Thursday, January 15, 2015

Upcoming Question and Answer Session

Do you remember my most recent Q & A Session, which was streamed live through YouTube? Well, guess what - I am doing another one! :)

To submit a question for me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. In addition, I will also be taking as many questions as I can from those submitted live during the event in the comments feed.

I hope you will be able to join us!


  1. Oh, boy! Last time I thought of all my questions AFTER the session! I'll get mine in beforehand this time! :)

  2. Thank you for doing a Q&A!

    My question would be: with such a big family, and your other responsibilities (like the household or being a Pastor) how do you and your husband make sure you give each of your children the individual attention and care they need?

  3. Hi Zsuzsa! I'm so happy that you are doing another one of these so thanks in advance! I have a couple questions for ya :)

    What is your opinion on the Hypnobirth and Gentlebirth methods of childbirth? My midwife clinic suggests using trained relaxation as well as birth affirmations and visualizations and I notice these are techniques of these birth methods. Do you see any harm in using them?

    This question comes after reading a death threat on your husbands blog: How do you feel about your church/husband/family gaining so much media attention? Do you ever wish your church kept sermons off youtube and that your life was more private? Do you worry about the protection of your home after receiving so much hate mail? I'm happy you are a brave family and church btw.

    Thanks again!

  4. When it comes to the intimate relationship between husbands and wives, what is appropriate and what is not? Is there only one way to be intimate or is nothing off limits? We want to make sure we are not displeasing God in that area of our lives. We have listened to sermons from Pastor Anderson preaching against birth control and it has led us to question if certain acts of intimacy may be wrong also. This is a subject that I would really like to hear him speak on because we and I'm sure allot of others are very confused on what is appropriate and what is not. I know its probably something that would be hard to speak on in front of the church but maybe he could just do a YouTube video covering the subject. Thanks and God bless

  5. Have you ever met someone that reads your blog that you didn't know out in public? Maybe you were out somewhere and a total stranger came up to you and told you that she/he read your blog.

  6. At what age do you start feeding your children real food? And what sorts do you start out with?

  7. Hi Zsuzanna, I really enjoyed your last Q&A, and I'm looking forward to the next one. I have a few questions that are related to each other. I haven't come across your views on this on your blog.
    I'm pregnant with my fourth child. I've had my kids close together, each less than two years apart. And I've naturally breast-fed my kids. My question is this:
    How do you deal with the wear and tear that comes with each pregnancy?
    With each pregnancy, I've had a range of wear and tear issues. Terrible painful varicose veins (my legs are hideous, blue and purple veins and they run down to my feet), hip pains, bouts of incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, a rectocele, rectus diastasis (that never closed) etc.
    With each pregnancy these worsen and new issues come up. Sometimes I feel terrified of the thought of continual pregnancies, and what it is doing to my body. The aches and pains are frustrating. And I don't feel attractive to my partner (I know this sounds vain, but it's the truth. My family constantly comment on my legs, as even long skirts cannot disguise the purple markings on my feet). Any advice? And how did you manage looking after your little children, cooking, cleaning etc when you were feeling tired/third trimester/physically sore etc. Sometimes, as terrible as it is to say, in a moment of weakness I'm tempted to get my husband booked in for a vasectomy, especially when the fear comes in.

    From Amy

  8. I love reading your blog, your unapologetic stance for faith is seriously lacking in this wicked world. My question is what drew you and your husband to the Tempe area to plant Faithful Word?

  9. Ekkk!! So excited!! I look forward to tuning in!! THANK YOU for sharing your precious time with us to do this!

  10. Oh my question is: Do you concur that Proverbs 31 encourages not just a stay at home mommy, but perhaps a work at home mommy provided it doesnt interfere with her first responsibilities?

