Friday, February 13, 2015

Still embroidering

There is only one thing more insufferable than a blog post photobombing all my readers with endless pictures of my kids, and that is pictures of my kids in clothes I embroidered for them. 

Well, get ready to be photobombed... :) I have been busy using my embroidery machine almost daily since getting it.

In addition to matching each other, the girls also wanted to have shirts/dresses that matched their dolls, but not their sisters'. 

I have yet to make Annie's shirt and doll dress. I also made these towels for the newlywed couple at our church. 


  1. I really want one of those machines now! What fun!

  2. These are so cute. Do you have plans to something similar for the, trucks, sports theme? Would be really cute.

  3. Oh that is amazing!! You should open an Etsy would do well. I would buy from you. :) Love it.

  4. I was going to say open an Etsy shop, but Sally beat me to it. You have a real talent for this and come up with the best ideas. Your girls are beaming with pride! ~ Traci

  5. Dear Zsuzsanna

    I am a fellow mom-blogger and I wanted to offer you a free copy (paperback or pdf) of my devotional ebook, "When Motherhood Feels Too Hard." I have had countless women write to tell me what an impact this book has had on their lives and I truly feel the Lord guided its production and content in a way that is proving life-changing for mothers who are struggling to find their purpose and make it through the hard, busy days.

    I know as a blogger sometimes it's a challenge to come up with new, important content, so I'm hoping you will be so moved by the book you will consider telling your readers about it.

    Just let me know which format you prefer and I'll send it to you. Thank you for your ministry and time.

    Kelly Crawford

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I'm so happy you stumbled across my little corner of the web, and honored that you would offer for me a copy of your devotional book. Your posts, especially the ones on large family mothering, are always very helpful, so I am looking forward to reading your book. I will contact you through your website with my email address to send a copy to.

      Thank you! :)

  6. My inner little girl is so jealous of the matching doll clothes you keep making for your girls. I love them! You have inspired me to expand my sewing skills so I can make matching clothes for my daughter and her doll.

    Thanks - always love your posts. Don't stop photobombing us!

  7. ~Super Precious Little Girls!! You did a great job on the embroidery!

  8. I especially love the girls sister shirts!

  9. Love it all! Loving all the weddings at your church! Love is in the


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