Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Sewing Nook

Growing up, I learned to do a lot of crafts in school, as well as from my mom. Where I went to school, every child in 1st through 4th grade had 2-4 class periods each week of "crafts," which was in addition to 2-3 class periods of "art" each week. Considering that we only had 20 (in 1st grade) to 30 (by 4th grade) periods each week of 45 minutes each, I think that is a considerable amount dedicated to the arts. (Music usually made up another 2-3.) Of all my memories of school, the arts, crafts, and music lessons stand out by far the most. I remember learning to cross-stitch in 2nd grade, crochet in 3rd, knit in 4th. We worked with clay and paper-mache, learned to sew by hand, made a book, and so much more. Some of these crafts I had already learned at home, but perfected them at school, or vice versa.

I find it remarkable that even though we were only in school from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. each day, which gradually increased to 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. by 4th grade, the schools made such a point to allow us time for the arts. I think that is something sorely lacking in our schools these days, in spite of the fact that they keep kids for almost twice as long each day. Besides those subjects, in elementary school we pretty much just did Math, Language Studies, Social Studies, and P.E.

In 5th and 6th grade, the craft lessons became electives that were offered in the afternoon, and I gladly signed up for them. This meant that on craft day, I would miss the regular school bus that took the rest of the kids home in time for lunch, so I would instead walk to my mom's store after class got out in the afternoon. My mom at the time owned a wonderful little fabric store, where she also offered alterations. By little, I mean little - nothing like a Jo Ann's, but rather an independently owned, one-of-a-kind fabric boutique. I would spend the rest of my afternoon there, doing homework, and learning to sew on my mom's heavy-duty industrial machines until she closed up shop and we'd head home for dinner. Well, I learned on a regular home sewing machine at first, but preferred to work on one of her big machines if she could spare one for me.

And so began my love of crafts, particularly sewing. Though I have never mastered the art anywhere near as well as my mom, who was an actual tailor/seamstress, I get along well enough on the sewing machine to be able to make my kids cool things. 

A couple of weeks ago, I received a comment on my blog post about the matching PJ's I made for my daughters and their dolls, asking me to contact the commenter via email in an important matter. Try as I might, it often takes me much longer to respond to such requests than I wish it did, especially since this was the day of our field trip. I made a mental note to respond at a later time, and then went back to chasing my kids around, trying to get everyone out the door fed and presentable.

During the field trip, another comment came in from the same lady (my emails pop up on my phone), and this time, she elaborated a bit more, realizing I probably hear from a lot of weirdos and might ignore her first email. She was writing to tell me that her husband and her own and operate Planet Applique, an online store for digital embroidery/applique designs. They had hosted a giveaway on their site in November in which they were giving away five embroidery machines as the first prizes. One of the winners did not care to get the machine, and asked them to donate it to someone else of their choosing. Both the husband and wife listen to my husband's sermons online, and decided to offer the machine to - you guessed it - yours truly as a gesture of appreciation and thanks. SQUEEEEEE!

I was so excited, I told every single person in our church that was on the field trip with us, some of them probably multiple times. And yes, you better know I made it a priority to respond to that email right away! ;)

Since then, I have SO enjoyed getting to know Becca, the owner, through emailing with her. It is always a blessing when we get to find out about the people on the other side of the computer screen that listen to and watch the sermons. She has also been an invaluable help, daily answering my questions as to how to do this or that, seeing as I was a complete and utter beginner with both embroidery, as well as applique. Now, I am fairly confident on the machine, and have made almost a dozen different projects within the last week.

Waiting for the embroidery machine to arrive was like a child waiting for Christmas. Becca told me that she had, in addition to the machine, shipped another box with all the necessary supplies and accessories needed for embroidery. Both boxes were shipped 2-day air. The day they were supposed to arrive, I ran to look out my front window anytime I thought I heard the FedEx truck. It typically arrives by noon, but didn't come until dinner that night. Figures! Then, there was only one box. I asked the driver if he was sure he didn't have another box for me. As is turned out, some major snowstorms in the East had derailed the timely delivery of the second box. This was on a Friday, and I had to wait all the way until the following Monday for the package to finally show up. Imagine my torture!! (I am not even kidding.)

But boy oh boy, was I shocked and surprised when that box showed up! It was full to the brim with everything I could ever need or want, so that in addition to being given this wonderful embroidery machine, I now also had all these wonderful specialty supplies, which in and of themselves cost a small fortune. I received stabilizer of all different kinds (each serves a different purpose), 31 spools of embroidery floss, a special stand that can hold 20 spools of thread by my machine at once, 168 prewound bobbins, packs of fabric for applique, 7 packs of various needles for the machine, pins, specialty scissors needed for appliqueing in the hoop, fabric spray-on glue, blank shirts and dresses in various sizes for both my girls, and their dolls, to use for appliqueing on them, and - the cutest item of all - a USB drive in the shape of an embroidery hoop to transfer files from my computer to the machine. It is at the bottom middle of the picture, just left of the Sulky brand stabilizers.

