Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snow Much Fun

Most people imagine all of Arizona as a hot desert. Which is true for some parts of it, but other parts of the state are at high elevations, and have a climate radically different from us, complete with snow in the winter, ski resorts, etc.

Here in the Phoenix area, snow is very rare, but not entirely unheard of. In fact, this is the second winter in a row that we have seen snow in parts of our valley. Even the years before that, we have had hail and frost for several years in a row. This "global warming" is sure going marvelously well in our area - ha!

When we saw snow last week on Superstition Mountain, I loaded up the kids and took them out of town a little ways to go hiking in the "snow". The temperature was a solid 47 degrees and the skies were sunny, which was still plenty cold for us. 

There was enough snow to throw some snowballs and otherwise have fun, and since I was out with all 8 kids by myself, that's about all I could handle.

We are planning on taking a trip with the whole family to Flagstaff later this month for some sledding and much, much more snow.



  1. Wow, how cool is that? (Pun intended, hee hee!) We got snow also, in San Diego. Then it went back to mid-70's a few days later. We stayed home through it all, you're a brave gal for going out in it with all the children!

  2. Zsuzsanna, global warming is not what you think it is, do some research as you come across as rather funny than serious.

  3. a truly amazing landscape.


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