Friday, November 14, 2014

Another sneak peek

We are still awaiting the finished images from our family photo session, but received two more teasers. I can't resist sharing them as they trickle in because you know once I get all the files, I will want to publish them all, which would make for one heck of a long blog post. So here goes today's dose of showing off my loves!

Wait, there's a child missing...

Ah, there he is, cuddling mama like a good little baby! 

Funny tidbit: I wear glasses - very rarely. Usually, only to drive and while I'm out and about. At the beginning of the photo shoot, I took them off, and put them in my husband's back pocket since the family had already been arranged and posed and I didn't want to leave and go to my purse. Alerted the husband they were there.

An hour and a half later, after having been all over the desert at South Mountain, we get in the van and I'm like, "Okay, I need my glasses back now." You can guess the rest - they were no longer in his pants pocket.

Now, if these were any old glasses, maybe I wouldn't have cared so much. But these glasses are very special to me because they are (1) indestructible - I have had them for over 16 years now - no joke (2) irreplaceable - they don't make this particular model any more, and (3) very expensive to replace. Although considering that they have lasted this long, and are still literally not showing any wear, they really are not expensive at all. 

Anyhow... for a half an hour, we retraced our steps and looked everywhere for them. It was dark by now, and all we had was the light from my cell phone. Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack - after all, the glasses are designed to be as minimalistic as possible. We were about to give up when I wanted to just once more check over the spot in which we had started. Sure enough, God answered my prayers, and my flash light caught a glimpse from one of the lenses. Found - YES!!!! They had apparently never made it into my husband's pocket. 

I am not only thankful that I was able to find the glasses, but also that we did not discover they were missing until the shoot was over. Being upset about my glasses would have made me so upset, it would have ruined the whole thing. Had we stopped to look for them, we would have run out of day light. So, the way it went down was perfect. 

Anyway... I hope to be posting the remaining pictures next week! Can't wait!!


  1. Wow praise God about your glasses! That is great! And those are great pictures of you and your family espiacially the one of you and little Boaz!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Love the one of you and Boaz. so sweet

  3. I love your girls dresses! Did you make them?

  4. Praise the Lord for finding your glasses! That pic of you and baby Boaz should be on the front of magazine!


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