Monday, December 22, 2014

Documentary - AIDS: The Judgment of God

This is a new documentary my husband made about "AIDS: The Judgment of God." Please watch, learn the truth, and share! Even if you do not believe the Bible, the official data and statistics speak loud and clear, that homosexuality is NOT a healthy, natural, "alternative lifestyle." If it were not for a concerted effort by TV and Hollywood to retrain our thinking, our society would never have come to accept this perversion.

The docu is intentionally made to be appropriate for all audiences - no offensive images or content, so you can show anyone from children to Grandma.


  1. What about babies who got AIDS through their heterosexual moms? Or the people who got AIDS through blood transfusions - heart patients, hemophiliacs, accident victims, etc., who are not homosexual? Why did they get AIDS?

  2. I'm so glad you spelled judgment right! He spelled it wrong in his sermon title and it was driving me crazy.

  3. Hi,
    I read your posts regularly and find your parenting style inspiring and refreshing, thank you!
    After watching your video I am curious to hear your perspective on the holocaust. Being that it was government orchestrated not civilians taking law into their own hands. And it punished homosexuals and jews, non believers in Christ, with death.

  4. I am in awe of you.

    My brother is HIV positive. He has been married to the same woman for over thirty years. He was infected when he went to Kenya on a mission trip and part of the required vaccines where tainted.

    Is God punishing him? Why?

  5. Hi Zsuzsanna! I am a long time reader. I was wondering, if you were going to base morality on how a lifestyle spreads disease, then wouldn't you want more women to be lesbians? They have lower disease transmission rates than heterosexuals.

    I don't believe lesbianism is a Godly choice but I am just following your husband's logic.

  6. Katalin,

    Thats not logic. That's a "logical fallacy". ie(1) God sends illness/disease(2) This person doesn't have a disease Therefore: (3) This person is right in God's eyes.

    God chose to punish in His own way. Just because there is a plague on gay men does not mean lesbians are A-OK. Rest assured, He will Judge them according to their actions.

    Mandy Sue and Anon,

    Unfortunately the evil of others spreads. Your brother and other innocents are collateral damage as these reprobates go on their merry way with no fear of consequences to others and no fear of the Lord. Luckily the scales will be balanced in the end.


    Personally I am always outraged and, OK, partially amused, when logical suggestions like "Stop Fornicating" are ridiculed. I've even heard the gay movement blame "bigots" for levels of disease in the gays - because their self esteem is lowered to the point where they don't make good choices. I think Elton John said also "AIDS epidemic in gay men can be cured with love". By that logic smoking isn't bad for you - it's smokophobia that's getting people lung cancer. It's just getting so....ludicrous now.

  7. Heterosexual intercourse is the leading cause of transmission of HIV globally. The more you know!

  8. anon, that's a distraction technique used by the bandwagoning leftist media and the homosexual agenda juggernaut. In USA and the other western countries the OVERWHELMING majority of new HIV cases is amongst homosexual males. why? Because they are promiscuous. If you want to talk developing nations then it's plain promiscuity and adultery causing AIDS epidemic. so nothing changes: AIDS is STILL the judgment of God

  9. Bravo, Anon 5:23AM.

    You said it so right. Very pithy.


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