  11. Hi, thanks for taking the time to do another Q&A.
    The first question: Is it biblical for a Christian married woman with children, to work outside the home? And what happens if this mother feels she can handle part-time work and raising children/keeping house? A lot of Christian blogs seem to justify a woman working outside the house by saying it is allowed if the husband agrees, and if she is doing her home duties 'well'. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I still think this wrong. What do you think?
    And another question.
    2) What does 1 Timothy 2:15 mean? 'Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.' Is this talking about being physically spared from death in child birth? Or being protected in the role as mother/wife as a woman. Or something else. How do you interpret this verse?
    Thank you :)

  12. Hello Szusza,
    I have 7 kids ranging ages 4-20. I appreciate the encouragement I feel on your blog for other mothers!
    My question is about gender roles. While all my children are equally loved and biblically raised (we try!), my 3rd daughter is extremely tom-boyish and has pretended to be a boy in play since as far as we can remember (a cowboy, or the groom during weddings). I fear that we did something wrong, or didn't put a stop to it soon enough. At 15, she is extremely shy with her body and frankly, would rather be a boy in her own words. What can we do to encourage her to be content with the role God has for her? All of our other children seem completely normal in that area.

  13. Hi Zsuzsanna... Thank you for doing another Q&A session, I really enjoy reading your blog and learning something new everyday. I look at your blog's from year's back! We just had our first baby boy in November he is 2 month's old. Since he was born he has been very gassy and fussy to the point he will not sleep and keeps me and my husband up for hours in the night. I am exclusively breastfeeding and have tried every different breastfeeding position I can to help with the gas but nothing helps. My question for you is, What do you do for a baby that is being nothing but breastfed with gas issues? Thank you and God Bless

  14. Hi! What age do you start teaching your children to read? How do you start, and what do you do? Can you share an outline or structure that you follow? Any tips? Cheers

  15. I found your last Q&A video very insightful and fun - I can't wait for this next one.

    I am 10 weeks pregnant and have an 11 month old baby. My question is in regards to weaning and what you recommend as far as best approaches and when you begin weaning. My son doesn't take a bottle and is still nursing quite frequently, up several times a night and nursing 4 times a day or so.

    Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!!

  16. Thank you for doing another Q and A.

    How do you transition your baby to their own bed and at what age? Is this at the same time you wean them? Do they then go to a crib or just a toddler bed? Do you stay in the room with them till they are asleep or do they know/accept that they are expected to go to sleep on their own? Any other words of wisdom on this stage of development would be appreciated. Thanks.

  17. Dear Zsuzsanna,

    How do you tolerate the provocative trolls like the one that spelled your name "Szusza" and claimed some ridiculous statements in order to get you involved into a gender role discussion? That pathetic word salad and badly thought out story about the "cowboy at a wedding" was just a means for her to get your statements on their stupid "gender role" issue that no one else would have brought up but your stupid jingerites. They won't get any stupider, because it's just impossible. But now that it's QnA time, tell me, how do you deal with stupid trolls? Both the ones who are totally up front about being trolls AND the ones that use petty lies in order to approach you? THX! A troll hater.

    1. That's not a very nice comment.
      Especially if the person who asked the gender role question is sincere.
      I know a few people who have had this issue with their child. And it's a question that has often crossed my mind. There is nothing new under the sun. Jesus Himself makes a statement that there are some eunuchs so born from their mother's womb (Mat 19:12) and Paul uses the word effeminate in 1 Corinthians 6:9.
      I think it's a good question.

    2. I wish I could have bet money on a cover-up troll comeback. : )I tell you what else is not nice. The headline on a troll forum after Zsuzsanna's (who isn't Szusza) answer: "It is confirmed, Zsu things it's ungodly for a young woman to do any sort of physical exercise! Control freakery confirmed!" And the 45 pages of lengthy and detailed comments that twist her words and ridicule her reasoning. You people will never go away, will you. I have access to all of your content. I even know which one was the "Szusza" one.

    3. Learn to read, Anonymous 11:07 - the person commenting said her daughter played male roles, such as a cowboy OR the groom at a wedding. No one said anything about a "cowboy at a wedding."

