Sunday, June 7, 2015

Apple Picking

This has been the coolest, most rainy spring/summer on record in Arizona in close to a century. We have had a few hot days, so just when I think the balmy weather is gone for good, we get more rain and cool, breezy days. 

Such was the case these last few days. I woke up early Thursday morning to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. It never rains in Phoenix in June. Like, literally never in the last 80 years. With the rain came cooler temps, in the 70s and 80s. Rain in the desert is the best thing ever, because the air becomes so wonderfully fragrant with all the plants soaking up this rare treat. Going for a walk in this fresh air right after a rain shower is just heavenly.

My husband and the oldest four went camping overnight on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, I took the little kids to a park, where we just ran around the lush wet grass until it got dark. Becky is a very fast runner, which should come as no surprise since she clocks a 7-minute mile running with my husband. So yeah, I could not keep up with her when we were playing tag. It was fun, and we all got a great workout in.

On Saturday, after breakfast, we went to a local apple orchard. Picking apples was fun in and of itself, but walking barefoot in ankle-deep thick clover was a rare treat. 

Stephen absolutely hated the feel of wet grass on his feet, and only wanted to stand on a little dirt patch he found.

Boaz on the other hand loved walking on this soft, padded surface that was forgiving of his frequent tumbles.  

I taught the girls how to make wreaths out of the clover blossoms, which brought back fun childhood memories.


Climate change for the win!


  1. Boaz is adorable!

  2. Hasn't it been a lovely May? And the rain this week was lovely! Our children were booing the return of blue skies, as was I.

    I'm with little Stephen - one of my very few over-the-top dislikes is the feeling of walking on wet grass. He and I can stand on dirt together while the rest of y'all run on the wet grass. :)

    Lovely pictures!!


  3. Your kids look like fraternal twins in the first photo! WOW. So beautiful! Beautiful post!!

  4. Lovely children, simple pleasures and memories to last a life time. I had forgotten about the clover wreaths woven so many years ago. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful family, thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. The weather sounds heavenly! Baby Boaz is just way too cute and he is looking alot like big brother!!! The girls are very beautiful! Did it feel weird going out with just 4 of the kiddos and not having the older kids there to help

  7. Hi!

    At what ages did your children get saved? What is the youngest age? When do they take a real interest in applying the Gospel to themselves in order to then believe and be saved (because I'm sure they hear it all the time from birth!)?


  8. We're having the same unusually mild/rainy summer here in TX as well. Normally by this time temps are in the 110's and miserably dry. We're still barely hitting 90's for highs and get showers at least twice a week. It's been nice, and our watermelons and peaches are in abundance and so delicious this year!

  9. Your family is beautiful. We watch each of Stephen's services. Kiddos look very happy! God bless


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