Friday, October 16, 2015

Homeschool update

We are currently done with ten (of 36) weeks of this school year, which is the farthest along we have ever been at this point in the year. Yay for starting early! It feels a lot like getting up early in the morning and getting a head start on the day. I am hoping this feeling of "being ahead" will last the entire school year.

In spite of an impromptu 3-day trip to California to celebrate 15 years of marriage, we managed to stay on track by working ahead,  bringing books for the drive, and finishing up loose ends on the weekend after getting home. There were a few groans from the kids, but in the end, they were all happy to not have fallen behind a week, which they know they inevitably have to catch up. 

Boaz hanging out poolside. This little guy is a riot.  

The older kids are motivated each day by how well they are progressing in their school work, and how thanks to my having completed finished their lesson plans for the year before we started, they are able to stay on track easily. The sooner they get done, the sooner they - well, get done!  

Miriam is learning to work independently, and Rebecca is just really taking flight with her reading. Anna is starting to sound out little words, and is a fast learner. She still has only a short attention span, as she loves playing with her two little brothers. Since we now have more "students" than young children who mostly play, our home during weekdays has a fairly structured and academic atmosphere, which naturally makes the little kids want to "do school" like all their older siblings. By contrast, when Solomon was just getting started, he wasn't always interested in doing any school work since all his younger siblings were playing and he was the only one working. Some things do get easier the more kids there are!

 A little Daddy-daughter walk in the morning.

 Making and painting a pinata for the week we learned about Hidalgo and Mexican Independence 

 An experiment John and I did to show different pH values

Story time continues to be a much loved nightly tradition at our home. Even though I had thought the older kids are past the age of enjoying story time, and even though we are currently on our third time (for the boys) through the Little House series, they always put down what they are doing and join in when I sit down to read to the younger kids before bed. Other nights, they offer to read to their younger siblings while I straighten the house one last time before bed.

 Story time before bed each night - I am no longer the only read-aloud choice

On a different night. All the kids are book rats!

 My husband bought me this Bible, and I just LOVE it. You can find it here

This is our new splashy addition to the front yard. The playhouse has seen better days, but I am glad it has made it through the season just this once more. Temps are still in the triple digits here, so mid-morning splash times are very popular. 

The kids are pretending to put out a fire in the play house.

Doing school work in the front yard
When my brother came to visit, we did school work the first week he was here, which he enjoyed helping with, and took the second week off by trading it in for one of the two weeks of fall break we had scheduled. 

Our family has gone on field trips virtually every single week so far, and once a month, there is a church-wide field trip. This was at Butterfly Wonderland last month.

Today, we visited the Wells Fargo History Museum in downtown Phoenix, followed by lunch at our new favorite pizza place, Pizza Studio. I thought this trip would probably mostly appeal to the younger ages, but the older kids also had a great time, and enjoyed hanging out with their friends (and eating pizza!). 

We are taking next week off for fall break. If the weather ever cools down, it might even start feeling like fall! 

And now you know what we have been up to in our homeschool! :)


  1. Love the pictures!! What a grand crew you have. And little Bo is such a darling. He reminds me of each of you in turn!

    We'll have to try a piƱata sometime. Our last attempt at something similar (a paper mache earth) was a dismal failure. But that looks like a lot of fun! :)


  2. They are all so cute. Can't believe Solomon is 14!!!! I think he was around 8 when we came last! Whoa!!!! Butterfly land!!!! Gracie got her present from Isaac!!!! Oh my sweetness is all I can say!!!! Oh how I wish you all lived closer! Tell all hi from the Argons!!!!!

  3. We are in the thick of it with our homeschool year as well. We school year round, but fall term is our most intense. My littles are not so little any more and this is the first year we have been able to go on trips with our church's school as a family! We are truly blessed to be able to homeschool our kids! Thank you for sharing an insight into your life- they're always appreciated and inspiring!

  4. I love you're whole family! you're children are so blessed to have such Godly parents! praise the Lord! I am a huge fan of pastor Andersons sermons. you have a beautiful family! please tell Steven he is a true hero to me! standing for Gods word,so awesome! tell him he is so blessed by God,nobody preaches like him! I would so love to meet you guys but I'm in Nashua,NH and I'm sick,so no chance to travel to Arizona. I swear if I was healthy I would move there just to attend you're church! God bless you,and if you ever have time to talk,my name is Deb. my email is Love Deb.

  5. Love the photos of Paster Anderson walking with Rebecca because it reminded me of his sermon on Sunday about being sober and vigilant and how he applies that to raising his daughters. Comparing his philosophy to how I was so carelessly raised brought some tears to my eyes. Your girls are truly blessed. How cherished and safe they are! I will certainly use his advice to the best of my ability.

  6. First off, God bless you and your family. You and your husband's ministry has been a huge blessing for me. FWBC is an awesome church that preaches the WORD and cares not what the world thinks - almost unheard of in today's age of weak Laodicean churches/Christians. I have a couple of questions:

    1. I am interested in looking into Home Schooling. Our son is only 3 but would like to start exploring this a bit. Is there a program/curriculum you would recommend?

    2. I saw a video from a few years back where Pastor Anderson was featured because of his goal to memorize the whole NT. This is a goal of mine and my brother and I have recently begun to do this very thing. In the video, PA was reciting some scripture and as the camera panned out, seen standing next to him was who I assume to be your oldest son, and he just chimed right in with PA. I thought that was awesome/amazing and while I am teaching my son at this early age about the gospel, etc. I would love to get him going on this memorization plan as well. My question (finally!) is, do you have any tips or recommendations on how you got your kids going on this? Any insights in this area of scripture memorization would be really great.

    Anyway, thanks again for your ministry. You and your family are an inspiration and a shining light in the darkness in which we live today. God bless you all!


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