Can you believe this??!? Not only have Becca and her husband given us these wonderful things, not only has Becca taken the time to purchase, put together, and mail them all, and then tutor me personally on the use of all these items, but they have also offered me to choose any and all designs from their website, for free. I am still pinching myself to make sure it really is not a dream!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, here is something else that was in the package:

Six brand-new cloth diapers! And how cute are those?!? Diapers are always put to good use in our house, but I actually really needed to get some larger sizes for Boaz who soaks through the smaller ones during naps and nighttime, and has been wearing disposables at night to keep him from drenching himself. These particular all-in-one diapers have highly absorbent inserts (bamboo?), but the microfiber that is touching the baby's skin feels completely dry to the touch even when the diaper is soaked. I have never seen cloth diapers that felt as dry as these when they were actually soaking wet. 

Back to the embroidery machine - with all these supplies, it was high time to overhaul my sewing nook. Our house is not very large considering our family size, so I don't have a dedicated sewing room, but I do have a nice area set up in our office/walk-in pantry. I spent the days while I was waiting for the machine to arrive reorganizing and cleaning out my area.

I keep the projects I am working on and some fabrics in the 9 cubbies above the embroidery machine. My ribbons and quilting supplies are mounted on the wall behind it. The big stash in the corner is my mending pile (cough, cough), and the table on the right holds the sewing machine. Before Becca sent all the supplies, I stored whatever notions I had in the two drawers along the top of the sewing machine table, and the patterns and instruction books in the two bottom drawers on the left.

Realizing I needed more space to keep my supplies optimally organized, I picked up this rolling cart at Sam's. When not in use, I push it into a little unused corner of the room, but pull it out to have right by my side when working in my sewing nook. 

There is a large window across the room from where the embroidery machine is set up, so I get natural light when sewing during daylight hours (a rare luxury). The fact that all this is set up in a back corner of the house works in my favor, because the little kids already know to stay out of the computer equipment in the office, and it makes it easier to keep an eye on it all.

So there you have it. While some readers/listeners hate us to the moon and back, there are others that make it all worthwhile with their encouraging stories of how they were saved and had their lives transformed as a result of our ministry. And when they go on to send me an embroidery machine that I would not in my wildest dreams dared imagine owning, it makes serving God even sweeter.

If you enjoy applique, I cannot recommend Planet Applique enough, both professionally, and personally. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

(James 1:17)


  1. I'm a reader who does not share your religious/moral beliefs, at all. I do identify with you and/or admire you in other aspects of your life. I enjoy your blog and believe that you are an excellent writer/communicator. I just skip the parts I do not like/agree with. I do not hate you, I wish you well and I firmly condemn all attacks (verbal or otherwise) against you and your family. I also believe that hiding behind a computer screen to offend you or write less than constructive criticism is cowardly and unnecessary.

    The parahraph above is meant to contextualize my comment below.

    I have the impression that your post reads a bit materialistic, both in the general tone and in details. For example, reading that you 'made it a priority to respond to that email right away' feels rather disappointing/disparaging to your readers, as it sends the message that sending a material gift will grant special treatment from you.

    I mean this as a piece of constructive criticism. Please feel free to read it privately and not publish it, that's fine by me.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    1. I see what you are saying, and I am by no means fooling myself into thinking that I cannot fall prey to materialism, or other like sins.

      Saying that I made a point to respond to that email quickly was partly spoken facetiously (hence the winky face). I don't usually write back to emails from my phone, or even during my limited time on the computer, because it simply is not possible. As it stands, there are 68 unanswered questions sent to me via unposted comments waiting for an answer. That is in addition to other emails, FB messages, text messages, and mail I personally receive daily - my husband gets one hundred times more. It is simply humanly impossible to respond to them all.

      If I have to choose between a non-descript message pretty much just asking me for my email address, or one that identifies the sender and their stated purpose for writing, of course I will make the latter a priority. And if they are wanting to send me a gift, it is only understandable that I will respond to that, before I give out my email address to someone who never writes again, but signs me up for every homo e-newsletter (I'm on pretty much all of them by now, thankfully, they all go to my spam folder).

      If that is being materialistic, then yes, I am guilty of that. I was trying to show my appreciation and thankfulness for this very generous gift, probably the largest I have ever received in my life. I guess it's hard to talk about thousands of dollars in merchandise without sounding materialistic.

    2. To that anon poster, I totally don't see how this post is being materialistic???

      People have HOBBIES?? People like to get presents once in a while???? What is christmas?

