Monday, December 1, 2014

My New Blog

I recently started a new blog called "Whole Healthy Mama," where I will be sharing my Trim Healthy Mama posts, tips, recipes, and the like from here on out. I have so much to say, but I don't want to tie up my family blog with it. ;)

So if you are on the Trim Healthy Mama bandwagon, but with a whole foods approach, head on over there. The blog is still in its infant stages as I have real babies to take care of during most of my waking hours. 

Also, you are welcome to join my Facebook group, "Trim Healthy Mama - whole foods style"


  1. Funny I just went to your blog to look for THM advice. Your new blog comes very timely!!!

  2. I've tried twice to join your Facebook group without success. Can you help? I'm Ophelia. Thanks!

  3. Dear Mrs Anderson & Family,

    Hope all is OK since there has been so much backlash about your husband's sermon on AIDS.

    The Internet has just exploded with shills spreading misinformation and defending the indefensible. Some are baying for blood and some calling for arrest. Interestingly, I tried to clear up a few factual errors on some "Comments" sections but my comments WERE NEVER PUBLISHED. I find it telling that the moderators of these "news" sites have no compunction publishing claims Pastor Anderson is a closet homosexual but my reasonably presented facts (including most new cases of AIDS in the US are gay men, Pastor Anderson doesn't watch TV and Pastor Anderson doesn't preach hate against Islam) did not pass muster. I guess they didn't fit the agenda.

    anyway I will pray for you both but I guess you know what you are doing.

    kind regards,


  4. Just saw your husband on the Jacksonville Fl noon news (CBS). There were clips from a recent sermon and commentary from the newscaster.


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