Monday, February 2, 2015

Field Trip Friday

Our church offers monthly field trips to all our home-educating families once per month. In January, we went to the Phoenix Zoo.

I always love to see how many children we have between us all. In all, we had 13 families that day, with about 50 children. If only other Christians caught on to the blessings of having children, we would not be facing the cultural battles that we are fighting.

This was a great opportunity for the kids to be wearing their matching yellow shirts again.





 Our party filled pretty much every single seat on the tram

 I love this face!

 Okay, I love all of these!

Solomon is a teen now, and the only terrible thing about that is how quickly time has gone by. He is turning into a very sweet and kind-hearted young man. I mean, he's always been those things, but he is not losing those attributes even as he is becoming more of an adult than a child. I often catch myself mistaking him for my husband if I only get a sideways glace of him. I am thankful he has godly friends at church that he gets to grow up alongside with. And take goofy pictures in a photobooth with :)

Next month: a behind-the-scenes tour of the Tempe Public Library, and a tour of the Tempe History Museum.


  1. Is Solomon entering a courtship??? Just kidding! Or am I...?

  2. That is awesome!!! Wish I could go! That's so nice you had your husband and your Navajo Nanny there so you could have fun and not be counting heads the whole time...or at least that is what I do the whole time I have all my kiddos out by =)

  3. How fun! I love field trips. They wear kids (and mommies) out!

  4. I gotta admit, some of my best memories were photobooth things with my friends, nice to see Solomon have a fun side especially knowing that as a teenager, he has a lot of duties to deal with

  5. What type of sling are you carrying Boaz in? In fact, if you don't mind me asking, what slings/carriers do you recommend for new babies/infants/toddlers respectively?

    I'm pregnant with my first baby in over 8 years, and there seem to be far more baby carrying options available than there were when my older kids were babies. I wear my babies quite a lot, and used a Baby Bjorn in the past, but there seem to be much better options available now.


  6. Hello Zsu,
    What a wonderful thing you are doing with the homeschooling families in your church! More people should follow your path. I have a question for you. It seems as though your children are ahead of their peers. Will they finish high school early? Do the boys have plans to go to college or will they follow God's calling? My girls are only finishing high school. NO college for them.

  7. So.....why can't your girls go to college? Why limit their education?

  8. Hi Zsu,
    Looks like fun! We are a homeschooling family from Canada and visited your church last month, and are coming again during Spring Break. Did you say to put my email in here? Or is this published? Thanks and God bless you!

    1. Hi,

      Please leave another comment with your email address here, and I will not publish it.


  9. God bless you, for being a patriot and more importantly a man of God. Double for your trouble brother.

  10. Great idea...field trip Friday! My kids are only 2 and 9 months, but we are considering homeschooling. This seems like a good tradition to have in place.


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