Friday, June 6, 2014

One month old

Can you believe this little turkey is one month old today already? Time surely flies!

When Becky heard me calling him "a little turkey," she suggested I call him something prettier, "like a peacock." She never fails to crack me up!

The kids are all having a great summer so far. Excuse me while I join the rest of the family in the pool now! :)


  1. But peacocks ARE pretty, Becky's right about that! : ) Beautiful pictures, beautiful children. The second one is trippy tho. Where did you get that effect? That effect is woodstock trippy. Anyway, a peacock is very pretty, and if you had a larger garden, you could keep a pair of them, they totally doll up every environment. Have a happy, happy summer with your children!

  2. What a wee sweetheart Boaz is. I would just love to kiss that beautiful downy hair.

    My endearment of choice is chicken or chook. Caitlin is always telling me that Emily doesn't lay eggs!


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