Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Fun

Picking out a tree
... and also setting it up and decorating it. We found a really nice tree at Sam's Club for $30.

Decorating (and eating!) a gingerbread house


 Making thumbprint art

Looking at Christmas Lights

We actually did this on several different nights. If you live in the area, don't miss the lights on Upland Drive in Chandler. In addition to incredible lights displays, there are horsedrawn carriage rides, popcorn, hot cocoa, carolers, and more.

German Christmas Market in Downtown Phoenix

The whole family went, this was just a selfie with some of my dudes. We loved the food best of all, but it was all fun. 

A Christmas Concert with two of my boys

This was a free Christmas concert performed by a local string quartet. Absolutely outstanding! I love going places with just a couple of the kids for special outings.

Drinking Hot Cocoa

Naturally, we did this more than once, too. :)

Making folded paper window stars

This is a traditional German craft, though there are some places online that sell the "kite paper" used for these. (instruction books and paper here)

I would also like to thank everyone who has mailed our family a Christmas card this year, as well as those who have sent us and/or the children gifts. Thank you for being a blessing to our family. Our children are in this as much as we are, and I am always especially grateful when others bless them for the part they play. 

I am ***so*** excited for Christmas to start tomorrow! Our church is offering hot cocoa and cookies at 6 p.m. before the evening service. Traditionally, our family opens gifts on Christmas Eve in the evening, but with church, that would get much too late. Instead, just my husband and I are exchanging our gifts to each other tomorrow night after the kids are in bed, and they will all get their gifts on Christmas Day in the morning. I am just making frozen croissants for breakfast, so that should be easy enough even with all the craziness.

Then a big ham dinner in the early afternoon, and hopefully, with that much food cooked, I should be able to take the whole day on Friday off, to enjoy with the family at home. 

What are your Christmas plans?


  1. Wow, as always, you are inspirational. I wish continued happiness for your whole family, lots of luck and blessings as well. I´ve been reading your blog since 2010 and I so enjoy your angry posts, as well as news of the kids and family life. The recipe stuff I could do without, but anyway, I´ve also been hooked on your husbands sermons since you posted that video of his "hatred of alcohol" sermon. My place of birth and home on this earth does not have a single church that comes close to his preaching of Bible truth! Which is so sad. But I feel that every christian believer is connected in the body of Christ, and some limbs are just made to be more "active" than others, so in the spirit of the season I wanna thank God for you and say MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  2. Love your family photos and I am going to get the kite paper and book on how to make the window stars. Those are lovely and I know my girls will love to make them. I didn't know they are a German tradition and I have a German Great Grandma. Thank you for sharing.




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