      Also how dare you for assuming Zsu is in any way materialistic? Any material she receives immediately goes towards her kids. I'm 100% sure that her life is dedicated to making her kids things so i'm sure if anyone is materialistic, its probably you for projecting such a stupid assumption on a blogger who in the history of this blog, has never, ever, rejoiced in spending on something luxurious for herself.

      i'm sorry Zsu i'm just appalled that someone could just be outright and say "hey you're materialistic because apparently christian people can't be grateful for having nice things once in a while"

      Its baffling the stupid that comes from the comments section sometimes.

  2. Thanks for sharing. That is so exciting and encouraging! I have now bookmarked Planet Appliqué for my own designs as well.

  3. I love your sewing nook!! It was especially fun to get a peak at some of your cookbooks on your shelf too. Maybe you could do a photo post of some of your favorite cookbooks?

    Enjoy your new machine!!


    1. Good idea! I was wondering if anyone would zoom in on the cookbooks, because that's totally what I would do. The picture shows the back of that pantry shelving unit, but because books are not as deep as the shelf, I have some on both sides to fit them all.

    2. I was honestly thinking the same thing and tried zooming in too! LOL
      Cookbooks are so fascinating for some reason

  4. Do you know where the cloth diapers came from? I would love to get good quality ones like that. Enjoy your new machine and God Bless.

    1. They are BestoBaby from Amazon. Awesome diapers and great price. :)

  5. Wow! You are very talented and what a blessing!! If you sell any of your projects online I will buy all of them....lol =)

  6. What a blessing! God decided you needed some fun new creative outlet and I am so happy for you! I love to receive blessings like this.

  7. They look like Alva Baby diapers. You can get them from Alvababy.com for about $5/diaper and free shipping. I LOVE MINE! They're cost effective and durable!

  8. Zsuzsanna, please email me if you'd like a gift of a big box of fabrics. I'm downsizing for an overseas retirement move and have to get rid of most of my 20 plus years collection. I could easily ship it to the church if you'd like. Let me know.

    1. Thank you for the offer. I am responding here because your email address is not included in your profile.

      If it is not too much trouble, I'd love to get your fabrics. You can ship them to the church address if you like. I can share with the other ladies at church, too.

      Thank you for the offer! Best wishes for your move.

  9. Good for you! Pleases me so much to know there are others out there that love and appreciate you as much as we do! ....and...uh...I couldn't be tapping the keys fast enough to respond once I realized they were trying to give me something as awesome as that! Naturally, the priority of sending that message just got elevated to "NOW" status. Nothing wrong with that perfectly normal response that I'm sure all of us would have handled identically. No need to explain or justify.

  10. I'm a local reader (hello from Chandler!), and while my views lean a bit more progressive than those you and your husband hold, I still greatly admire how you are a mother, teacher, and friend to seven adorable children and one very gentlemanly teenager*. So I continue to lurk and read. I'm not a big commenter in general as my posts tend to get wordy and lose their point, but I figured this was a topic I should comment on. :D

    That was very generous of Planet Applique to reach out to you like that! To be enthused and motivated about a legit gift is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when you live a life giving your family and ministry top priority! I sincerely hope you enjoy your new machine and I hope you can show some of your embroidery projects on the blog you turn out from your nook!

    *I'm wasn't sure if Solomon likes the designation of adorable, so I used another apropos descriptor, but he 100% is adorable!

  11. I noticed someone else asked this but there was no answer from you. What brand are the cloth diapers? I just ordered some but need to order some more and would love to know what kind you have/ recommend.

    1. The brand is BestoBaby. You can buy them from their website or for a much better deal, check out amazon. I recommend getting the charcoal bamboo inserts on amazon, as well. They fit nicely in the besto baby shells and are very absorbent. :)

  12. Hi Zsuzsa!

    I have those same cloth diapers! 😁 I got one pack of 6 on amazon, loved them and ordered 6 more. The brand is BestoBaby. My little Ezra will be 9 months on the 11th and he's actually wearing the blue monster ones as I speak. If you like the microfiber bamboo ones, you ought to try the charcoal bamboo inserts. I got mine from amazon and for a decent price. I love how absorbent they are and that the shells are also water proof.

    I adore your nook! I have a sewing machine my husband bought me a few years ago for Christmas and have yet to use it. Not because I don't want to, I just lack space. We have a family of 8 and are very limited to extra room. I love the pantry idea, though. :) What a blessing to have such a thoughtful woman gift you with your machine. You continue to inspire me with your posts. I especially appreciate your response to the anonymous poster who claimed you were being materialistic. I kind of laughed to myself and thought, well, I guess she is using material. So, if that makes one materialistic...I guess anyone who sews is. Ha! 😁 Anyway, keep doing what you're doing. You are loved. God bless you and your beautiful family.


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