Sunday, November 16, 2014

More Family Photos

I don't care if I lose every reader over posting too many pictures of my babies - I can't help it. 

Just look at these guys. Has there ever been a group of young men more wonderful than this one? If you think so, that's fine, just don't tell me about it :) I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that the sum of our parts is so much greater than either my husband or I. 

Then there is this little sprout ~

This photo literally made me start crying. In fact, I still have to hold back the tears every time I see it. Tears of joy for perfection, personified. Tears of grief over a big, huge, gaping hole where his identical brother should be. But ultimately, just tears of relief and gratitude that he is here, that he is healthy, and that he is the happiest and sweetest little baby. And that he is ours. 

Yes, you guessed right - there are plenty more pics to come. Please do stand by!


  1. Oh my, my, my!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO cute! I mean these are adorable!!!!! Boaz is precious and so thankful you will get to meet his brother one day!!!!

    Jessica Argon

    p.s. Home from church with sick children today and LOVING the live sermon!!!! :) Miss you all!

  2. Honestly i'd like to think your blog was dedicated to your kids soooo.... ;)
    Your photographer did an incredible job with both sets of genders! Imagine our lives without photographs like these, I mean....its inconceivable at this point in our world. Beautiful kids by the way

  3. I love looking at the pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  4. Oh, what handsome young men and Boaz is just delightful!


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