Monday, July 21, 2014

Abiding Radio

At the homeschool convention, I was excited to come across a booth by "Abiding Radio", an online conservative Christian radio station that streams music 24/7 on four different channels. As it turns out, they are based out of Mesa, Arizona - right here in our own backyard. I enjoyed getting to know the people behind the radio station a little bit. Like us, they are independent, fundamental Baptists and share our conservative values. Not to mention they were just simply nice people!

This radio service free because it is supported purely by donations. You can connect not only from your home computer, but also through a smart phone app.

The children have been enjoying tuning in to the Kids' channel during meal times, car rides, and other down times. They know all the "Patch the Pirate" songs on there by heart from owning all the albums. I love how many scripture songs they play on there, too. Baby Boaz is not at all fond of riding in the car, but as long as I keep the music playing for him, he will either listen contently, or doze off peacefully. 

Maybe you, too, will be blessed by their ministry! :)


  1. I found their card in the goody bag last weekend and looked them up - and have been enjoying their music ever since! Love it!!

  2. Have you ever tried the genre "Baby Mozart" on your children? Of course it's not a genre, but there are selections of soothing Mozart music compilations out there on youtube. It works wonders on babies and children. I know, it's different in nature since it's mostly non-religious but there's a large chunk of religious music in Mozart's artwork, too. Some parents want their kids to be cool and awesome, they make them listen to hard rock all the time. I have nothing against hard rock but I wouldn't listen to it while driving, let alone making kids listen to it... A friend of mine has a bat-guano crazi 18 mo that can only communicate via screaming. I think you have selected your music wisely.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! We are always looking for childrens songs to listen to and I usually have pandora on but their stuff is intermingled with disney junk or rock and roll type "kid" redos and it gets tiresome having to turn my phone/computer off/down while trying to listen! (Especially while driving!) I am so glad you shared this!

  4. Thanks I'm going to down load it.


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