Tuesday, July 22, 2014

You can't miss us!

For Father's Day this year, I made up and ordered these shirts for my husband and myself:

I figured these would be fun to have on outings this summer, when we are asked the typical questions (repeatedly) pretty much every time we go anywhere with the whole family.

And since I like to dress the kids in matching bright colors so as to make it easier to keep track of them at busy venues such as the zoo etc., I also ordered shirts for the kids with their name and birth order on the back.

My favorite? Boaz' tiny onesie :)

All these shirts were ordered through CustomInk, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Outstanding customer service, great turnaround time, easy to navigate website, and the best prices I found anywhere. I have no affiliations with the company, just recommending them because they deserve the publicity.

We have also updated the sticker on the breedermobil family van....

The lady who originally sent us these stickers had wisely included the baby on the far right for future use :)

and changed the license plate to reflect our growing family size. 

We can be spotted (and heard!) from a mile away... :) Most all of the time, people are very friendly and happy to see our traveling circus. The critics are definitely the exception, not the rule. 

And if you want to make the kids' day, just ask "Are they all yours??!?" They will break out in cheers because we spring for a round of ice cream each time we get asked that, just so they never get resentful of hearing that question. 


  1. Love Love Love the shirts! =) That is a great idea about the icecream...lol. After our family came from Chick Fil A cow appreciation Day we were out at the pet store and someone asked if we were a cow school on a field trip.....lol =)

  2. I love how you handled the kids response to that question. bravo to you

  3. I adore the stick figure family idea. Where we live people don't have stick figures on their cars, and so far, what I've seen was on humor sites (for a good reason, they were disgraceful, like one mama and a jailbird and various and sundry kids, stating that the daddy position was open). I don't know why people assume that your life is so burdensome or that your husband oppresses you. He surprises you with really awesome gifts. You both have a sense of humor and teach your kids to react positively to stupid and nosy comments from people. I loved your post about large family joys. The life you two have chosen is't by far the easiest, but it is one of the most rewarding ways a couple can live. I also don't think you're oppressed. Your husband goes out of his way to cater to his family and a woman that takes care of his family. If this isn't 50-50 from BOTH sides... I dunno what is. Your children live in a house full of toys, a swimming pool in the yard, they have their parents together, they get to travel, they are being fed with food from scratch and ice cream on a daily basis. You folks really don't have it bad. I really enjoy your blog, very much. Thanks for sharing all the goodness that happens to your family. PS if you rubbed it under their nose that all the kids share the same father, you'd really give them something to hiss about :o)

  4. Ahhhhh!!!!! Those are adorable!!!!!! I need to do that!!! How cute!!! Love, Jessica Argon

  5. I'm sure the t-shirts are fine, because you're together when you wear them, but please be careful of personalizing clothing. Perverted strangers have been known to use personalized clothing to call a child's name and get them to come away with them.

    1. Zsuzsanna explained in one of her posts how one of the neighbors couldn't get hold of her kids because she carefully explained to the children not to talk to adults that aren't close family or friends or something and especially not to obey blindly to random adults. Rightfully so. I grew up in a religionless household, I was never explained how many sickos were out there and no one is allowed to stop me, walk up to me or trying to chat me up. To put it subtle, I had horrible encounters because of my naivete. Adults tend to treat other people's children horribly, and as soon as they sniff out half an ounce of vulnerability, they'll act like physical or emotional predators. I was never safe because I was told to blindly obey any random "adult". I cut ties with people that "raised" me, and this, I mean the fact that they force me to expose myself to encounters like this, played a huge part. I'm no one's property, nor should I have been when I was a child.

    2. I agree, I hear some christian parents tell their kids " When a adult tells you to do something you obey" No matter who the adult is. They should respect adults but should not have to obey them, that is dangerous, especially today with so many sickos even in church. Also because our kids are always with us it's less likely for that to happen.

  6. Those shirts are cute! We have used custom Ink also for a walk for spina bifida for our daughter. We ordered about 20 shirts. One came unraveled after washing it the day before the walk. They overnight-ed me another one, they were so nice to work with! I only have a 17 month old and an 18 month old ( adopted ) And I hear all the time, "Wow you have your hands full" and they continue to look at me like I am nuts. Then we tell family and friends we are getting another one soon and they say wow and their eyes get real big and "are like are you sure you can want that?" I can't imagine how many comments you get with 8, I am sick of hearing them with my 2! But I do get a lot of nice ones too. :)

  7. Just be mindful of the little ones (meaning Stephen and Anna). Although you may have told them to not go with strangers (or anyone other than family/close friends), predators are tricky.

  8. Why did you find it necessary to mention that your not Catholic, or is that just veiled contempt for us of the Catholic Faith,,

  9. I love those shirts! I have to do that :D

  10. I hope that you will not be offended by my question. I'm sincerely curious why would anyone resent being asked, "are they all yours?"

    I double checked myself with the dictionary to make sure i wasn't missing anything, that i did, in fact, correctly understand what the term means. I found this "Resentment, adjective, "feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly."

    I can't understand how asking this question might make someone feel indignant and that they've been treated unfairly.

    Elsewhere on your blog i've found this referred to as a "stupid" question. This, too, troubles me.

    I confess that I have asked this question when i've encountered especially large families. I've also been known ti say, "you really have your hands full."

    My intent has never been critical, and it never occured to me that these questions/ comments might be taken as such. I enjoy being friendly, meeting new people and chatting. In such instances as this, where i live you rarely see people with more than 2 or 3 kids. I myself have 2. Unless they are fighting (in which case I steer clear), i find that a large family is cause for joy. The kids running around, cutting up and playing with one another brings a smike to my face, and the urge to engage with them. I could just say to the mom and dad, "nice weather, huh?" but the obvious distinguishing factor is that they have 4, 5, 6 or 8 kids. Saying, "wow! You really have your hands full, don't you?" has never seemed like a stupid question or one that might make a person indifnant at having been treated unfairly. I always thought i was just being friendly. And, in fact, i've always received such a response, with each of us chattung about outmr respective families as we wait in line at the grocery store or whatever. May they are secretly indignant, and thinking if me as stupid. I'd like to think not.


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