Monday, May 18, 2015

Template of my weekly to-do list

For those who might benefit from it, I wanted to share my system for staying on top of things from week to week (or at least trying my hardest to). This current system has been in use for several years now, though it has evolved during that time as my needs changed.

The basic framework for my to-do list is the same each week. Rather than writing down everything by hand, I made up a blank template, to fill in each week as necessary. Since I typically finish up loose ends and plan the week ahead on Sundays, my schedule runs Monday - Sunday.

Today, I am sharing that basic template. You should be able to download the file to your own computer, and edit it in Microsoft Word to suit your own needs, if you wish. You can find the template here.

This system works very well for me, because errands or meals that didn't get done one week, get transferred to next, and I am reminded of them as I do so. The list is small enough to keep on my counter during the day, and in my purse while out and about. 

I know you are curious to take a peek at this list in action, right? Here is this week's list. And yes, the paper was fresh and crisp just yesterday, but has seen much use already in the last 24 hours, and it shows. Which, by the way, is the reason why I use new sheets each week, rather than a notebook or planner - they would never stand up to extended use. Not to mention they are too bulky to double as shopping lists etc.

How's that for a candid peek at my life?? Some comments:

- The meal plan is not yet fully filled in, because I add to it throughout the week as I see what needs to be  used or what I feel like making. 

- The to-do and shopping lists are looking a little overwhelming already this week, but I often combine a lot of errands into one day, or stop at just one of those stores while already out and about. Or ask my husband to take a store off my hands, like tomorrow when I will ask him to stop at TJ's after he takes the kids to P.E.

- For my shopping list, if an item is sold at multiple stores, I add it to each of those lists, and buy it at whichever one I go to first. Quick shout-out to Costco: our store just started carrying organic beef kielbasa. Oh joy!!! And while we are on the subject, Whole Foods just started selling organic ground pork for $7/lb. Finding organic pork is exciting in and of itself, but that is a very good price to boot. 

- On the "things going on this week," I do not list stuff we do weekly, like the kids' P.E. and piano lessons - just extracurricular stuff that I need to be reminded of. I use this in conjunction with Google calendar, where I keep track of every single event for my husband, myself, and the kids.

Some of you may find your name on my list - you know who you are! :)

Running a family and helping our husbands is a huge job. Keeping all the plates spinning can become overwhelming, but this helps me, and I hope it helps you, too. 

Okay, off to work down that list now!


  1. I love it and it is printed x 50!! Now lets hope I can stick to it :)

  2. You are one busy woman!! I'm super-impressed, especially after reading this week's to-do list!! (And seeing my name on your list, I'm sorry I wasn't more help! Researching!)

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Thank you for this, it will help in our increasingly busy home. My daughter needs an event co-ordinator for all her activities and academic commitments. Have a productive week.

  4. Thank you Zsuzsanna for another helpful post. I have an unrelated question. Do you recommend any natural pregnancy/natural birth books? I am trying to get pregnant for the first time and want to avoid a modern day hospital delivery at all costs. Thank you! Jecca

  5. What's your take on Josh duggarfam molestation scandal and resignation? makes me ill and dying to hear your opinion

  6. I was wondering if you are going to address this Joshua Duggar thing. I know you people believe once a pervert always a pervert and that homos and child molesters are all reprobate and can never be saved so what about Duggar?

  7. It's wonderful that you have so many children and that you get to stay home with them but at the same time I fear for your sanity! Your husbands hate speech against women is a terrible thing and it looks like your more of an enslaved women rather than free!
    Please don't get me wrong if you want to live your life like this and it's your choice that's great, but I hope he treats you good because some of his sermons brought me to tears!!!
    My farther who happens to be named Steven also preached at me this way and I hated my sling my whole life and my mother became an alcoholic because she couldn't put up with his abuse he preached the bible to hurt people not help them and your husbands messages mimic his!!!
    Today almost none of my brothers talk to him my parents are divorced and my mother is emotionally damaged, it took me years to recover and wasn't until I read really how Jesus treated women that I was able to go back to church!!!
    Please Please Please watch your mental health, don't be bullied and forced like a slave to constantly have kids and constantly be at a beckoned call... Yes as Christians we need to be sacrificial but not to the point of illness.... I hope all is good and Pray your family doesn't get met with the same out comes ..... God Bless You :)

  8. Hello! Great post! The link to the doc however is not working.

  9. Hello, I am just now finding your site and the template is not found....HELP PLEASE


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