Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Steven Sr. and Stephen Jr.

My husband and our youngest son share so much more than their names and birthdays (separated by 31 years and 15 minutes). They are so much alike it's almost comical. They have the same likes and dislikes, mannerisms, and personality traits. They both sleep in the exact same position: flat on their back, legs crossed at the ankles, hands under their head and elbows out. 

The other day, we were all lounging in the living room before getting ready for church. My husband was standing by the piano, talking animatedly about something or other. If you know my husband, you know he doesn't ever just talk - he pretty much preaches all the time, even if it's just about the weather. I looked over and saw baby Stephen assume the same exact pose and facial expression. It was so funny, because he was not even doing it intentionally - he just imitated what he saw without giving it any thought. 

Thankfully, my camera happened to be right next to me on the sofa, and I was able to capture this cute moment. 

These two crack my up! They are our original pair of twins.


  1. after the darling easter pics, this blog is now officially on cuteness overload! thanks for posting these, it brings back so many nice memories for us older moms. blessings to you all, mary

  2. Also, I forgot to add that we love your blog! Hope all is well with you all, God bless

  3. I think you guys will just have to keep trying until a carbon copy of Zsuzsanna comes out. How's the baby? Any day now, huh? So excited, looking forward to reading a successful birth story, where your family starts a new chapter with another little baby boy as the newest addition. I can't wait to see you holding him in your arms. Hang in there. It will be wonderful to read how you guys welcomed another baby in your family. Please, do keep us updated as we are keeping you in our thoughts.

  4. Children can be the sweetest, most uncanny, and sometimes unflattering mirrors! Caitlin told me rather sternly yesterday "Mummy... I'm waiting!" I use that line a lot, especially when there's been a disaster and I'm waiting for someone (usually my little scientist, Byron) to 'fess up. On the other hand, when Adam settles himself so gently beside his baby brother or sister, and swings toys for them to practise grabbing, and encourages them so happily and is genuinely proud when their little hand meets the toy, "Oh you're SUCH a clever boy!" (exactly the intonation I would use) I realise being mimicked isn't all that bad ;)

    Stephen is just the most adorable little boy - is his nature as easy going as he comes through in the photos? I just love how he copies his dad, and clearly looks up to him.


  5. I always wondered how you came to the different spelling for Jr. I think it is smart, BTW, because sometimes when a son is grown, there is confusion regarding public records and paperwork. I'm also looking forward to hearing about and seeing photos of that very special baby boy.

  6. Two very handsome males you have in your life (plus the other three, of course)! You really should print this, frame it, and put it on the wall for posterity! Isn't it amazing how our children can be utter reflections of us, whether we want them to be or not? I know--being human--that I sometimes say the wrong things, and boy, when I hear those things out of the mouths of my babes, I am so embarrassed. Maybe it's God's sneaky way of reminding us that what we're saying or doing isn't the right thing in His eyes. We're praying for you, your family, and most specifically the upcoming birth of your latest addition. I know it will be a bittersweet time for you and we're keeping you and Pastor Anderson in our prayers. May God bless you, Pastor Anderson, and your brood of eight.

  7. haha like father like son, you must be proud Zsu :3


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