Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Navajo Nanny

We have a sweet lady at our church that has been a huge blessing to our church through the years, but especially so to our family this year. 

She comes over to our house three mornings a week to play with, entertain, and care for the younger kids while I teach the older ones and juggle a million other things that demand my attention. On the remaining two mornings, the kids go to P.E. (with Dad) and on a field trip (with me), so basically she comes on all the regular, busy, "teaching" mornings.

She stays until the kids have had lunch and the little ones are down for their naps. She helps pick up the mess, and gets the dishwasher running. She is super creative and always has something fun she pulls out of her bag. She has the patience of a saint, dry humor, and is never shocked by stupid things my kids do, or how dirty my bathrooms may be (okay, are).

All the kids love her, but Stephen is crazy about her. In the mornings, he climbs on the sofa and looks out the front window, waiting for her to arrive. When she walks in the door, he dances around her in circles with excitement.

I cannot begin to explain what a huge blessing this is!! If nothing else, it takes so much stress off me, no longer having to constantly be  worried that I will get interrupted while I am tied up on a project. This has been our best, most enjoyable and relaxed school year yet, thanks in no small part to her.

And as if that's not enough - she does all this for free, just to be nice. Can you believe it??!? Seriously, this has made a HUGE difference for me. In turn, I am able to help my husband more with things for church, so she is actually being a blessing to more people than just our family. 

Our Navajo Nanny - standing in the gap between me and insanity.


  1. They need to have a "Love" button on blogspot ;)
    This is really sweet, I love that you wrote a post about people that have had a positive effect on you in your life, and its nice to see that the kids have a backup mommy when theirs is trying to give them a better tomorrow :)

    By the way, what is it with Stephen killin' it with his cuteness? Like seriously Zsu he is just adorable.

  2. Hi Zhuzhana. Just wanted to tell ya that under baby Boaz you wrote he likes to give you kisser, you probably meant kisses :)

  3. LOVE this post! What a blessing this lady is to your family, and indeed, to your whole church! :)

  4. Super cute pictures! I am glad you have somebody to help you. It is just too much for any one person to handle on their own. And I like the fact that you are open with your readers about the fact that you do need help. I think women sometimes read blogs written by other women and get this impression that those other women are somehow superhuman, when that is not the case! I think we all have to know our limitations, and it's okay to ask for and receive help! It's also okay to say - you know what? I don't want to have any more children...and there are ways to avoid additional pregnancies that don't involve any types of birth control that would be considered religiously problematic. I think we all do the best we can - for some of us that's with 2 kids, 4 kids, 8 kids or more!! As long as they are loved and cherished, it is all good...

  5. What a blessing to read this precious, heart-warming post! Thank you.

  6. You are so blessed to have this lady in your life. X

  7. 7 years ago I retired to care for my mom, who is now 96, when dementia became too much for her to live alone. I was a social worker in the field of domestic violence for 30+ years before retiring. Four years ago mom had 2 strokes within weeks of each other and she was no longer able to walk. After much prayer and a lot of thinking the decision was made to place mom in a memory care center. Close enough we can visit as much and as often as we like. Mom not longer recognizes up. Three years go I was ready to do something different--work, but fun at the same time. I became a nanny for a Seattle family. Best job ever. I have been with them for 3+ years now and I love this family as if they are my own. They have no family here on the west coast, and other than my youngest son (31) we don't either. They have surrounded us with love and we them. Small coincidence is that the church they attend now is pastored by the same pastor we had while living in Berkeley, CA. The family has a new baby arriving in May, and I cannot wait for the new arrival. Thank you for sharing your nanny story. I truly enjoy your blog so much. --Mari

  8. What an angel she is! Having an extra set of hands around the house is an invaluable gift. Praying that she is blessed (in addition to receiving heavenly crowns) for all her selfless giving.

  9. What a blessing!!! Does she travel to Virginia....??? I think I might need a navajo nanny or two...or j/k =)


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