Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our new school year

We are currently in the third week (of 36) of our current school year, and things are going very well. Solomon pretty much works completely independently at this point. I still check up on Isaac and help him stay on track but he mostly completes his work on his own, and John just needs some guidance and teaching at the beginning of each lesson, but then works independently, and often even checks his own work with an answer key. Miriam and Becky work one-on-one with me, as does Anna when she is in the mood to do so (which is sporadic at this point). 

Solomon, who worked for the "Creating a Masterpiece" art curriculum at the homeschool conference, has taken over teaching a weekly art lesson to his siblings. They are currently working on "Baby Bluebird." He is doing really well with that, and it's a blessing to me as well as his siblings.

Thanks to a young lady from our church coming over three mornings a week, I have been able to be much more focused on teaching the kids, while she plays and does crafts with the younger kids, reads to them, or works on their school work with them. This has pretty much cut my stress level in half, so I am not just a wreck by nap time, and can then devote my energy to finishing up with the older kids, doing the unit studies and activities with them, etc. 

One other morning each week, our kids go to a P.E. class with local homeschooled children. The park has a playground, so my husband takes the seven oldest kids every time, even though only the oldest five participate in the class. I absolutely love having this time at home all by myself (well, almost - just baby and I).

The kids in their P.E. shirts, doing school work in the afternoon after spending the morning at the park.

We spend another morning each week on a field trip, typically on Fridays. The kids work ahead on their subjects throughout the week to avoid having to catch up their school work on Saturdays. 

So far this year, the kids and I went to the Phoenix Police Museum (don't judge me, it was for purely informational purposes), and we also had a field trip with other homeschoolers from church to the Martin Auto Museum. My boys were in California on an annual family hike during that time, so I will take them back there another time. If you are local to the area, I highly recommend this museum - very cool!

 Lunch at Pizza Studio in downtown Phoenix right near the Police Museum - highly recommend the place!


 This is a natural rock water slide - very cool!!

Also this year, starting during summer break, I have been able to take the kids to the library once each week, which they love. It's really insane how many books we check out there. By breaking it into more frequent, shorter stops, it is becoming a little less daunting. 

So yes, it's really shaping up to be a very good year. Hope you enjoyed the pics, because if you didn't, you just got a serious overdose of them! ;)


  1. Hi Zsuzsanna,

    I am a reader of your blog from the UK and I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Scottish Independence?



  2. Anna's braids are way too cute!

  3. Why would someone judge you for going to a police museum?

  4. What curriculum do you use to homeschooling? I don't have google accounts and such...so commenting anonymously but this is a genuine inquiry...
    Thanks, Julie


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