Thursday, August 28, 2014

Church growth

This past Sunday, our church sent out Pastor Donnie Romero, who is starting Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, this coming Sunday. Like ours, this is going to be an independent, Bible-believing, old-fashioned Baptist church.

You can view Pastor Romero's special ordination service in its entirety here:

Pastor Romero is the second pastor we have sent out; the first was Pastor Berzins of Word of Truth Baptist Church in Prescott, AZ, sent out in November of last year.

If you live in the area of either of these churches, or traveling through the area, I would greatly encourage you to try them for yourself. The kids and I recently visited Pastor Berzins' church when we were in Prescott for a family trip.


In addition to sending out new church plants, our church has broken its attendance records for the last four services in a row (that's Wednesday last week, morning and evening service this past Sunday, and yesterday).

Panorama shot from the Sunday morning Ordination Service, with 141 in attendance

When that happens, we ring a loud ship's bell at the end of the service, signaling to everyone that we broke the record, and that there will be ice cream for all. I will admit, it has been a challenge keeping the freezer stocked with ice cream during the last week! But that is a good problem to have.

As of August 17

As of August 24 - last night's new record of 96 has not been recorded yet

There was a long line for the ice cream last night, but thanks to many helpers, it moved fast.

We have visitors at every service, but this last week we had some particularly dedicated ones. They had come all the way from North Carolina on scooters just to be baptized at our church. They do have a church they go to back home, this is just something they wanted to do. 

Check out the front of this one :)

These are exciting times in our church. I remember when we started in the house almost 9 years ago, and every step along the way. I remember when the record was 29 multiple times, and we never seemed to be able to break into the 30 and beyond range. I am thankful that as our church has continued to grow, the people that have been added are every bit as dedicated and faithful as the original group. We are looking forward to many more wonderful years of serving the Lord together.

 Our ladies - I just love how many of us are expecting, or holding a little one (or both - ha!)

Some of the men. The rest must have been off somewhere talking...

One of our members hosted a going away potluck for the Romeros in their home. I think there were about 70 of us in all there. It was great fun!

Some of the kids. The rest were busy trashing another part of the house or yard... ;) Look how much fun they are having!


  1. Hi, can I just say that we're from Australia, and we follow Steve's sermons online, and wish we could have attended the record breaking service, and had ice cream too. Amy

    1. Hi Amy, maybe someday you can make it. I sure would love to visit Australia!

  2. We would love to have been there as well! Hopefully someday we can join you for a record breaking service. Keep it up!!

  3. We went to visit steadfast today! It was awesome because God's word was preached! My husband and I have been listening to pastor Romero and your husband's sermons for 2 years now. By reading your blogs I get just a glimpse of a great example of a proverbs 31 woman, wife, and mother. Thanks for sharing a tiny part of your life as a witness to the Truth.

    1. Hi Jen, how exciting and what a special blessing that you got to be at the very first service! :) Blessings to you and your family.

    2. We were so glad to have you and your family visit us Jen! We hope to see you again this Sunday :)

  4. wow what a blessing to see such growth in a church that sticks to the Bible so closely! So exciting for the Romero family!!! I have been enjoying listening to Bro. Berzins preach during my house chores as well. Look forward to hearing bro. Romeros sermons too....makes mopping the floor go by much faster listening to good preaching! Thank you for being a great example of a godly wife and mother =)

  5. Steven must be a happy man :)


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