Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boaz' half birthday

Little Bo is six months old today - already! Once again, I am shocked at how time flies. He is a very sweet and happy little sprout that brightens all of our lives. 

Nothing like a baby to make mom look younger! That, and grainy cell phone cameras ;)

The kids all love dragging him around and playing with him. Here he is, sporting Miriam's doll glasses.

Playing with a plastic baggie. No worries, it's too small to pull on his head, too large to choke on, and he was being closely monitored. Only in America does every little plastic baggie come with a half dozen warnings on how life-threatening said baggie is. This one reminded me (amongst other things) that a 3" x 6" plastic baggie of air used for packaging DOES NOT work as a life safety device in water. Whew! So glad that was on there! It said nothing against being used as a car air bag, so I'm thinking it could double as that...

Being "fed" by big brother off an ice cream scooper. Notice how Stephen is using the little plastic baggie for a disposable food glove, like the ones we use at church whenever we serve ice cream. :)

This week was the first time we have been back to the cemetery where we buried little Jachin. Sadly, we were there for the funeral of another little baby in our church that passed away after being born extremely premature, too young to live. This poor mom endured the loss of twin girls due to TTTS this same time last year, and now, her rainbow baby joined his sisters in heaven. This couple has no other children on earth yet, and my heart just breaks for them. If you remember, would you please pray for them during this time, and for a healthy and safe pregnancy to come?

 Boaz doesn't really sit unsupported yet, he just did for this picture. 

Thank you again to all who prayed and supported us during my pregnancy with the boys. The fact that after all the complications, Boaz was born completely healthy and at full term is nothing short of a miracle. As I write this, I am daily praying for three other moms (all friends-of-friends) who went through pretty much the same as us: twins, TTTS, laser surgery, loss of one twin. However, unlike in our situation, all three of the other moms went into premature labor following the loss of one baby, and delivered their tiny, tiny survivors between 24 and 26 weeks. All three of them are currently in the NICU, growing and fighting for life. 

Little Bo is a very special miracle, and a double blessing to us even just all by himself. Happy Half Birthday, Bo!


  1. Tears and joy. Such is life. So beautiful are the both of you! May God bless you. Prayerfully, Angela

  2. Do you guys ever call him Bobo? ahaha jk <3

    I was wondering, with such a terrible loss of his twin brother, has this made you hesitate on having another child or do you feel like god wants you to heal for a while because of this?

    As for your friends, i'm sorry and will be praying for them. Sometimes I feel like its not in the cards to have a biological child but everyone deserves to give an innocent child love and attention and a good life. Thats what god would want for sure

    Congrats little Bo ~!

  3. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I will absolutely be praying for your friends. I cannot imagine what a difficult time this must be for them. And I'm also praying for you - I am sure that you feel constant pain mixed with constant joy when thinking of your sweet twin babies.

    I was wondering if I might also request your prayers. My husband and I have been married for three years and have only just been able to conceive for the first time. Due to a medical condition beyond my control, we anticipate a medically complicated pregnancy. If The Lord happens to bring us to your mind, would you pray for us? Thank you so much. Your sister in Christ, Anne M

  4. Hi Zsuzanna, Such a difficult situation for you. The joy and pain from the same pregnancy is something I cannot imagine having never been through myself. My husband and I were truly blessed when our twin girls were born at 23 weeks and 2 days. The Lord was working miracles through the dedicated dr's and nurses who cared for our beautiful girls. We are fortunate that despite a 110 day stay in the NICU they are both now happy healthy "normal" two year olds. We know how truly blessed we are. I will be praying for all of your friends going through such heartache and stress for the NICU mums.

    I also regularly pray for your heart, the gamut of emotions you must experience every day I pray for peace in your heart, joy in your mind and continued love for your soul from your children and husband.

    Kind regards

  5. Sweet, sweet Boaz! Happy "half" birthday little man. :)

  6. What a testament to the God of miracles that we serve. Thank you for sharing.

  7. You should get in touch with this woman for help:

  8. Ah! Happy half birthday to your son! What a treasure he is and so well and healthy looking!

    I won't lie I was terribly looking forward to you having twins too. I guess this is His Will and we may never know all His plans. Sometimes hard to swallow -- for most of us have had some trials in life where we just scream out "Why?" to the Lord. Nonetheless you are a woman of God and wonderfully strong and a shining light to all who have had sorrow. And - Praise God - you have your wonderful and beautiful little Boaz. So sorry for your friends also....a hard road for them and I will remember them in my prayers. I so hope this note strikes the right tone and conveys only the well wishing for you I intend. It can be hard to be tactful about sympathy and solidarity.

    May your futures all be beautiful



  9. Thank you so much for sharing, it's truly heart-warming to see little Boaz so happy and healthy - and the smile on your face is priceless as well! :) When my husband saw the picture of him in the doll glasses he said "He's doing his best Professor Fatbottom impression" Lol!
    - We are praying for you all and your congregation, you are in our thoughts.
    God bless you, L.Morris

  10. Lol@ the plastic baggie being used for an airbag.....Little Boaz is just adorable!!! Praying for your sweet friend at church! Children are truly a blessing from the Lord!

  11. Ttts twice in the same church. Amazing coincidence


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