Thursday, October 15, 2015

Solomon turns 14

Before I'm even used to the idea of having a teenager in the house, Solomon turned another year older - 14. Let me tell you, it is just crazy how time flies!! If I didn't have the little kids to keep me too busy, I could just sit and have a good cry about how fast the kids are growing up any time I think about it.

Having older kids is so wonderful! They are funny, you can have intelligent conversations with them (well, mostly...), they delight us with their individual skills, they are great helpers, and they just all around make us happy and proud.

Of course, they also moan when you hug them, eat like a small army, have busy schedules, are much more emotionally complex than a toddler, and worst of all, will never be little again and snuggle up in our laps or make us marriage proposals.

Since I still have all ages represented at home, I have not quite yet had to face the bittersweet reality that someday soon, all these arrows we have been shaping and sharpening will truly take flight. But oh, I can see it on the horizon, and it is approaching faster and faster. 

Anyhow... Solomon's birthdays are always the hardest, because he's the one paving the way, like the beginning of a great, swelling tide. And yes, our tide is (hopefully) still swelling! :)

 Anna positively adores her big brother. So sweet!

 Miriam's look is priceless

 As is her "fresh out of bed" hair

Breakfast beauties

The special birthday tart was a gift from sweet friends at church

 Playing the new extension to his current favorite game with the bros

For the party, Solomon had liked the idea of playing laser tag. We hired a local company to set up a laser tag course at the park near our house, which was a huge success, in spite of the temps still being in the triple digits here in early October. 


 Miriam and her almost identical-looking friend

After the laser tag, we had a BBQ lunch at the park. In all, between the parents and children, we had about 40 people, so it was a great, big, fun party.

Stephen was enjoying his unfettered access to the sodas. And yes, stripes and plaid is a dead giveaway that he dressed himself that day. 

Try as we may, we could not get the candles lit in the breeze. Solomon was kind enough to play along with this important "photo op"

 Then there's this little guy... :)

... and his best friend (no, not the cake, though that's a close second).

Becky's birthday is up next, in just a few days, and we will be staying busy with birthdays all the way through February. 


  1. It's crazy it doesn't feel like that long ago that you posted about him turning 13! Looks like a really fun party and all kids looking as sweet as ever.

  2. What lovely and fun pictures! Happy Birthday to Solomon! He is growing into such a wonderful young man, and I know he's such a blessing to your family. Your hard work is paying off with those wonderful children of yours! :)

    And wow, little Anna is growing up! I still think of her as a wee toddler, but no longer! :)


  3. Happy birthday, Solomon!

    Miriam's friend could be an Anderson! :o)


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