Saturday, May 10, 2014

In Love

Little Boaz is bringing so much joy to our family. It is impossible to capture just how sweet and snuggable he is in a photo. Everything about him is perfect, from his downy hair to his peachy skin with that delicious newborn smell. He is asleep across my chest as I am writing this, allowing me to really soak in that wonderful baby goodness.

 Bath time

I was able to capture the tail end of his smile on camera 

Doesn't he look so small compared to John? 


  1. What a gorgeous little baby he is. I love that hair, that mousy blonde hair, and so much of it...! Your children have such thick and strong hair. He is adorable. He looks just like his brothers. I so want to touch his hair that it's almost ridiculous. Sweet, sweet lil' baybee. Your boys have the very same, exact hairline. Now that he's born and the little one has been said goodbye to... I have to tell you how much I liked when you referred to Stephen Jr and Steven Sr as your "original pair of twins". That was a clear sign to me that you have made peace with having one of your unborn twins in God's arms. And that the word, "twin", didn't function as a trigger word to you anymore. You are adjusting super well, and you seem to be overjoyed. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.

  2. Okay, that's it. He's just too cute. Time for another one!! :)

    That second picture - wow! He looks just like your husband!!

    What a darling!

  3. Johnny totally has your eyes tho! Esp. with that side look and smile, his eyes are totally from your side. Cutiez!

  4. What a a darling wee boy. That newborn stage is just so precious and entirely too fleeting. It's always amazing just how much bigger your children seem when there's a new one along. Wait until you have a teenager... the first time you see them holding your new one, they somehow appear even older, potential parents one day, not just a doting big brother or sister. It's a moment that takes your heart some time to process, seeing your child as becoming a young adult.

    Congratulations again, I hope you are all settling in nicely. Annabelle


  6. He is absolutely perfect. I am so unbelievably moved! WAY TO GO, MOMMA! Here's to never giving up!

  7. He definitely looks like he is part of the family! What a great picture of the two brothers

  8. I was doing my daily Bible reading and I was in 1st Kings 7 and came across two names (Boaz and Jachin, names for the two pillars of the temple) and I was wondering if that's where your two sons' names came from.


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