  18. Yay I'm so excited :) I loved your last Q & A video. Although I don't have questions I just wanted to say hi and I love your blog. God Bless

  19. Hi, do you enjoy cooking?
    How do you fit it in the day with little kids?
    Do you meal plan? And if you do, do you meal plan everything including snacks for the kids.
    Do you prep meals in advance?
    Do you have days when it is 5pm and you haven't even started cooking yet? What do you do when that happens? Please tell me this happens to you too lol
    Any meals you fall back on regularly?
    What are some snack ideas for little kids?
    What kind of snacks do you take with you when you go out (for the little ones)?
    If the kids don't like your food, how do you handle the situation?
    Have you ever woken up in the morning, and felt like you couldn't be bothered because of nappies, house work, cooking, cleaning is so repetitive? How do you handle these thoughts.
    Do you get stressed when the work load that you have planned for the day does not get done?
    I know there are a lot of questions here...just answer whatever you like, don't feel pressured to answer all of them if you are short on time.

  20. Something different...
    1) Who is your favorite disciple?
    2) What is your favorite New Testament book?
    3) Do you eat cold meats e.g. ham sandwich, when you are pregnant?
    4) What are your favorite flowers to receive in a bunch?
    5) If you could go back in time and live in another era, or historical period, where would you go?

  21. Hi Zhusa!!! Excited to "see" you again on your Q & A! I am wondering since it is almost tax time.....what you guys do for health insurance???? My husband is self employed and with 6 kids on one income health insurance under the Obama Care that is approved even with the Christian Medishare and such is about $500 a month with high deductibles so cannot afford it right now.......and do not want to pay the fine for not having health insurance. We do qualify for Medicaid but do not want to use the government......If we do have to pay the fine I am going to go on facebook and ask some family members and friends who voted for Obama to spread the wealth and help us pay for the unconstitutional =)

  22. How much does your air conditioning bill run in the summer when it is so hot in Arizona?

  23. Ok, your cute invitation up there with the cork board. Did you make that using photo shop? What program let you make the square with the red push pin and the picture to the side on the cork board?
    I know that seems like a question that doesn't count, but I would like to know. :)

  24. I love reading your blog!!
    I was wondering if you could talk more about your use of essential oils, specifically using Eden's Garden. I just started buying Eden's Garden, and my friends who use Multi-level Marketing oils have kind of looked down on that...but I can't afford the MLM ones. The downside to using Eden's Garden is there seems to be not as much information available on how to use them properly. Where do you learn about proper usage and in what ways do you incorporate them into daily life? Have you found them to be as effective as the MLM ones you have used?

  25. I was wondering how you know that all homos are pedophiles. Is it biblical or just something you believe?

    I am also very curious about your finances even though it is rude to ask. I only have two kids and feel like we are just barely making it, and I can't do things like eat organic and order custom mattresses. Do you or your husband have secrets to budgeting? You seem to be able to do it all so effortlessly.

  26. 1) Any tips on preventing postpartum depression/anxiety? I know you've said in the past that you've never experienced it, but maybe it's because of something you're doing right? I had post partum anxiety with my son who is now 8 months, and thankfully I discovered essential oils and Doterra's vitamin supplements which reversed it 100%. I'm sure it was due to hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, which leads me to ask if you have any diet/health/spiritual tips on preventing it in the first place?

    2) How do you adjust when you've just had a new baby, especially with older children to care for?

    3) What was it like when you were 21 and decided to move to Arizona? Was it difficult telling your parents? My husband and I live in Canada and we've accepted the fact that we're going to have to move to the U.S sometime in the near future if we ever want to find a good church. We figure, why not Arizona, since we watch/listen to Faithful Word all the time? (And your husband's preaching got us saved!)

  27. Oh, and one more thing. What are your thoughts on eating the placenta postpartum? I'm convinced it's wrong because it's like cannibalism and eating blood. What are your thoughts?

  28. Questions here about teaching and disciplining your children as we are preparing to have our first child very soon!
    - Your husband says in many sermons how important it is to "talk" to your children about the Bible throughout the day. How do you do this without making it seem kind of random?
    - I know that consistency is very important when it comes to discipline. How do you decide when a situation calls for a spanking? Is your home very strict with many rules or is there a lot of freedom but with strict barriers that the kids cannot cross? What type of actions do you let your children get away without a spanking?
    - How do you discipline or control your children in public?
    Thanks so much and God bless!

