Friday, July 31, 2015

July Birthdays

My husband and our seventh child, Stephen, share the same birthday - July 24th - though they are separated by 31 years. You can read about that here

At age 3, Stephen is into boy stuff, and likes dressing up as a racecar driver, a construction worker, or a fireman - or sometimes a bit of all three at once. Sometimes he demands, "Don't call me Stephen, call me [insert pretend character of the day]!" It's so cute, and it brings back memories of when the older boys were little. 

 That face!

  Becky got him this tool set, which he loves

  Playing with the toy cars from John

 Typical Becky...

  Miriam sewed this book for him by herself. He loves it and takes it to bed with him every day.

 This construction themed set of plate and cutlery was another huge hit. 

 Birthday breakfast of pancakes, syrup, fresh strawberries, and maple syrup. 

This racecar driver costume used to be John's, but is currently Stephen's favorite.

 My two handsome men


 Ticket to Ride is one of our favorite games, and my husband is all about India these days, learning one of their languages and such. So I figured he might like this extension set. 

(Please ignore the box of school supplies to be donated under the table...)

That night, we had a board game night at church, which was great fun. Many thanks to those who sent birthday wishes, cards, and even gifts. It was a great day all around. 


  1. I always remember Pastor A's and Stephen's birthday, because my husband's birthday is also 7-24. We are also into games like Ticket to Ride and Catan. In fact, Ticket to Ride was my husband's b-day gift this year...but just the original game. We're a bit slow getting into the loop. Lol. Catan was father's day.

  2. Ticket to Ride is our favorite game as well. So far our favorite version is the nordic one

  3. Wonderful pictures! Love it! I've missed seeing your photos on your blog lately. Little Stephen is adorable, and wow, Isaac and Solomon are looking so much older now!!


  4. Such a sweet family, may God bless you all!

    Jennifer Woodby

  5. I'm shocked to see your daughters in pant pajamas! Not hating at all, just a shocking observation! My husband used to have the same Snake "Dont tread on me shirt" and I admit I don't know what that shirt stands for but I always thought it was weird how the snake is made up of three backwards 6 shapes like 666 and how it's a snake saying don't tread on me when in Genesis God said that Christ will literally tread on the serpent...


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