Saturday, July 12, 2014

Progress update on Trim Healthy Mama

If you have read my previous posts on the popular "Trim Healthy Mama" book, you may remember that I like the plan, except for the frankenfoods and artificial "natural" sweeteners it promotes. If you have not yet done so, you can read my previous posts on the topic here and here

The authors' insistence to the contrary notwithstanding, YES, the plan works fabulously well when raw honey, dark maple syrup, or other wholesome sweeteners are used in the recipes. Yes, you CAN kick stevia and erythritol/xylitol to the curb where they belong, still have great success with the concept of separating carbs and fats, and see the pounds melt away.

I started THM 2 weeks postpartum, and have lost 15 lbs in the 7 weeks since then, or roughly 2 lbs per week. Because I am not restricting my caloric intake, losing weight at this rate has not negatively affected my milk supply. In fact, I feel that it is better than ever.

You may think that being so recently postpartum, I was bound to lose weight without effort, but that just is not true for me. Without a concerted effort on my part, I would weigh what I weigh the day after giving birth indefinitely. Even now, if I go off-plan, my weight loss immediately stops, even if I do reduce portion sizes when "off-plan."

Specifically, I have never limited how much honey I use with "E" dishes (carb-fueled), and limit myself to about a tablespoon or so per serving for "S" (fat-fueled) or "FP" meals. The exact amount may vary from person to person. Generally, I do not sweeten my foods very much even when not trying to lose weight, and mostly avoid desserts. If your goal in eating THM-style is to be able to eat desserts at every meal, the plan may not work for you with natural sweeteners. I am saying that because a lot of ladies in the THM camp sing the praises of being able to have chocolate for breakfast, cake for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. In any case, moderation is key - that should go without saying. But by and large, I do not find that the plan is any less effective now that I use honey than back when I used it with stevia. 

I also make an exception for milk, allowing myself one cup of raw whole milk most days with E meals, without any adverse effects.

If you follow the THM plan and have advice or feedback to share, please do so in the comments below.


  1. Fabulous! Thank you for the feed back. These are things I was seriously wondering about. :-)

  2. You go Zsuzsanna. We don't use sugar, sweeteners and stevia-like heaven knows what new products to replace sugar. I learned to cook and bake without sugar, simply using pressed aplle juice, banana, pear or apple flesh for baking, and we get significantly less migraines (sugar robs me of magnesium like no tomorrow and my body sorta punishes me with those migraines), also, we deal with much less hyperactivity and the sugar-related whining that follows. Congrats on your weight loss, stay healthy, Mama!
    BTW during summers I usually get all skin and bones, it's much easier to lose weight during summertime. Keep up!

  3. congrats on your weight loss =).

  4. How would I go about finding a raw milk supplier in my area? Google has not been very helpful in this arena. I would love to transition my family to the real stuff straight from a farm. Also, would we get sick when we first start drinking it since our systems are so used to the super pasteurized processed supermarket milk?

    1. Hi Jamie P, I would go to They usually have resources of where to find raw milk in the different states and also if it is legal to buy/sell raw milk in those states. As long as you are getting your raw milk from healthy cows, you won't get sick from making the switch. Raw milk is much easier for the body to digest than pasteurized. I forget what it's called, but there is a substance in raw milk that actually helps your body brake down the lactose in milk; In pasteurized milk however, that substance is destroyed and makes it so your body has to do all the work in order to brake down the lactose. I hope this helped.

  5. Just wondering, do you still drink raw milk when you are pregnant?

  6. I find that avoiding processed carbs and sugar helps a lot. The only time I use stevia is in my ice tea. I use loose leaf tea put some fresh stevia leaves in while is brewing. I grow my own stevia. It works out well. I get a mild hit of sweetness.

  7. Stevia is a plant. Its from a leaf. (Not Splenda...). Its like peppermint leaf...Seriously...not an artificial sweetener.


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