Thursday, May 14, 2015

Boaz turns One

Baby Boaz turned the Big One last Wednesday. It is just crazy how time flies! Here are some fun facts about Boaz:

- He only has two teeth - his top two incisors - which he sprouted just a couple of weeks before his birthday. They look huge in his mouth, and are very cute. 

- He does not walk yet, and I am no hurry for him to start. He does stand and cruise along the furniture, though.

- He has several words. The cutest of these is when Dad walks in, and he says "Hi!" in his chipper little voice. 

- Of all our kids, he has been the worst sleeper. Last month, he would wake up every night around 3 a.m., and want to play with me for an hour or two (giggling, climbing over me, slapping me - you get the picture). Finally, I made a roller bottle of the "Serenity" essential oil blend in some carrier oil. When he wakes up to nurse at 3 a.m., I immediately roll it on the soles of his feet, and he goes back to sleep after nursing without a fuss. Last night, the roller bottle was lost, and he was up "playing" with me for half an hour. Five minutes after I found the oil and applied it, he was happily asleep. Definitely a sanity saver!!

- Nap times are a similar story - he'll sleep in bed for half an hour, then be up and crabby. Or he'll sleep in the swing for about 3 hours, and wake up happy. So I usually put him in the swing to nap, and we all live happily ever after.

Our gift to him was a sand and water table, which was a huge hit not just with him, but all of the younger kids as well. I didn't anticipate the mess it would make on our front porch, though. Going forward, I think it will be converted into a water only table. 
It was important to me to visit the memorial garden where we buried Boaz' twin brother, Jachin, who passed away midway through the pregnancy but was born on the same day. Boaz thought the vase for holding the flowers was a great toy, and treated it just like his water table. It was all I could do to keep him from ripping the flowers out again and again.

For cake, I whipped up a jelly roll right before church, which we filled and ate after we got home from the service. It was a bit late by then, but Boaz certainly enjoyed it.

Boaz is such a sweet blessing in our lives, and we are beyond thankful for him. I am excited to see the plans God has in store for him.


  1. So beautiful! Love your family! God bless and protect you all in Jesus name.

    Boaz looks so much like John and Solomon looks so much like pastor Anderson's brother, Clint in that photo!

    1. It's funny, until you pointed it out, I never noticed that Solomon looks like his uncle Clint, but you are right - he does in that picture.

  2. Such a precious baby! Time really goes by fast. There will be a reunion in Heaven with Jachin. Also, I must say Zsuzsanna, you are gorgeous! Stunning. God bless you! ~Angela

    1. Why, thank you! ;) And am I ever looking forward to that reunion!

  3. Boaz is growing so fast!! What beautiful children you have.

    I am so sorry for your loss of Jachin. There are no words but please know you and your family are in my prayers.


  4. Happy Birthday Boaz!!! What a gorgeous little sprout he is! The photos are beautiful, Zsuzsa.

  5. What precious pictures of such a sweet little guy! I can't believe it's already been an entire year since his birth. The time has flown. Love the pictures of you and little Boaz with Jachin's memorial stone - precious.

    In the first picture you posted of Boaz, he reminds me very strongly of your husband!!

    Happy Birthday, Boaz! (And to little Jachin too.)


    1. Thank you. Yes, Boaz does take a lot after his Dad's looks. Which is fortunate for him! ;)

  6. Hi Zsuzsanna, was wondering if you could tell me where I could find the serenity oil you put on Boaz feet? Sounds like something we should have in our house! :)

    1. I bought mine from DoTerra, but have found this copycat recipe. I have not tried it myself yet to compare, but all other copycat recipes I have tried from that same file have been spot-on. I mostly use and highly recommend Eden's Garden essential oils

      DoTerra Serenity
      30 Ylang Ylang
      25 Lavender
      20 Roman Chamomile
      15 Sandalwood
      10 Sweet Marjoram
      3 Vanilla

  7. Such precious photos! They made me tear up and I never cry. Beautiful!

  8. Awww Sweet Boaz. A happy and poignant birthday.

  9. Oh how precious! What a day of joy but with a tinge of sadness to it, I'm sure. The Lord has blessed you so greatly! Your pictures made me tear up. We have two children Earth side and three with Him and your photos will be a blessing to you as you look back at them over time. It's so nice to remember the children that aren't with us right now. Happy Birthday, Boaz!

  10. Thinking of you as you celebrate Boaz and remember Jachin. It must be a bittersweet contrast in emotions.

    I've learned the hard way about gifting children a sandpit too, and I only have 3! We have to move house shortly and I suspect the sandpit may be "forgotten to be unpacked" in the garage at the new house ;)

  11. Happy Birthday baby Boaz! You look beautiful as always! How glorious will that reunion day be!


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