  29. Do you believe in spanking? If yes, to what extent? Do you use any other forms of corporal punishment?
    I personally don't believe in spanking children, but my husband does.

  30. How do you manage so many other children while being so fatigued during pregnancy?

  31. How was it like leaving your family to marry a man overseas? I am from a very family orientated country, with a lot of cultural differences.

    1. My question is, how did you adjust? What advice do you give a girl that is not familiar with American culture, especially if this girl is from Africa?
    2. How is it like marrying a very godly man?
    3.Do you ever miss your family and wish you were back in Germany? I mean do you want to go and visit sometimes?
    Significance of my questions is that, I am very close to my family and I may leave them. I wonder if you ever get home sick and miss the other part of your family. Cousins, culture and other things!

    Thanks Szuzsa for doing this over again. I am so excited

  32. Hi Zsuzanna,
    I hope you can answer my question still. I'm married and have several kids. What advise would you give me in regard of obedience to my husband. My husband thinks you are saved by works, the church activities are compulsory, if you leave the church you will be in the lowest part of hell. The leader abused men over decades sexually (he is retired now but still respected by the church members, because through information control in church the members don't know that he is a sodomite).

  33. (1) Do you give the children a set schedule for their school work (i.e. "math, then spelling, then English," etc.), or are they free to work on subjects in any order during school time?

    (2) At what age do you expect children to do most of their schoolwork individually?

    (3) How are you and your husband preparing (or do you plan to prepare) your sons to provide for a single-income family when they marry?

    (4) What steps do you guys take to protect your children against internet pornography/predators? Do you allow them to use the computer, and if so at what age?

    (5) One question that is puzzling to me (having grown up as an only child) - When you give an item to a child as a gift, is it "his" forever? i.e. Does he store it separately with his personal things and have say-so over who can play with it? Or does the item just quietly pass into collective ownership? I'm having trouble determining when a child can say "mine" about a toy and when that's not okay. If that doesn't make any sense, just skip this question!!

    Thank you for taking the time to do this!

  34. Sorry if this has gone through 3 times not but it doesn't seem to be working from my end.

    My question is: What can I do now as a single woman to prepare for being a Godly wife and mother xx

  35. This might have been asked, but how do you afford all organic? I have six children, and we already spend close to $175 a week on food. My husband is a pastor that works two other part time jobs to support us. And before you answer, 'It's a matter of priorities,' I will add that we have relatively low expenses. Mortgage less then $700 a month, no internet bill, no cable bill, cheap month to month phone plans, and one car loan and an electric payment. My one grocery splurge is $20 a week towards raw milk and cage free eggs from a farm. If I didn't have Aldis I don't know how I would make it on our grocery budget! Do you find coupons? Shop the 'organic deals'? About the only place I can get organic here is in Kroger , and with my budget I could not do all organic.

  36. Hi Zsuzsanna, there are some really good questions, I hope you are able to get through them all!
    An idea might be to categorise all the questions from the comments, since a lot of questions seem to overlap e.g. schooling/education, cooking and household management, finances, health, raising children, pregnancy and birth, Bible passages, Biblical womanhood, relationships, about me, technology etc. Then you could get the people from the live stream to contribute to the categories, as they come up. Then there would be a structure....But you probably have something planned anyway. Or you might have to talk really quickly! haha
    My questions are these:
    1) How did you feel at first when Steven got rid of the microwave? What are the reasons for not having one?
    2) What are the Biblical reasons for not wearing makeup? And do you think a little bit is ok?
    Looking forward to the live stream, I'll be tuning in from Australia! Take care! :D

  37. Hi, Mrs. Anderson,
    I have a question regarding dating... I know you won't be facing this for a few years but I was just wondering how you will handle it when your children are that age. What types of rules will you set? (I mean obviously your children probablly won't need that many rules because they seem like great kids:) ) For example, the Duggar children usually don't hold hands until engaged, don't kiss until marriage, and always have chaperones. Do you think your family will do something like that?
    Thanks!:) I'm really looking forward to this q&a I loved the first one!!!:)


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