Thursday, November 20, 2014

The holidays are almost here!

Thanksgiving preparations are starting TODAY at our house! 

As I am typing this, John is in the kitchen, brining the turkey. This year, we are going to smoke it instead of roasting it. What I mean by that is that a great guy at our church, who is of Polish descent and works as a butcher (so he is the expert at this), is going to smoke it for us. He has been smoking our homemade bacon, which is simply without match, so I am sure this turkey will be absolutely fabulous.

While mincing garlic, John reminded me: "Mom, do you remember when I used to eat raw garlic? Yeah, I did that just to get some attention." Haha - kids are so funny! I had completely forgotten that when he was about 6 and 7 years old, John could frequently be found gnawing on raw garlic. One time, we were driving in the van when this pungent garlic odor started filling the cabin. Sure enough, it was John eating a raw clove.

This is also our last week of school until the new year starts. That's right, we are taking the next SIX weeks off from doing any formal homeschooling. It's a bold move on my part, because my kids can be a real handful if they are not "tied down" with school work (what child isn't?). It also means we will need until June to finish up the school year. In spite of those disadvantages, I decided to take this time off because (a) we get less than usual school work done anyway (b) I really want to slow down our typical breakneck speed and just relax and enjoy the season (c) this will give us time for family fun and activities (d) the kids are growing up so fast, and we only have a few more Christmas seasons to enjoy with all of them living at home.

To that end, I have made a "Christmas activity calendar" based on this design. It starts the day after Thanksgiving, and goes through the last day of our Christmas break, which is January 4th. I planned out and wrote down which activities we will be doing each day with my calendar in hand, so hopefully I am fully prepared to keep the fun going that long. Some things are simple, some are more involved.

Anyhow, we are all pretty stoked about this wonderful time of year coming up. Christmas is the best when it comes to slowing down, thanking God for his blessings, and enjoying this season with our loved ones. 


  1. Will your children attend college? I am not familiar with homeschooling, etc. you mentioned that you only had a few more seasons with them at home...I was just curious.

  2. Ahhhh I hope you post your thanksgiving turkey! I wanna see it smoked! I am so jealous, I have to live as a vegetarian for my health so I can't have delicious smoked meat (i'd devour it)

    Happy early thanksgiving!

  3. So sweet to have kitchen helpers that are actually very productive! Your hard work training your children is sure starting to pay off =)

  4. My husband brines and smokes our turkey for the past 3 years. You can never go back to an oven bird after smoking it with wood chips. It's the Texan in us.


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