Monday, April 6, 2015

"Beyond the Mask" movie

For some time, I had seen the movie "Beyond the Mask" advertised in various homeschool magazines and mailers. The movie is produced by a couple of Christian brothers who are both homeschool graduates. The ads were intriguing enough to have me look up the trailer online. It seemed like at the least, the kids would enjoy such action-packed yet wholesome entertainment. Not to mention, we had been learning about the East India Company in our history studies, so this fit in perfectly with that theme.

We purchased our tickets online a few weeks ago, and the oldest five kids (plus baby Boaz) and I went to see it on the opening day today. Yes, this happened to be on the same day as "Marching to Zion" was screened at the theater, which was purely coincidental. I don't go to the movies for a decade, and then I go twice in the same day - ha!

Well, we all loved it! Having seen other Christian films, I was expecting it to be corny and dull, but this movie was neither. The story line, and message behind the film, were both well thought out and superbly executed. I would consider the movie appropriate for all ages, though I doubt anyone under the age of 8 would really be able to follow the plot. Still, even Becky at only 6 years old enjoyed watching the movie, maybe only for the many special effects. There was no questionable content or attire at all, and the most risque thing shown was the couple briefly kissing once at the very end, after becoming engaged.

Even after today, the movie is still playing in many theaters around the country. If you are interested, you can buy tickets here (tickets not available at the door). I highly recommend and fully support this movie, and think adults as well as children will greatly enjoy it. I am really tempted to go see it again on the big screen, and we are definitely going to buy the DVD once it is released. 

If you have seen it, please share your comments with us below!


  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing this!!! I love historical fiction with romance, it is my favorite genre (though I don't think that is really a genre...:) ). But I have stopped reading books/watching movies in this "genre" because so many that claim to be "Christian" actually end up having false doctrine or something else bad mixed in. It looks like a great movie, and I intend to buy the DVD when it comes out (the only place where it was showing near me was earlier today and I didn't make it out there... but that's okay:) ). Thank you so much for shareing this!!! :)

  2. Just a question: You don't have a problem with movie theatres? I am a Baptist pastor's wife, and we have always stayed away from them. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. This looks like a very interesting movie.

  3. Thank you for the review. Can't remember the last time we went to a theatre, so I've been wondering if we could fit this in. Last I knew, they still needed 30 or more tickets sold to have it in Tucson... And it was for a day/ time we couldn't make it I think. I will check the status.

  4. My husband and I really enjoyed it. If it comes out on DVD I would definitely buy it to watch again. We both agreed that it had enough content for adults to appreciate, but was wholesome enough that we would show it to our young children without reservation. The only reason we didn't bring our boys was that, at ages 4 and almost 2, they aren't quite ready to sit in theater seats for that long! I was impressed at the number of people who turned out to see it. We live in New England, where homeschooling isn't as common as in many other parts of the country, but the seats were packed with homeschool students and their families. And my husband and I have different religious backgrounds but both enjoyed it equally and appreciated the film's message.


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