Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Random cool pictures

In spite of already photobombing every one of my most recent blog posts, there still are a ton of pictures that didn't really fit in anywhere, that I'd like to preserve for posterity. This is that post! Put your seat belts on, there are A LOT of pictures coming your way, and they are all precious, adorable, cute, and totally not be missed! I am not being biased, either ;)

 This little guy reading (upside down, but who cares)

The time we redeemed the free ice cream coupons the kids earned as part of the Summer Reading Program at both places one after the other in lieu of lunch (Coldstone Creamery and Ikea).

 This little guy just brightens every day! 

 Being a ham in his Sunday best

 Miriam loves this East Indian dress her Dad let her pick out on a special outing

 The kids were clamoring over who got to sit next to their uncle at each service

Side note: Multiple people have asked me if my brother believes like us in regards to the Bible and Christianity. In a nut shell, no, he does not. That didn't stop him from attending the church services, though (we do not force our guests to attend - duh!), and he even expressed that he liked and agreed with various points. He respects our beliefs and our way of life, even though it is not what he himself has chosen. In spite of both of us having our own views and opinions, getting along with just about anyone, let alone my own sibling, comes pretty naturally. I feel silly for even having to point this out, but the question keeps being asked.

In a bit of spare time, I managed to make these two matching shirts for the little boys on my cool embroidery machine. They are currently their favorite shirts - I have to hide them to get them through the laundry.

As we did last year, we went to Krispy Kreme again on "Talk Like a Pirate" day. It was great fun, though I still don't care for doughnuts again yet.Ten dozen doughnuts will do that to a person!

Rebecca and Isaac hate having their pictures taken lately. Hopefully, this phase will soon pass!


 Anna is such a sweet little doll

 Boaz thinks he is an adult, and ready to take on the world. He grabbed this little lunch box "suit case" and just started heading down the sidewalk. 

 Stephen showed him how to get the mail instead, which I thought was beyond precious. 

 If you know my husband in real life, you know that Stephen is copying him to a T without even trying. 

Milk delivery day. The boys thought if they got into the crates, they could ride back to the dairy on the delivery truck. Stephen hopes to have his own farm some day, and keeps asking the driver to take him to the dairy to see the cows.

An outing to Shakes and Cones in Scottsdale for Solomon's birthday. So, so good! Like Dairy Queen, but all organic, and without the toxic aftertaste. If you are local and have never been - you need to go! 

A favorite board game before bed with the younger kids

See, I told you, cuteness and picture overload! :) 


  1. I love all of the pictures. Thank you for sharing your life and kids. They are adorable. They make me want more. :-)

  2. Adorable! Thanks for taking the time to post these.

  3. Oh goodness! All those little ones piled up on that IKEA cart made me giggle. What a beautiful family!

  4. Hi there:) I'm just wondering if you've ever had postpartum depression? Or do you believe it is a punishment from God? Thank you if you have the chance to respond to this.

  5. Beautiful children and family. Bless you and your husband and I will pray for many fruitful years to the both of you!

  6. Loved it! And had a good laugh at some funny shots :)

    Question: Does Cold Stone ice creamery offer reading program??

  7. Hehe, I like your side note, as for me alone I would also feel silly to point out such a thing but since my marriage I am in a crowd asking other Christians do they get along with unbelieving family because my husband is condescending to all our heathen relatives, especially my parents, my brother and dh's sister so I almost believed that I should not have any relationship with unbelievers, strained frienships and strained relations with my loving family...

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