato, and Dole pineapple whip, all of which we shared before heading back to church that evening. 

That evening, someone who lives on the island and had been watching my husband's sermons online for some time, happened to be visiting that church for the first time. He was shocked to find us there, as he obviously had not expected that, at all. There was also another lady there that evening who had started going some weeks earlier, after listening to the sermons online. 

We again enjoyed the service. Afterward, there was pizza and salad for everyone. I ate enough, but my husband, who was busy chatting with church members, didn't, so we stopped for pizza from Round Table on the way home. They messed up half of the pizza, so they made us a second one correctly free of charge. 

Since we were planning on leaving early the next day to drive to Hana, we went to bed as soon as we got home from church. 


  1. I'm really enjoying your travelogue entries!!

    You might enjoy the book "Banana," which is all about the history of the banana companies like Dole. I didn't care for the end, because it turns into a pitch for genetic modification to save the Cavendish banana, but the rest of it is really interesting.

    Love all the pictures!

  2. I'm enjoying your posts! Thanks!

  3. We are also planning on visiting some of the local IFB churches in Austin, Tx, because of your husband's sermons. If you happen to know of a good one that would be very helpful - I am just looking online right now. Also, we are from Arlington and plan on visiting the church your husband had started in Ft worth!

    Your blog is always fun to read and I'm glad y'all finally got a vacation 🙂


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