Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anna's and John's birthdays

Anna and John both celebrated their birthdays this month. 

Anna, my baby girl, turned 4 years old. She is a real sweetheart, and has been such a blessing to our lives. She currently likes playing with her dollies, wearing her "cherry dress" on church days, playing with her friends at church, helping me cook, pretend play, playing with Stephen (we call those two "the little couple"), and other girly stuff.

As a fun activity on Anna's birthday, we visited the Arizona Science Center.

John turned the big, double-digits TEN this year. Wow, all my babies are growing up so fast! He currently loves ninjas, martial arts, learning about Japan, Legos, drawing, playing/talking with his brothers, apples, riding his bike, and other stuff typical for boys his age.

We had a joint birthday party for both of them at a trampoline park, and invited all the kids from church.



  1. Happy bday to John and Anna! I have a soft spot for Anna b/c I stumbled across your blog just shortly before she was born, so now I know exactly how long I've been - off and on - reading :-) Kids do tend to grow up fast, but at least you always seem to have a baby to snuggle so that takes the edge off - ha!

  2. Happy Birthday Little Andersons! God is good!

  3. John is growing up to be very handsome. He still looks a bit like you. Solomon is so like his father. Anna is very lovely. She's so fair.


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