Monday, January 19, 2015

The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch this documentary and learn the well-documented truth about this man.


  1. So many, so many perverts cower behind marriage and humanitarianism. So many of them. It's much easier to dig up dirt when they are long gone since they are worshiped like gods while parading around in their entire lives. These people can be celebrities like Jimmy Sevile the pedofile, who's damn coffin hadn't been laid flat in the ground, he wanted to overlook a children's school in his death so his coffin has been placed in a 45 degree angle, how sick is that. He always paraded around with other pedophiles from the church, high ranking priest and surrounded himself with children, how sick is that. He now is being dug up because there are literally THOUSANDS of claims from former victims and his resting place, where the pervert planned to watch elementary school children from the grave, is being "disturbed" (boo hoo) by angered victims. Keep exposing these freaks. Good job. MLK was nothing but another pervert and a false idol.

  2. Hello,

    I just felt like I needed to make a response to this. I do not think a person's personal character should be seen with a microscope, we are all sinners and all have done some sort of wrong. Celebrating MLK day is not celebrating this man's personal-behind the scenes actions, rather it is celebrating the fact that we woke up from some sort of nightmarish world where WE as HUMANS thought it would be okay to play god and decide who was a slave and who wasn't. We humans thought it was okay to separate everyone from one another when Jesus accepted anyone and everyone who loved his message.

    MLK may have done things that weren't acceptable in his private life, but that should not be the message that you take away with. He really fought for people who deserved a better quality of life, and he did it with his religion and he spoke up for the criticism he got because of something that god blessed him with. (his skin color)

    Please do not see him as a false-idol/pervert, please see him as the only one who had enough sense to wake up from the crazy world he lived in and do something about a prejudice that was truly evil.

    If anything, racism is the evil that pollutes our world when we refuse to wake up from our la-la-lands, god didn't make one skin color, or one type of person. Nor did he make one skincolor in charge of everyone and everything. We as a society lived in an ugly stigma and still continue to do so today....



  3. Hey Mary racism isn't really the problem it's said to be in the liberal media. That's just a tool they use to silence dissent. That or tack "phobia" onto every second word. Hope you continue to grow and see the worldly machinations that are just creating divisions to distract us from the truth.

    Kind regards,



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